West Seattle Crime Watch: Gatewood hit-run; North Admiral, Seaview car prowls

8:18 PM: Three notes in West Seattle Crime Watch:

HIT AND RUN: This unfolded in Gatewood late in the day, according to neighbors; we have not yet been able to confirm with police whether anyone was arrested. Neighbors say a red pickup truck hit a moving car on 35th near Holden [map], and sped away through other parts of the neighborhood, to the southwest. The three people in the car were unhurt, but, our tipster tells us, they were visiting Seattle from Kansas, in a rental car on the last day of their vacation, due to fly home tomorrow. Our tipster says the hit-and-run pickup went by their house so fast, “it sounded like a plane was going to crash.” Some pieces were left behind, including a bumper. Neighbors called 911 and reached out to help the shaken visitors. ADDED 9:35 PM: A Gatewood resident reports almost getting hit by the same truck at 41st and Rose, seeing two people ditching it a few blocks away, and tracking them to Lincoln Park. Police weren’t available immediately – the person took photos (here’s one) and provided them to SPD – but they did show up at the ditched truck, our tipster says, describing it as “badly damaged and filled with a lot of tools and oddly enough, 2 pumpkins.”

(back to original report) CAR PROWL: Robin reports:

Someone prowled our Prius in North Admiral (Sunday) night. This is probably our 5th prowl in the past three years. We seem to get hit every 6 months. They get into a locked car without breaking the windows and rifle through our console. Nothing of value stolen except change.

AND A DOUBLE CAR PROWL: From Danielle at 46th and Findlay [map] in Seaview:

Early Friday morning, my car and my fiance’s car that are parked out in front of our home were broken in too. The thieves spent a decent amount of time going through everything. They went through every piece of paperwork in both glove boxes, and went through compartments in the vehicles we did not even know we had. They left the doors of the cars all open, and our neighbor let us know at about 7am on Friday. They stole ipods, phone chargers and a passport (which was found by a neighbor). The passport was found in a puddle behind the Cal Rey apartments at Raymond and California. The neighbor contacted us to let us know she had it. … No other cars on the street were broken in to that night. Just ours.

7 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Gatewood hit-run; North Admiral, Seaview car prowls"

  • UsToo October 11, 2016 (8:51 pm)

    We are on the same block of 46th and our car was prowled that same night. When I went out to it Fri morning, the glove compartment, center console, sunglasses compartments, etc were all open with papers strewn about. Nothing missing, though. This is the 2nd or 3rd time it has happened to us. no broken windows or anything, and the doors weren’t left open. Reported it to the police last time it happened but it took way too long, so didn’t report it this time.

    • WSB October 11, 2016 (8:58 pm)

      Hi, UsToo – sorry to hear about that. I am at the Fauntleroy Community Association meeting, where a SW Precinct commander reiterated that reporting helps them track what’s going on where and appropriate resources … you can report online, which shouldn’t take much time (it’s what we did a few months back when someone got into our car and made off with a charging cord):


  • UsToo October 11, 2016 (9:49 pm)

    Thanks. Just filed it. Took 20 minutes.

  • chemist October 12, 2016 (1:10 am)

    I think Thursday night/Friday morning was a busy night for Seaview mischief.  A few neighbors had green graffiti tags appear including near Brandon and 45th and Findlay and 47th.

  • WSMom October 12, 2016 (8:28 am)

    I am on the same block (alley) and my car was broken into early am as well. A few things were stolen from me, I filled out an online police report as well. Very frustrating!!!

  • Kimberley October 12, 2016 (1:39 pm)

    A neighbour in the City View area said that his car was prowled Thursday/Friday evening as well. He thought maybe he accidentally left his car door unlocked. Everything was rifled through but the only thing taken was a quarter.

  • Gatewood Neighbor October 13, 2016 (10:48 am)

    Car prowls are definitely a popular hobby these days!  We’ve lived in our house at 39th & Graham for 2.5 years and never had a problem.  Then, our 2 cars were prowled 3 times in one week (about two weeks ago).  I’m not sure if the doors were locked the first time but they were definitely locked the second and third times.  No broken windows or signs of forced entry.  In all 3 cases, the console and glove compartment were open and they had clearly gone through every piece of paper in the glove compartment.  Even the car’s manual was open and things like warranty info, roadside assistance stickers, etc. had been removed and flipped through.  Nothing appears to have been taken in any of the 3 incidents but we are pretty sick of people having the audacity to prowl around our cars, which are parked directly in front of our house under a light.  I’m especially uncomfortable that people are apparently lurking in front of our house while we’re sleeping practically every night.

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