West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Assault charges filed in bridge beating

Charges are now filed against all three people arrested in High Point after last week’s incident at the east end of the West Seattle Bridge. As reported in our same-day coverage Wednesday and next-day followup Thursday, police say it began with a hit-and-run rear-end crash on Beacon Hill. The driver whose car was hit followed the other car onto the West Seattle Bridge in order, he said, to get its license plate, and ended up getting beaten up.

20-year-old Bona M. Adam and 18-year-old Jaime Trujillo-Lopez are both charged with second-degree assault, as is the third suspect, who is 17 and charged as a juvenile, so we are not identifying him.

The charging documents say Trujillo-Lopez was driving the car. The victim spotted it pulled over on the east end of the West Seattle Bridge and when he confronted Trujillo-Lopez, asking why he took off, Trujillo-Lopez punched him in the face. He allegedly yelled to his companions to “get the shotgun!” at which time prosecutors say Adam and the juvenile suspect did exactly that, getting a gun out of the car’s trunk, at which time Adam is alleged to have pointed it at the victim. He and the victim struggled for control of it, the charging documents say, and almost fell off the bridge in the process. The scuffle continued, also involving Trujillo-Lopez; Adam got control of the gun and reportedly tried to fire it, but that didn’t work, and after the juvenile suspect kicked the victim in the face, the documents say, the suspects all got in their car and took off. The victim drove into West Seattle and met police and medics near West Seattle Stadium; the suspects were traced to, and arrested at, the High Point address where the 17-year-old lives.

Prosecutors say Trujillo-Lopez has no criminal history; Adam has a conviction for burglary. Both are scheduled for arraignment August 8th, and their bail remains at $225,000. No convictions are on record for the 17-year-old.

50 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Assault charges filed in bridge beating"

  • Brenda July 25, 2016 (5:03 pm)

    Dirt bags 

  • Seattlite July 25, 2016 (5:12 pm)

    The details of this assault are just terrifying.  Those three criminals are dangerous and should not walk among the civilized.  I hope that the victim recovers emotionally.

  • JeffK July 25, 2016 (5:15 pm)

    Put them away forever.

  • JF July 25, 2016 (6:13 pm)

    Where is the attempted murder charge?  The last update said they put the shotgun in the victims face and pulled the trigger.

  • PM July 25, 2016 (6:29 pm)

    Before you get on this thread and attack these young men, please take a moment to comprehend the hardships they’ve likely faced growing up and think about how you can help. Don’t get me wrong, the accusations against them are awful. But these are not bad kids. Believe me. They’ve likely dealt with things in their young lives that many of us could never imagine. Unfortunately, some kids deal with these hardships in ways that are detrimental to their future. They want to be accepted by their peers and often resort to violence in order to be viewed as “tough” and “cool” by their friends. It’s one of the main reasons gangs are so prevalent in this country. All I ask is that, as a community member, you think about ways you can get involved to help these kids from a young age. Instead of wasting your time on message boards calling these kids “thugs”, spend your time volunteering and helping guide these kids to a better life. 

    • ChannelingLewisBlack July 25, 2016 (9:35 pm)

      Sorry – where does the “they’re not bad kids”  end?  Do we allow them to go their entire lives with hall passes on adhering to the laws and norms of society because they had a bad childhood?  At some point we have to all suck it up and adhere to acceptable patterns of behavior.  To me, a driver’s license, a gun permit, an ammunition purchase and ownership of a car are all rites of passage that imply  a sense of responsibility to ones self and ones neighbors.

    • JeffK July 25, 2016 (11:38 pm)

      PM – so attempted murder is okay and “cool” because you think they had a bad childhood and they were just acting “tough” for their friends?  What is wrong with you?

  • flimflam July 25, 2016 (6:38 pm)

    yep, I agree – total insane sociopaths. there is no “fixing” them in my opinion. how long before a friend or loved one posts about how wonderful and misunderstood these guys are?

  • Sara July 25, 2016 (6:52 pm)

    They should all get 10 years. They will probably get 10 months. 

