CRIME WATCH: Thieves hit theater troupe; yard lights lifted

Two Crime Watch notes:

THIEVES HIT TWELFTH NIGHT PRODUCTIONS: This happened in SODO, but hit a West Seattle-based theater troupe hard. Anna from Twelfth Night Productions tells WSB:

$7,000 in sound equipment was stolen from our locked storage facility. We’re trying to spread the word far and wide that we need community support to recoup that loss. The sound equipment is essential for us and needs to be replaced by our next production in February. Thankfully, we’ve been able to borrow or rent what we need for the show that opens on Friday.

If you can chip in to help TNP replace what was taken, you’ll find the crowdfunding page here.

YARD LIGHTS LIFTED: From A in the 9000 block of 13th SW:

I see that someone made off with all my nicer solar yard lights. Birds of paradise, tulips, glowing globes….all the ‘upscale’ ones. They left the typical regular white pathway lights but took all the designer ones that made my front walkway so pretty. It would have taken more than a minute to gather them and not break anything while hauling away. Plus, the lights and the solar pack are two separate stakes and they are both gone for each. Barely any ground disturbance so they took their care….so they can do what with them now???

It’s disturbing. Who does this? :-(

I guess I’m now going to have to set up outside cameras like so many others are resorting to doing. Ugh.

5 Replies to "CRIME WATCH: Thieves hit theater troupe; yard lights lifted"

  • LyndaB December 6, 2016 (6:22 am)

    I’m sorry to hear someone stole your solar lights.  Someone stole my friend’s happy buddha statue.  I told him maybe someone needed it more.  (That is the Buddhist in me saying it.)  He did not replace it.  I just want to say I thoroughly enjoy my fellow neighbors’ landscape features on my walks. :)

    • A December 6, 2016 (7:31 am)

      Thank you. Yeah, I most likely won’t replace them either. They were out there for over a year so it’s just weird to take them now, all weather worn, but still making me happy lighting my walkway. It’s creepy that they spent time so close to my front door, inside of my gate. :-(

    • Oakley34 December 6, 2016 (11:46 am)

      Sorry to hear, but I also want to echo the above sentiments that I really enjoy all the beautiful landscaping that people do with their somewhat limited yard space in WS.  I walk and jog a ton all over WS and it always brightens the day.  

  • unknown December 6, 2016 (8:15 am)

    I have three comments on all of this:

    1st – I am sorry to all for what was stolen and it is just getting crazy everywhere with these thieves!

    2nd – doesn’t the Theater Troupe have insurance to cover their loss (somewhat) 

    3rd putting a camera up in my opinion doesn’t seem to help much…I know it has in some cases but the majority of the time I think they haven’t have they? 

  • WestCake December 6, 2016 (10:35 am)

    That’s a shame. I’m not sure what cameras will do, then you will have a video still like so many others who’ve been robbed. I suggest increased police patrols in your neighborhood. An overall increase in security if someone has the time to carefully take down glass ornaments is what’s needed. Basically they just need to hire more police officers and find a way to pay for it. 

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