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West Seattle Crime Watch: Thieves steal from stroller; car-prowl reports

The latestWest Seattle Crime Watch reader reports:


Two people stole my wallet in front of my house at around 2:41 pm today, Monday November 14th at 23rd Ave SW.

I was getting ready to go out with my baby. I put the stroller out first and then went inside my house to get the baby since both baby and stroller were so heavy and I couldn’t carry them at the same time and climb the stairs up to the street. I was stupid to leave my bag on the stroller and went inside to get the baby. When I came out, I realized my wallet and a baby blanket were gone! I didn’t expect someone to steal my stuff within seconds. But I should have been more careful.

Thanks to my neighbor. I was able to get the footage of the thieves through their camera. The pictures show that a man and woman walked toward my stroller (out of range of the camera) and they took my blanket and the wallet and walked back. They probably used the blanket to cover the wallet. I’m so frustrated and sad that I can’t even feel safe in front of my house. I can’t believe someone would take my stuff in broad daylight when I went inside the house for a few seconds!!! I feel so frustrated, angry and helpless.

The video is not embeddable/downloadable so we can’t show it here but you can watch it on the Nest website by following this link – at the start, you see the two walking from screen right to left, then offcamera for a while, then just before the one-minute mark, they appear at screen left and walk back the other way, with the stolen blanket clearly in view. If you have any information about them, the Seattle Police case number is 16-412123.


My car was broken into (Sunday) night, in our driveway off California, near 42nd & Dakota. Luckily, I keep my car EMPTY so they only got some change and headphones in the center console. (Left the sunglasses but took the sunglasses case). Did not break window, (I may have left it unlocked when running out to car during the Hawks game and was in too much of a hurry to get it locked), but just really surprised at the desperation to break into a car with NOTHING in it. Just goes to show what they will do if they actually see something!

OTHER CAR PROWLS: Katie reports that “multiple cars were rummaged through Saturday night (near) 49th/Dakota. Not much was taken besides some sunglasses and headphones but a good reminder to keep porch lights on to light up the dark streets this timeof year … and don’t leave anything in your car that you’d be sad to lose.”

PUBLIC SAFETY SURVEY REMINDER: You have until month’s end to voice your thoughts about crime, safety, and policing – if you haven’t already, is where to do it.

BOWLING BENEFIT SUCCESS: 18th annual Beer Church Turkey Bowl


Congratulations to Kim Sharpe Jones and Kendall Jones of the Beer Church for rolling up another big score at one of the holiday season’s first big fun(draisers), last Saturday night’s Turkey Bowl. Their 18th annual sold-out bowling benefit at West Seattle Bowl brought in 1,600 pounds of food and $5,000 for the West Seattle Food Bank, which had a team there too:


Other teams included Furry Faces Foundation:


More than half the participating groups were from breweries or pubs – and many donated fundraising items too:


As mentioned here last week, the event also was the launch party for the Beer Church IPA, raising money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America‘s Northwest Chapter. Here’s where to look for it in the days/weeks ahead!

CANCELED: Tomorrow’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting

November 14, 2016 8:34 pm
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Most months, the third Tuesday brings the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, an opportunity to bring neighborhood concerns to local police, to get updates on local crime trends, and to hear from a guest speaker on a crime-related issue. Not this month, though – WSCPC president Richard Miller has canceled tomorrow’s meeting while recovering from an injury. The group doesn’t usually meet in December, so that means the next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, January 17th.

Cottage Grove Commons advisory committee to reconvene

November 14, 2016 8:29 pm
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Three years ago, the supportive-housing complex Cottage Grove Commons opened at 5444 Delridge Way SW, housing more than 60 previously homeless people. The Community Advisory Committee set up before it opened has been dormant, but is about to be reconvened, and the complex’s owner/operator, DESC, asked us to share this announcement:

DESC is hosting a meeting of the advisory committee for its Cottage Grove Commons housing program on November 22nd at 6:30 pm for a check-in meeting on how things are going with the program.

The advisory committee met regularly from 2012-14, during the development phase and early operational phase of the program. Since the building opened in late 2013 DESC staff have had involvement with neighborhood groups and events, where they have been able to talk with neighbors about issues or concerns. Additionally, some neighbors have contacted DESC directly from time to time with concerns. Bringing the advisory group back together will allow for a discussion about how things have been going and what adjustments may be recommended.

The meeting will take place at Cottage Grove Commons at 5444 Delridge Way SW at 6:30 pm on November 22nd. Neighbors are welcome to attend as well.

FOLLOWUP: $10,000 bail set for burglary suspect arrested at Hiawatha

(WSB photo, Sunday night)

5:37 PM: New information today about how police tracked down the 29-year-old burglary suspect arrested at Hiawatha Playfield last night (WSB coverage here). He remains in jail, bail set at $10,000 during a hearing this afternoon. And probable-cause documents say an alert neighbor is to thank for helping track him down.

