PHOTOS & VIDEO: West Seattle Halloween scenes

7:20 PM: Yes, it’s raining, but so far, that’s not keeping trick-or-treaters home, and it’s not stopping the spooky shows:


That’s a photo texted (thank you!) from what we’re told is a great front-yard display at 2747 44th SW. Next, we’re stopping at Skeleton Theatre, 36th/Hanford…


7:51 PM: The skeleton crew is in fine form, reprising “The Death of Rock,” telling the tale of the rise and fall of rock superstars Bonaparte.

The 20-minute show is continuous until 9 pm, then 6-9 again tomorrow. Our next stop, Nightmare on 44th (as in 44th SW, between Charlestown and Andover)…


8:10 PM:The rain has lightened considerably (though you can hear it in our clip)!

Nightmare on 44th is on until 9 pm, and this is prime time to go look and listen. New additions this year. We’re heading out for one more stop …the Halloween light show on 38th SW between Genesee and Dakota, running until 10 (maybe a bit later) …

8:59 PM: Above, a bit of video from the 38th SW light show – we met creator Ken out front, along with visitors delighting in the lights and music. The Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz” appears, too.


For now, that’s the end of our tour; we’ve just seen some late trick-or-treaters, though, so please remain extra watchful as the night goes on.

10:06 PM: Thanks to Lisa for e-mailing this photo:


Lisa explains, “Our neighborhood SOGEN (South of Genesee) donned traffic-cone costumes with Werner. Great fun and it was easy to keep track of our kids. Fun was had by all!”

3 Replies to "PHOTOS & VIDEO: West Seattle Halloween scenes"

  • Lafayette Mom November 1, 2016 (12:21 am)

    We had two hundred ghouls and goblins here on Belvidere.  So glad that the rain didn’t keep them away – it was a festive evening!


  • green girl November 1, 2016 (9:07 am)

    A fun night giving out treats on 50th S.W.  in between Charlestown and Spokane. Just wanted to say that if anyone lost a very cute brown with a white tip tail to their costume that they may come and recover it. It will be on my fence in a plastic bag. Looks like a fox or a dog tail. 

  • Gatewood November 1, 2016 (9:15 am)

    We live in Gatewood and want to thank our festive neighbors who delighted the kids with their costumes, music, and decorations!  For our family it’s less about candy and more about getting to interact with our great neighbors.  Thanks for making Halloween special! 

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