WEATHER ALERT: Lower temps on the way; possibly snow too

(The Olympics on Christmas Day, photographed by Long Bach Nguyen)

In the three weeks since we last saw notable snow, the forecast has hinted repeatedly at more, but it hasn’t materialized. Now there’s word of possible snow, as well as subnormal temperatures, starting New Year’s Eve. The National Weather Service sent out an alert tonight (thanks to @westseawx for the heads-up):

… Confidence is fairly high about the large-scale weather setup, which shows cold Canadian air spreading south on Saturday night, nipping at the heels of exiting showers later Saturday night and on Sunday morning. So the main forecast issues to resolve will be knowing where showers will focus and be heaviest, when a transition from rain to snow will occur, and how soon showers exit the area.

Depending on these timing and coverage details, it appears most of the interior lowlands will get a Trace to 3 inches of snow.

From the Seattle area on north to the Canadian border, there is a high likelihood of many places exceeding one inch of snow. The most likely time for snow near Bellingham is early Saturday evening, then later evening further south in the Seattle area. …

The New Year is set to start with at least a few days of highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s.

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  • Sheryl December 30, 2016 (8:11 am)

    Another beautiful pic by Long Nguyen!

    But….it looks like a couple houses need new roofs though… :( 

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