WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 unique bikes stolen

WSB readers got Doug’s bike back. Tonight – take a look at Rich‘s bikes:

Here’s what happened:

I live on Beach Drive and had two high-end bicycles stolen from an underground, gated/lock garage shared by 11 residents where I live . The bikes were locked with a thick steel cable lock to a bench. The cable was cut clean with cutters, very professional. The theft was committed over the Thanksgiving holiday. I just noticed the theft (Wednesday). I have contacted the police and have the incident record.

One bike is a road bike, a “Softride” ROCKET. It is distinctive in that there is no seat tube and has custom “Aero: bars, for comfort. There is not another one like at all, anywhere! Dark blue with Mavic Kryserium wheels, bladed spokes. Custom risers for the aero bars.

The other is a mountain bike. The brand is a “Niner”, a hard tail bike with fenders, carbon handlebars and seat tube. The wheel sets are from “Bontrager” E.M.O.-Color black with Bontrager RXL wheels, Shimano Deore XT crankset, Bontrager carbon handlebars and seat tube.

Needless to say, these are very expensive bikes and a great loss to me. I’m 67 and these bikes were totally dialed to me and my special needs.

If you see one or both – call 911 and refer to case 2016-431160.

9 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 unique bikes stolen"

  • Salal December 1, 2016 (8:39 pm)

      Sorry to hear of another bike theft. Will be on the lookout. Unmistakable bikes for sure!

  • Juan B December 1, 2016 (9:12 pm)

    i am so sorry to hear this and hope they are recovered. i know how expensive they are. Expensive is an understatement.

  • Trickycoolj December 2, 2016 (12:32 am)

    With the rash of bike thefts it’s critical to get your ride listed on Bike Index so if the inevitable happens you can flag it stolen. There are good people out there that will check serial numbers before making a craigslist purchase. Never know when/where they might turn up. 

  • M December 2, 2016 (9:18 am)

    To the person who had their bikes stolen, I posted this link on Cascade Bicycle Club ride leader FB page.  That will give a few hundred more cyclists visibility in hopes that someone finds your bikes.

    • Rich December 11, 2016 (10:21 am)

      Thank you very much for your help (-:

  • lookingforlogic December 2, 2016 (1:47 pm)

    Consider bringing your bikes inside your home.

  • David winters December 3, 2016 (1:45 pm)

    Hello Rich,

    My wife and I were riding our tandem this morning and I saw your road bike or one identical to it.  I called 911 but I doubt the police could respond quick enough. It was last seen riding up Highland Park Drive off of W. Marginal Way. The rider was not dressed in bike clothes, white male, Seahawks clothes and baggy jacket. It was headed up Highland Park Drive on the north side of the street which makes me think it was going to turn right at the trail about 200 feet up the hill. I believe there are a number of homeless folks living in  the woods there. Good luck, hope this helps.

    • Rich Greene December 3, 2016 (2:48 pm)

      Hi David, Wow thank you so much. Im not too sure where this is.  Can you give me any better directions?

      My phone number is 206 300 7641

      Rich Greene

    • Rich Greene December 3, 2016 (5:12 pm)

      David,  I found the spot.  Interesting while I was just waiting across the street at a company parking lot a police car pulled up to the entrance to the park.  They check it out but did not stay long.  I thought I would go by in the morning and see if he comes by again.  Were you two ridding on  W. Marginal Way when you saw him?

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