  • B July 25, 2016 (6:53 pm)

    “Good kids”: 

    – Hit and run, as they didn’t stop to exchange information

    – Assault

    – Attempted to shoot the poor guy with their shotgun

    – Burglary conviction before 21. 

    I’d like to see them get the max (because it won’t be but a couple of years) and see if they feel like life is worth living on the outside afterwards. 

  • Trickycoolj July 25, 2016 (8:13 pm)

    I wish Seattle Housing Authority would weed out this trash. But they never will. 

  • ScubaFrog July 25, 2016 (8:41 pm)

    When I read that the suspects tried to ‘throw the victim over the bridge’, and then ‘grabbed a shotgun from the trunk, and put it up to the victim’s head and pulled the trigger’, I felt like at least 1 of them would be charged with attempted murder.  I’m naïve to most legal matters, it just seemed appropriate to me.

  • Fiz July 25, 2016 (9:49 pm)

    @PM, these “not bad kids” are two adults, and an older  juvenile.  They behaved as criminals and  should experience the consequences of their criminal  actions.   Perhaps someday they will be good neighbors.  But I doubt it. 

  • Community Member July 25, 2016 (10:00 pm)

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the charges can be increased later, and the initial charges are just to get the ball rolling so to speak.

    • WSB July 25, 2016 (10:24 pm)

      Generally not. More likely that charges would be reduced in a plea bargain, which is how most cases end, rather than going to trial …

  • MJ July 25, 2016 (10:47 pm)

    Wait, where does the story state they had a bad childhood? If it’s not stating it somewhere what are we basing this assumption on?

  • they July 26, 2016 (5:21 am)

    ” Not bad kids” that’s like saying that Bears not hungry he just wants a hug. I guess you can live in the real world or become Bear food…

  • CandrewB1 July 26, 2016 (6:06 am)

    I could be mistaken, but I do not believe there is an “attempted murder” charge in Washington state. Unless it has changed, assault 1 is our equivalent.

  • Dan July 26, 2016 (6:36 am)

    Lock up those dredges of society and make them pay for their attempted murder. ATTEMPTED MURDER!

    Anybody who makes excuses for them is part of the problem.

  • Cynical girl July 26, 2016 (7:09 am)

    Previously, the excuse for these losers was due to mental illness and we should celebrate and embrace it. This week it’s troubled childhoods. Will the higher temperatures be next week’s excuse? 

  • Double Dub Resident July 26, 2016 (7:14 am)

    Who cares if they had a bad childhood.  I had a horrible one,  as many people have. I’m tired of people  using that as some kind of reason/excuse for their behaviors

  • Danny July 26, 2016 (8:07 am)

    Truth Dan, truth.  SPD thanks for getting this garbage out of High Point!  

  • Bruce July 26, 2016 (8:39 am)

    I think that the victim mad a bad decision to chase the perpetrators.  You just don’t know what will happen if you pursue them.  I was hit on California avenue near the post office and the person in the other car did not stop when I pulled over to exchange insurance information with them.  I thought briefly about chasing them to at least get their license plate number but thought better of it.  It ended up costing me some money but my insurance covered most of  the damage.

  • McGruff July 26, 2016 (8:53 am)

    I don’t buy the ‘good kids who made bad choices’ rubbish. They did a hit-and-run, then tried to dispose of the witness/victim. While it is always possible that they may see the error of their ways and become good citizens, odds are they won’t, and I for one don’t want to take a chance being their next victim because some soft-hearted/headed type gave them another chance.

    These are punks and thugs, and probably always will be. Lock ’em up.

  • d July 26, 2016 (9:44 am)

    These people have no idea what real life hardships actually are everybody always wants to excuse bad behavior because something may have happened when they were younger or some other crap human beings have been dealing with hardships since the beginning of time  it’s no excuse to cause hardships for others

    • PM July 26, 2016 (10:29 am)

      @D – I would be interested to hear what you view as “real hardships”.  Believe it or not, children can experience immense hardships during their formative years that can have deep psychological effects. You can either perpetuate the problem by ignoring this reality or find ways to help. Your choice.   

