HAPPENING NOW: Playing in the street (and preparing for disaster) during Seattle Summer Parkways on Alki


12:51 PM: So far during Seattle Summer Parkways on Alki, which continues until 4 pm, we’ve seen a shark and a whale …


The rendering of the 39-foot humpback whale that stranded and died in Fauntleroy two months ago is part of the marine-mammal chalk art outside the Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network‘s booth in the 61st/Alki activity zone; the shark was a decoration on one of the cargo/family bicycles that headed out at 11 am for the Seattle Disaster Relief Trials, a fun combination of preparedness exercise and bicycle ride.


Participants are practicing skills that might be needed in case of catastrophe – earthquake, for example. “Cars can’t get through, we can,” was the scenario offered by organizer Morgan as she took the stage to launch the ride. Participants headed off to spots as far away as White Center, visiting up to four of West Seattle’s Emergency Communication Hubs along the way. Thanks to Jon for this photo from the Ercolini Park hub west of The Junction, where the “shark” bike was checking in:


Toting items (even containers of water) was part of the exercise. (added) And via Twitter, here’s another hub stop for that distinctive bike and rider:

Meantime, back at the beach, City Councilmember Lisa Herbold and SDOT director Scott Kubly were there to help launch today’s event (the mayor canceled a few days ago) but decided against speeches since, as she put it, things were proceeding relatively casually:


Also at the 61st/Alki hub, Seattle Public Library‘s two-wheeled branch:


Not pictured – a mini-tent where little ones can sit and read. Meantime, a short distance east on Alki, the Seattle Humane MaxMobile arrived with adoptable pets including kittens (who did NOT want to pose, so we have the wide view of the van):


That’s about as far as we got before having to leave Alki for a bit – but we’re headed back now to explore the rest of the route. Again, if you’ve missed all the advance alerts, Alki SW is open to walking/biking and other non-motorized transportation, both ways between 56th and 63rd, and east of 56th to Don Armeni, the inland lane is open to cars (etc.) one way westbound, while the water-side lane is for other forms of transportation, until 4 pm.

ADDED 1:38 PM: Just stopped by Don Armeni for another marine-mammal sighting – Mike the inflatable Southern Resident Killer Whale, is now ready for visitors. He’s with The Whale Trail team.


ADDED 2:19 PM: If you’re here and you haven’t stopped by City Scoop yet, to answer some questions and get free ice cream, you have until 3 pm. The tents are right by Alki Bathhouse – here’s the view from the second floor at Spud across the street:


Or maybe you are torn between hanging out in the sunshine and watching the Seahawks/49ers game on TV. Guess what – you can do both!


Alki resident Guy Olson set up the “living room in the street” – TV and all – between Marine and 59th. Meantime, at 58th SW, Seattle Parks has a play zone for kids including a bouncy obstacle course:


Also, face painting and chalk art! And that’s near Coastal, the Alki boutique, which has a lemonade stand out front, raising money for Camp Korey.

2:45 PM: Music at Summer Parkways – the Barrelhouse Jive Band onstage at 61st/Alki:

The clip is from WSB contributing photographer Leda Costa – our second report on Summer Parkways will include her views from today. Again, this is on until 4 pm … most activities between 56th and 63rd on Alki, but an “activity hub” remains at Don Armeni, too.

3:40 PM: Twenty more minutes to get out and play in the street along Alki. You can of course ride your bike at the beach any time, but today has been extra fun with cool people like these:

As mentioned above, we’ll have a second report with scenes of the day, later on. And we’ll update here when we get word Alki/Harbor Aves. are back to all traffic both ways – the official posted closure is until 5 pm, so there’s time for breakdown and cleanup.

6 Replies to "HAPPENING NOW: Playing in the street (and preparing for disaster) during Seattle Summer Parkways on Alki"

  • Mary P September 25, 2016 (1:27 pm)

     What a wonderful day on Alki.People having fun!No drag racing across crosswalks,no motorcycle groups riding 3 across and doing dangerous wheelies ,no BOOMING music,no swerving from one side of the street to the others endangering everyone.Bliss.

    • WSB September 25, 2016 (1:31 pm)

      We just got back to the beach and it’s full-on sunshine now!

    • RS September 25, 2016 (3:42 pm)

      I agree, that was a very pleasant afternoon on Alki!

  • aRF September 25, 2016 (3:03 pm)

    That was great fun. 

    For the future, it was a little dangerous when some cars were allowed to go west on Harbor/Alki down the bike side of the street, past the police checkpoint at Don Armeni. Kids on bikes and drivers were meeting head-on. 

  • Alkistu September 25, 2016 (4:13 pm)

    West Seattle is a special place. The West Seattle Blog is also special. What a great weekend and great coverage of so many positive activities.

  • Bicycle September 25, 2016 (10:48 pm)

    Thank you for a proper rendering of the events. I was unable to use one of my limbs today yet was there in spirit..ride fast, take chances 

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