We reported last night that the burglary was in the Alki area; it actually happened near Me-Kwa-Mooks Park. The residents told police they were only away for about 20 minutes when someone broke in around 3 pm, stealing jewelry and two rifles. A neighbor gave police a description of the car, including its Oregon license plate, which was quickly traced to a rental company. Just after 5 pm, the neighbor called 911 to say the car was back at the house. While headed there, police saw it at Admiral and California, then in the Starbucks parking lot, where the driver jumped out and ran south.

As we reported last night, a wide-ranging containment/search operation ensued. Then around quarter past six, a resident called 911 to report someone was hiding in his yard. An officer spotted the suspect walking east on SW Lander shortly afterward; a foot chase ensued, and then the suspect “got into the prone position near the playfields,” at which time he was taken into custody.

His last known address was in Federal Way, according to the police report, but the narrative says he took police to “where he stored the stolen guns” – three guns were recovered at an address near 2nd SW and SW 122nd in North Burien. The suspect is due back in court Wednesday, by which time charges could be filed.

1:53 AM: The suspect is out of jail after posting bond.

ROAD WORK ALERT: Spokane Street paving planned Thursday

One of the last major components of the three-month-long surface Spokane Street paving project, east of the low bridge, is now planned for Thursday. Crews had been trying to get it done on recent weekends but the weather just didn’t cooperate. With dry weather forecast, here’s what the contractor hopes to do on Thursday:

· AREA 1 (Eastbound and westbound Spokane Street through lanes) and AREA 2 (Spokane Place) will be paved during the day – starting after 9 am;

· AREA 3 (Gate 1 to Terminal 18) will be paved after the gate closes – starting after 6 pm; and

· AREA 4 (Ramps from southbound 99 and westbound Spokane Street Viaduct) and AREA 5 (Lower Spokane Street) will be paved after 6 pm.


VIDEO: Chief Sealth, Denny protest march, part of 5,000-student walkout at 20 schools citywide


2:05 PM: It began with the preannounced 1:30 walkout – which we’ve been covering on Twitter – then two gatherings on the south side of Thistle, and now hundreds of students who left school in a pre-announced protest of last week’s election results have marched east on Thistle toward Delridge, with police ahead and behind them.

2:08 PM: They headed southbound on Delridge, and now have turned west onto Trenton, according to WSB co-publisher Patrick Sand, who is walking alongside the crowd.



2:22 PM: Still westbound on Trenton, past Westwood Village.


(added) The signs below represent the biggest concern we heard from talking to groups of students in the crowd – that immigrant relatives and friends would be forced to leave the country.


We’re also hearing scattered reports of protesters in other parts of West Seattle – a group south of Admiral, a group near Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in North Delridge.

2:34 PM This had wrapped up with students returning to the Sealth/Denny campus. Denny is now out for the day; Sealth’s final bell is 3:15 pm. And yes, that’s a TV helicopter, though there’s not much to see.

2:55 PM: Thanks to those who forwarded a note sent to Madison families saying about 50 walked out. A group walked out at Pathfinder K-8 too (thanks to Lisa for the note). And Justin tweeted this from Jefferson Square:

As far as we know, all the walkouts/protests in West Seattle are over now.

4:23 PM: More photos added inline above.

4:40 PM: We just checked with Seattle Public Schools spokesperson Luke Duecy regarding district policy for today’s walkouts. As was the case with last week’s West Seattle HS walkout, he says, “When a student leaves school without permission, the district considers that an unexcused absence. Students may not get the chance to make-up work missed. That decision on whether to allow a student to make-up work is up to an individual schools’ principal.” The district estimates that 5,000 students in all walked out of 20 middle and high schools, including Sealth and Denny, today. Also:

Seattle Public Schools is steadfast in our support for all students. While the protests are not sanctioned by the district, SPS students do have the right to peacefully demonstrate and express their personal views.

Any time a student leaves school without permission the district considers it an unexcused absence.

Staff are not taking part in the student-organized demonstrations. Some staff could observe students during their protest for safety and security reasons.

As a district we are responding to the requests and needs of our community and many schools are developing lessons and activities to have appropriate, post-election conversations in school buildings.

Regarding staff “observ(ation),” we saw both Sealth principal Aida Fraser-Hammer and Denny principal Jeff Clark on the sidewalk along Thistle, as well as assistant principals and at least one school security official who was telling students from the start of the walkout that they had to do it off school property (unlike some smaller demonstrations we covered earlier in the year which happened on the plaza by Sealth’s entrance).

West Seattle salmon: Another Longfellow Creek sighting

November 14, 2016 1:15 pm
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The photo and report are from Alex:

Maybe not news but first time I’ve seen them, two jostling for space just upstream of fishbone bridge if you walk into the woods a little, just now!

