ELECTION DAY 2016: Morning sign-waving

By the time we got to 35th/Avalon/Fauntleroy around 8:30 am to look for morning sign-wavers, this was the last person left, standing at the SB RapidRide stop:


But we have photos from earlier, thanks to readers who were up on the pedestrian overpass over the Fauntleroy entrance to the bridge. Chris Porter sent these two (that’s him at left in the first one, with fellow West Seattleite Liliana Eagan):


From left in this photo, West Seattleites Lisa Wolters, Sawyer Wolters. Pat Bowen:


(Thanks to Lisa Cipollone for also sending a photo of those three, and the IDs!)

And Cause Haun sent this photo:

(Anyone else out this morning? editor@westseattleblog.com – also, if you’re planning to be out sign-waving this afternoon, tell us where and when.) Quick voting reminders:

King County Elections dropboxes, until 8 pm. Local ones are here:
-High Point Library (SW Raymond just east of 35th)
-White Center Library (1409 SW 107th)
-South Park Library (8604 8th Ave. S.)

Post Office – get there early – your ballot needs to be postmarked by tonight

If you can’t find your ballot, you can print a replacement (the KCE helpers at the High Point dropbox told us they have extra envelopes)

And here’s our list of local viewing parties (can still add others if you’ve heard of any).

10 Replies to "ELECTION DAY 2016: Morning sign-waving"

  • captainDave November 8, 2016 (11:07 am)

    I tried putting up a Trump sign the other day but got belligerent verbal abuse, so I took it down.  I had to take a Trump sticker off my truck too because it incited a road rage incident when I drove through Morgan Junction.  It seems strange that people here in West Seattle are so outwardly hateful of others with opposing views.  I see Hillary signs everywhere.  I don’t tear them down or accost the promotors. 

    I am voting for Trump because I believe he has a better long-term solution for our economy, better national security and more freedom to do the things I like to do–which is creating unique businesses and job opportunities .  I also want to see an end to government corruption–I am personally discussed with the things that go on today in government.  I am not a racist, sexist, homophobic and everything else people yell at Trump supporters around here.  Everyone has different priorities.  Let’s learn to be more tolerant and accepting of our neighbors folks.  We are not all the same, nor should we be.

    • WSB November 8, 2016 (11:18 am)

      We’ve seen people with non-Democrat signs at 35th/Fauntleroy in past elections. 2008, I remember the sign that had the O in Obama as a hammer and sickle. We rolled video and unfortunately served it from Blip.tv, which went out of business a while back, taking some of our late-last-decade clips with it. We’ll be checking out 35th/Fauntleroy/Avalon again around 4 pm before getting in place for presidential results coverage before the 19-state poll closure at 5 pm our time, and whomever’s there, we’ll photograph, D or R or L or Yes or No … TR

    • JC November 8, 2016 (11:45 am)

      captainDave, you are so right!  My best friend is black and supports Trump, and I have several friends who are gay who support Trump, but why can’t the liberals get that???  Just because we support Trump does not make us racist homophobic morons.  I’ll never understand their logic.

      • captainDave November 8, 2016 (12:22 pm)

        JC, Group-think is contagious in Seattle.  It actually does not take a very large percentage of the population to drown out less aggressive voices.  I think the postmortem analysis of the election results will be surprising and humbling to some.  

  • JanS November 8, 2016 (1:00 pm)

    ah, yes, but if we support HRC vocally, we are called “libtards”, Commie sympathizers, and worse. And if we are female, we are called too emotional, and voting with our vaginas.. I don’t put up signs, nor do I put bumper stickers on my car.   But  it’s not one sided, that’s for sure. You feel disrespected? Guess what? So do we.The disrespect goes both ways, and civil conversations got belly up. It’s sad, really , when you think about it, and this country will take a long time to recover, if at all. Hatred has been given permission to be unleashed,  and now anything goes. Maybe not here in Seattle, but it’s out there. It has been for a long time, now it has permission to be brought into the open :'(

  • J Lardizabal November 8, 2016 (1:15 pm)

    CaptainDave, JC, you may not consider yourselves to be racist, sexist, or homophobic, but Trump is an opportunist who has encouraged racists, mysoginists, and homophobes in order to further his personal ambitions. Don’t act shocked when your neighbors are furious that you’re willing to overlook that. 

    • AmandaKH November 8, 2016 (1:33 pm)


    • Your Mom November 8, 2016 (2:34 pm)

      This goes both ways.  I am not a fan of either.  But there are some crucial things Clinton supporters/Trump haters are willing to overlook as well.  I personally am a little more concerned with national security and economic prosperity than I am to others perceptions of what someone has said.  What is most sad is our government is broken and mostly by greedy fools who make a fortune from being in politics.  They are bought and paid for, almost all of them, its disgusting.  The political class is taking over, they are the 1% and they are violating our entire being.  When we realize this and start taking back control, things will get better.  Unfortunately the political class has the minds of your children in the palm of their hands.  Outlook grim. 

    • Andrea November 8, 2016 (2:55 pm)


  • JanS November 8, 2016 (7:50 pm)

    personally speaking…I am worried about Social Security…it pays my rent, Medicare….it keeps me alive with immune suppressing drugs after an organ transpplanr…and Medicaid, that backs up my Medicare.  It’s very personal to me, frankly, and god knows what will happen to them under a Trump presidency. Sorry…that’s the way I look at things. He doesn’t give a good goddamn about me, and I know that. A Republican Congress to go along with that will change this country forever…women’s rights, minority, rights, gay rights, economy…don’t be fooled by his making jobs speeches. There’s a lot wrong with this country, but there’s a whole lot more right, and mark my words, he will destroy it, because he doesn’t know how to do it, and he thinks everyone but him is stupid, and won’t listen. He was like that in his security briefs. I know there are some who will argue with me, and if Trump wins, and then he proves me wrong, well, then, guess I’ll have to give it to him. None of us can predict the future, and no matter what they promise in a campaign, getting it done is another thing.  I particularly feel for those who will lose their health insurance, because his and a Repub congress is to do away with the ACA. It has not a thing to do with the economy. It’s greed. More tax cuts to the rich…same ol’ , same ol’. Deja vu all over again. The Dow at this moment is down 500, the Chinese and Japanese stocks are in a sell off.  Permission to prove me wrong. Be civil…we’re all in this together, and divided, we will go nowhere.   Young women? good luck when the things you thought were “rights” are done away with because you were never given equal rights legally.

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