West Seattle Crime Watch: Thieves steal from stroller; car-prowl reports

The latestWest Seattle Crime Watch reader reports:


Two people stole my wallet in front of my house at around 2:41 pm today, Monday November 14th at 23rd Ave SW.

I was getting ready to go out with my baby. I put the stroller out first and then went inside my house to get the baby since both baby and stroller were so heavy and I couldn’t carry them at the same time and climb the stairs up to the street. I was stupid to leave my bag on the stroller and went inside to get the baby. When I came out, I realized my wallet and a baby blanket were gone! I didn’t expect someone to steal my stuff within seconds. But I should have been more careful.

Thanks to my neighbor. I was able to get the footage of the thieves through their camera. The pictures show that a man and woman walked toward my stroller (out of range of the camera) and they took my blanket and the wallet and walked back. They probably used the blanket to cover the wallet. I’m so frustrated and sad that I can’t even feel safe in front of my house. I can’t believe someone would take my stuff in broad daylight when I went inside the house for a few seconds!!! I feel so frustrated, angry and helpless.

The video is not embeddable/downloadable so we can’t show it here but you can watch it on the Nest website by following this link – at the start, you see the two walking from screen right to left, then offcamera for a while, then just before the one-minute mark, they appear at screen left and walk back the other way, with the stolen blanket clearly in view. If you have any information about them, the Seattle Police case number is 16-412123.


My car was broken into (Sunday) night, in our driveway off California, near 42nd & Dakota. Luckily, I keep my car EMPTY so they only got some change and headphones in the center console. (Left the sunglasses but took the sunglasses case). Did not break window, (I may have left it unlocked when running out to car during the Hawks game and was in too much of a hurry to get it locked), but just really surprised at the desperation to break into a car with NOTHING in it. Just goes to show what they will do if they actually see something!

OTHER CAR PROWLS: Katie reports that “multiple cars were rummaged through Saturday night (near) 49th/Dakota. Not much was taken besides some sunglasses and headphones but a good reminder to keep porch lights on to light up the dark streets this timeof year … and don’t leave anything in your car that you’d be sad to lose.”

PUBLIC SAFETY SURVEY REMINDER: You have until month’s end to voice your thoughts about crime, safety, and policing – if you haven’t already, publicsafetysurvey.org is where to do it.

13 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Thieves steal from stroller; car-prowl reports"

  • M November 15, 2016 (4:35 am)

    At least 4 of my neighbors cars and my own have been rummaged through in the last couple weeks on the 7100 Block of California. So tired of this. 

  • DB November 15, 2016 (8:05 am)

    This girl is a known thief at Westwood Village – she’s supposedly not allowed on the property but I saw her at QFC wearing this same shirt/sweatshirt this past Sunday. Other times I’ve seen her walk out of QFC with an armful of her choice. Bold as anything – this crime suits her. So sorry it happened to you – so unfair. I’m sure that local police know her, hope they can help. 

    • Moon November 15, 2016 (4:23 pm)

      Thanks DB! Do you have any other information that can help me identify her? Much appreciated. 

  • waikikigirl November 15, 2016 (8:24 am)

     We also had an attempted break-in (luckily our door had extra security in place and they didn’t get in) but these people that are stealing from everyone are the scum of the earth and I know its no help right now but they will get “theirs” in the end. 

    I truly believe in Karma!



  • sc November 15, 2016 (8:40 am)

    I’m glad you and your baby are safe.

  • unknown November 15, 2016 (8:57 am)

    @Moon…I know you probably have already but they got your ID, credit card info… be sure to call bank/C.U.  medical insurance… 

  • ClayJustSayin November 15, 2016 (9:41 am)

    Too bad we can’t corral these people and send them to Guantanamo.  Just leave them and everybody like them there.  They can form a country of their own with no laws or morals and find out for themselves how well they live when a few of their new group are much much  worse than they are.

  • WestCake November 15, 2016 (10:07 am)

    The police should increase patrols to provide better security.

  • John November 15, 2016 (11:19 am)

    Wait till the rezoning….you will see much more of this happening.

  • DC November 15, 2016 (11:32 am)

    Witnessed a male going from car to car checking car handles to see if some one left their car unlocked early Monday morning, 12:30 am, on 45th  between Andover and Charlestown St. I rapped on my window and he ran off.

  • Mr.B November 15, 2016 (1:03 pm)

    That guy in the photo asked me for spare change at Burger Boss the other day.  Dressed the same way… he should not be hard to find. 

  • ltfd November 15, 2016 (10:23 pm)

    Heroin addicts, just looking for the next fix and a “safe place” to inject.

  • unknown November 16, 2016 (4:21 pm)

    Just at Target an hour ago and that guy was on the sidewalk walking east right by the “buses” except on the Target side of Barton so he should be pretty easy to find by the Police. 

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