Woo hoo, said our toddler!

The bridge is a bit north of Dragonfly Pavilion.

YOU CAN HELP: White Center Food Bank’s pre-holiday request

November 14, 2016 11:44 am
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Another pre-holiday helping opportunity:

Do you have a couple hours Thursday, November 17 (12:30 – 3:00)? The White Center Food Bank will be doing one of our holiday food distributions and we’re short about 10 people. For questions or to volunteer, please contact Audrey Zemke at or 206-717-2531.

The WC Food Bank, by the way, serves part of West Seattle (south of Myrtle) as well as WC and vicinity.

About the medic response at 44th/Andover


A Good Samaritan just saved somebody’s life northwest of The Junction. Kelly texted the photo, explaining:

I was just driving down 44th near Andover and found a man face down all by himself, nobody around, I called 911, they had me roll (him) over and do chest compressions until the medics got here. …Doesn’t seem to be anybody who knows him in the neighborhood, he looks like he’s in maybe late 60s.

The medics have just taken the man to Harborview Medical Center. Kelly says he did not have a wallet or ID on him but did have cash and an iPhone. If you are looking for someone who might be this man, we would advise calling 911 to start with.

What’s up for your West Seattle Monday

November 14, 2016 10:02 am
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From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar and newly launched West Seattle Holiday Guide:

STUDENT WALKOUT: Multiple schools around the city plan a student walkout at 1:30 pm today. Locally, Chief Sealth International High School is the only local school announced as participating, as reported here on Friday night. A citywide announcement this morning says Garfield, Nova, Franklin, the Center School, and UW are also participating. A 2:30 pm rally at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill is planned as a followup, and then a 4:15 pm rally at Westlake Park downtown.

PHYSICAL THERAPY NIGHT: 5:30 pm at West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor), a free one-to-one injury assessment with Biojunction Sports Therapy. (2743 California SW)

NORTH DELRIDGE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL: 6:30 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, NDNC’s Michael Taylor-Judd says, “we will be discussing long term plans for the Council and a number of other groups and issues affecting our neighborhood.” All welcome. (4408 Delridge Way SW)

FAMILY STORY TIME: 6:30 pm, stories, songs, rhymes, and more at High Point Library, for children of all ages. (35th SW/SW Raymond)

QUIZ NIGHT: 7:30 pm at The Skylark, free, all ages. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

DADS’ BOOK CLUB: Second weekly meeting for this new group, 8:30 pm at Highland Park Improvement Club. Here’s how to get involved. (12th SW/SW Holden)

PHOTOS: Orcas swim by West Seattle for the second day in a row

(Photo by Gary Jones – orcas seen from Alki Point area)

8:41 AM: Thanks for the tips – orcas are reported to be in the area again today. The person who called said they’re closer to the Vashon/Blake side, across from Fauntleroy; Jason points us to an Orca Network sighting thread with reports that they’re spread out and not necessarily heading in one direction. So if you’re on-peninsula and interested, take your binoculars over to the west-facing shore and have a look! (They were seen Sunday morning in Elliott Bay, as reported here, but the weather was a little murky for optimal viewing.)

9:06 AM: Thanks to Donna Sandstrom from The Whale Trail for this update – it’s a large group and they’re heading north, visible from the Alki area currently.


9:24 AM: Just got a report that a ferry going between Bremerton and Seattle has stopped so the orcas can pass!

9:36 AM: Just added (the top) photo from Gary Jones in the Alki Point area. Meantime, our texter says the ferry is moving again. (206-293-6302 any time, text or voice, that’s our breaking-news hotline, and whale sightings are always news!)


11:31 AM: Gary sent more photos that we’ve added to this story, including one showing the Bremerton ferry riders (aboard M/V Walla Walla) whale-watching as mentioned.


November 14, 2016 7:02 am
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(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

7:02 AM: Good morning. Two notes to start with – SFD is on the scene of a crash at West Marginal Way and Highland Park Way; Sound Transit says Route 560 is one of the routes experiencing delays because of a crash on the Eastside.

7:25 AM: SFD has closed out the call at West Marginal/Highland Park Way. We have no firsthand reports (and no cameras) there, though.

Possible gunshots heard off Beach Drive

12:04 AM: Police have been dispatched to check out a report of four suspected gunshots near Me-Kwa-Mooks Park off Beach Drive. Along with hearing the dispatch, we’ve also received reports by phone and via Twitter. Too soon to know if they’ll find evidence of gunfire, but if you heard it and haven’t called 911 yet, please do, because the more reports they receive, police have said at community meetings, the better their chances of finding out what did (or didn’t) happen.

12:26 AM: No word yet if officers found anything. All we know otherwise is that there have *not* been any reports of a gunshot victim in the area.