WEST SEATTLE FOOD & DRINK: Ex-Alki Huddle to become Hawks Nest West


Thanks to everyone who has asked about/pointed out the closure of Alki Huddle (formerly Bamboo). We’ve been trying for about a week to find out what’s happening there, and today, we finally succeeded.

It’s been bought by the ownership of the Hawks Nest Bar and Grill in SODO, and they’re remodeling it to become the Hawks Nest West – “a place to watch the game,” and more. It will be all-ages until 9 pm.

Their goal is to get it open in time for at least the “second round” of playoffs for the Seahawks. And you’ll find some new touches, like a fire pit in the outdoor seating area, and a new menu.

The new owners took it over at the start of the month but it took a few weeks before they were ready to temporarily close it for the remodel. The changeover isn’t a complete surprise – The Huddle had been listed for sale for a while, and the former owner had told WSB that when his new restaurant (Sopranos Antico in Admiral) opens, that would be his only restaurant.

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  • Brian November 30, 2016 (7:08 am)

    I love the all-ages option for families! 2016 might not be the best season to place any bets on a 2nd round Seahawks playoff game, though.

    • Pete R. November 30, 2016 (7:57 am)

      You’re just saying that because of the Tampa game, but they’ve looked good other times. There’s plenty of time to fix it, and that’s been the MO in the Carroll era.

      Tried to go to the Huddle for the Tampa game; now I’ll have to find somewhere else to watch the rest of the season. :'(

      • WSGirl November 30, 2016 (9:58 am)

        The Bridge is a WAY better place to watch games than anywhere else in WS. 

        • sw November 30, 2016 (1:39 pm)

          I too love The Bridge, but it’s going downhill. 

          Ever since they opened The Point in Burien, the service and food quality has suffered.  We’ve had orders done incorrectly, and most of the time the food just isn’t as tasty as it used to be.  The Bridge Burger used to be a staple of mine, but in the past few months the patty has shrunk in size by a third.  Ownership is spending all their time in Burien trying to keep that place going (I’ve heard they’ve been having issues there as well). 

          I’m hopeful things will get straightened out and they won’t go the way of Terrible Beauty – which did great business in both Renton and WS, but got too ambitious when they opened in SLU and diluted their staff to try and make it work.  All three locations suffered and now they all are gone.  

          • Michele November 30, 2016 (7:14 pm)

            I can’t tell you how much I miss the WS Terrible Beauty. The best corned beef and cabbage, EVER!

          • Jenny December 1, 2016 (2:41 pm)

            Hi SW,

            I appreciate being enlightened
            to your impression of how The Bridge is doing and hope that we have an
            opportunity to address the concerns you listed above if at your convenience you
            are able to send me your feedback in person. 
             If you have a moment, please reach out to me at jenny@thebridgeseattle.com.

            In regards to your comment that ownership is not at The Bridge,
            the chef Ahmed as well as myself, are two of the partners with The Bridge and
            are on site seven days a week.  We take
            pride in the quality of our staff and the product that we offer.  Our business partner is highly involved at
            both locations and The Point in Burien  is doing incredibly well with the support of
            their fantastic staff there and the warm reception they have received from the
            Burien community.

            We are excited to have another great establishment join our ever
            growing restaurant scene in West Seattle and we are looking forward to
            welcoming Hawks Nest West. 

            As we approach the celebration of our 6 year anniversary, we are
            grateful for the continued support and feedback from the community that we are
            so honored to be a part of. 


          • Juan December 1, 2016 (5:09 pm)

            Jenny- your response was super thoughtful.  My husband and I (along with some of my fellow bootcampers at IanFitness down the street). LOVE the Bridge!!!  Keep up the amazing work and making The Bridge our little gem in West Seattle that so many of us come to over and over and over again…  :)


  • HawkGirl November 30, 2016 (4:19 pm)

    Was never really a fan of the Huddle. The Bridge and The Westy have been my go to spots. Westy is definitely my neighborhood hangout.

  • Alkiguy November 30, 2016 (4:51 pm)



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