WELCOME, WINTER! Sun shows up for Alice’s Solstice Sunset Watch

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

Considering the sun didn’t bother showing up for Alice Enevoldsen‘s Summer Solstice Sunset Watch this year, its appearance tonight for the first sunset of winter seemed almost miraculous. By Alice’s count, it’s the 31st time she’s led a solstice or equinox watch at Solstice Park:


More than 30 people joined her this time, gathering to see if the sunset would align with the parkway path:


The Lincoln Park forest is getting too tall for Solstice Park visitors to see the sun meet the horizon:


But that’s not the best part of the sunset-watch events – it’s the sun-and-earth show-and-tell with Alice and an assistant – this time, Jules helped out:


Alice organizes these events as part of her volunteer work as a NASA Solar System Ambassador, a title she’s held since 2010. You can find her online at alicesastroinfo.com.

2 Replies to "WELCOME, WINTER! Sun shows up for Alice's Solstice Sunset Watch"

  • Toni Reineke December 22, 2016 (5:00 pm)

    Stunning photo at the top of the story, Patrick!!!


  • Alice December 22, 2016 (5:43 pm)

    We had some truly great questions asked at this one, and some thoughtful askers. Aaron, age 4, sticks out in my memory, but there were also several adults who asked fun questions and helped jog my memory on some numbers answering others.

    Lastly, at least one person expressed gratitude for a holiday event that welcomes folks who don’t have office holiday parties to attend. I am touched that this event is meaningful in numerous ways for our community.

    Thank you! 

    Happy Solstice! May your winter and new year be merry, bright, and warm. 


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