TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash on SW Barton

5:31 PM: Thanks to Annie for the photos/tip: Traffic is alternating on one lane along SW Barton at 40th because of that crash. We just went by; SPD and SFD are there now.

5:40 PM: There’s no place on that side of the street to stop safely, so we weren’t able to ask anyone about injuries. But SFD has closed its part of the call now, and no medic unit was dispatched, which indicates that if anyone was hurt, it wasn’t serious.

8:21 PM: We weren’t able to check back but Annie tells us the scene is clear now, as of about an hour ago.

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  • Adam February 22, 2017 (10:10 am)

    People drive too fast on that curvy stretch of Barton all the time, I hate waking my kids down that road for fear of something just like this happening.  We need some sort of speed deterrent to slow down the speed demons before someone gets hurt. 

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