WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen car; vehicle break-ins; possible loot found; more

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

INVESTIGATION AT RITE-AID: After reader questions, we went to the Junction location to look into this police response:


Between talking with police and hearing scanner traffic, here’s what this boiled down to: They had received a report that someone seen in the store resembled a suspect in a robbery at another drugstore in the region. They were questioning someone when we stopped by; we don’t know the resolution, but did want to mention what the response was about. 9:51 PM UPDATE: We talked with precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith at tonight’s Fauntleroy Community Association meeting. He said the person was arrested in connection with three incidents he referred to as “pharmaceutical thefts,” two in West Seattle, one elsewhere.

STOLEN CAR: Sometime between Friday night and Monday noontime, Vi‘s black 4-door Nissan Maxima was stolen from an apartment parking lot behind the Staples store at Westwood Village. License plate BBY1722 in a Car Pros frame:

–It has a broken antenna, with about 8 to 10 inches left of it on back right trunk!
–Left rear red reflector part taillight half broken out.

I had my toddler’s bike in back seat, visible but w/a larg sweatshirt over much of it. Also had a rolled rug there. It’s trunk had Many toys, a CARS pillow, Kylo Ren scooter, helmet, car toddler and booster seat, among several other items. So much lost…

CAR BREAK-INS: From Tiffany: “My husband and son were at basketball practice (last night) at the Fauntleroy Y. When they came out at 6 pm, our car along with 4 other cars had windows smashed. Thieves took my sons back pack and lunch box, go figure. Cops were called, but they said they wouldn’t come and should just file a police report online.”

FOUND ITEMS: A reader “recently found a CD/DVD case FULL of about 200 movie DVD’s on my property. Looks like a potentially abandoned car prowl stash.” Here’s a photo:

They weren’t able to turn it over to police, so they still have it in possession, so: “If the owner can identify one of the first 8 or 16 titles in the case, I’d be satisfied that it’s theirs and return it to them. There is also a page of handwritten sheet music inside the case as well that they can identify to take possession.” If this is yours, contact us and we’ll forward your info.

FROM THE SPD REPORT FILES: A narrative published today has information about a break-in at Marination Ma Kai last Saturday at Seacrest Park. The officer wrote that a proprietor opening the business on Saturday “saw that a bench that sits in front of the business had been moved … the window behind the bench was open and and unknown person had entered the business through the window.” The burglar(s) apparently had gone through the area around the cash register, but nothing was in it but some “loose coins,” and those weren’t even taken.

17 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen car; vehicle break-ins; possible loot found; more"

  • WestCake January 10, 2017 (8:13 pm)

    That individual was profiled and questioned, without due process. Shame on the conservative mentality of West Seattle. “I look like a criminal too.”

    • WSB January 10, 2017 (9:51 pm)

      Actually, no profiling involved here. We followed up with the precinct ops lieutenant at one of tonight’s community meetings and this was the person that they were called about, and he was arrested. Story update in progress. – TR

    • Checkyersource January 11, 2017 (2:09 am)

      What’s due process for questioning?

    • badnews January 11, 2017 (7:40 am)

      The glove fit!

  • Dave January 10, 2017 (11:57 pm)

    Conservative West Seattle? 

  • Gene January 11, 2017 (7:45 am)

    Conservative WS-thats a good one!

  • Checkyersource January 11, 2017 (11:01 am)

    Hello, police? We got a guy down here- 2 arms, 1 nose, funny hat.. He looks like a pharmacy robber!!

    Good call! We’ll be right there to arrest him!

    • WSB January 11, 2017 (11:25 am)

      I haven’t procured the report yet but from the earlier scanner traffic, it sounded as if there were some kind of internal bulletin about prior incidents, probably with surveillance photo(s), that had people on the lookout.

  • JTB January 11, 2017 (12:07 pm)

    If Tracy can reliably correct the mistaken or incorrect assertions by posters here,  it seems to me Facebook and Twitter could do the same. But they don’t really intend to be a credible news source, so I suppose that accounts for the difference. 

  • Susan January 11, 2017 (4:34 pm)

    There have been several recent complaints about “Police were called but they said they wouldn’t come, and to file a police report on line.”

    Lt. Ron Smith, SPD was asked about this at last night’s Fauntleroy Community Assoc. meeting.  He responded that precinct leadership was taken aback when they heard about it.  They are in touch with the Asst. Chief of Police to inform 911 dispatch that an officer will be sent.  Depending on the issues needing response at the time, the caller may have to wait, but an officer will respond to their call.   If it doesn’t change, call the non-emergency number (206) 233-2623  and let them know!

  • WestCake January 11, 2017 (5:08 pm)

    It’s pretty conservative here in West Seattle, we don’t even pay state income tax. Instead of arguing with me about it, vote in politicians who will create a state income tax, put your money where your mouth is.
    Having a progressive agenda without funding it is conservative.

    • uncle loco January 11, 2017 (7:31 pm)

      You know that you can always donate any of your extra money to the state? They will gladly accept it.

  • Andy January 12, 2017 (6:07 am)

    A state income tax? Some of us don’t wan’t a state income tax! There are plenty of states in our imperfect union that have a state income tax. Those people who are upset because we don’t have a state income tax should, in my less than humble opinion,  move to one. I suggest Oregon. They have a state income tax, but people who live there, at least those that I know, are not too happy about it. Between the federal income tax, the state income tax and property taxes, some are feeling pressed to sell there homes and move to a more affordable location than Portland. Check out California. They have a state tax. Many people are fleeing the state and are coming here. So I’d say, be careful what you wish for.

    • Chaz January 12, 2017 (8:08 am)

      That’s the same mentality as those that say, “if you don’t like America, then you can leave – I suggest Canada.”  That’s a false choice, having to choose between leaving where you live or keeping it the way it is.  Why shouldn’t one choose to make their own imperfect state or country better?  Nothing you said changes the fact that a sales tax is an unfair tax as opposed to a state tax, as it hits poor people hardest (the kind of people who usually can’t just up and move on a whim, I might add).  But when the day comes that we get a state tax, you can move – I suggest Arkansas.

  • Matt January 12, 2017 (12:05 pm)

    My brother just text me and his Honda Civic was stolen between 7am-11am today.  34th ave saw. Police aren’t willing to answer their damn phones. 

    • WSB January 12, 2017 (12:35 pm)

      911 isn’t answering? Anyway, e-mail us the license plate and description (color, year, cross-street), we can include in the Crime Watch I’m writing right now.

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