      • T July 29, 2016 (2:52 am)

        Yessss PM. Yes, I agree. parts of this thread has a “we all have hardships attitude”, and it is truth, but WS has so much compassion too. It is a balance.  So proud of the driver to follow through (crazy) and SPD finding those folks is amazballs. So sad the perps. had an idea like this, and thought it doable/necessary. We will see how the cases go. thanks wsb

  • Roxburymom July 26, 2016 (9:54 am)

    I know of these kids I know one for sure has a drug and alcohol problem (multiple drugs)and lack of parental supervision and has been a “hoodlum” as long as I have know him I agree that they are a danger to society and need to be off the streets. I would agree with Pm if I didn’t personal see this young man from a young age be what we all call a “hoodlum” and think it is all “fun and games”. I do understand some can change or turn over a new leave but I truly believe this young man is a lost cause as I have heard / seen things for 6 plus years.

  • PM July 26, 2016 (10:19 am)

    @JeffK – to be clear, they were not charged with attempted murder (nor were they charged with an Assault 1). I’m not condoning what happened at all, but there’s a big difference between what you’re accusing them of and what they were actually charged with. Just because a neighborhood blog reported it doesn’t mean it’s factual.  Regardless of your opinions on these particular individuals, I would challenge each of you to think about ways you can provide guidance to the disadvantaged youth in your community so they don’t grow up resorting to violence in situations like these. 

    • WSB July 26, 2016 (10:30 am)

      PM, this is not a “neighborhood blog,” if you are using that phrase to suggest that WSB is something less than a professional news organization and therefore not to be believed. We’ve been the only publication consistently and *accurately* covering West Seattle news, day in and day out, night in and night out, for almost a decade; my husband and I have more than half a century of professional journalism experience between us. Regarding “factual,” yes, everything we have reported is factual: We have reported the FACT that police arrested the suspects, the FACT that police *alleged* certain events happened, the FACT that prosecutors filed charges alleging certain events happened. We meticulously attribute. We have not declared that what police/prosecutors allege is a fact, because we (unlike some careless and unethical news publications of various sizes) attribute. If you believe something in their reports/charging documents is in error, then I encourage you to call that to the attention of the police or prosecutors or whomever it was attributed to. The only thing we have declared as firsthand fact without attribution is what we saw happen in High Point while the search and arrests were unfolding last Wednesday – because we were there. The only reason this case appeared anywhere else is because SPD Blotter decided to feature it; everybody else who wrote something based on that has dropped it already; however this plays out, I can guarantee you we’ll be the only ones following it to the resolution – a trial, a plea, whatever. Thanks – Tracy (editor)

      • PM July 26, 2016 (10:36 am)

        Tracy, my apologies for referring to this as a “neighborhood blog”. I wasn’t intentionally trying to degrade the fantastic work you and your husband do. I was simply trying to point out that there are always two sides to a story and the fact that they were charged with second-degree assault (instead of Attempted Murder or Assault 1) leads me to believe that the reports weren’t entirely accurate. Again, my apologies. 

      • flimflam July 26, 2016 (12:58 pm)

        whoa. the title of your site is “West Seattle Blog” – West Seattle is a neighborhood. why would you browbeat someone for calling it a “neighborhood blog”. I realize it must be a sore spot because I’ve read other responses like this in the past. maybe you should change the title to “West Seattle News” so you could avoid this terrible slight in the future?

        • WSB July 26, 2016 (1:05 pm)

          Have long wished we could change the name but we can’t – would wreak havoc with search, archives, references, etc.

          • flimflam July 26, 2016 (3:05 pm)

            I hear you. by the was, this IS a great blog, news source, whatever you want to call it. I just wouldn’t be so shocked or offended that someone would refer to it as a “neighborhood blog”. anyway. carry on!

    • Seattlite July 26, 2016 (10:42 am)

      PM…Why don’t their parents provide love, security, morals, ethics, knowing right from wrong, knowing not to commit crimes?  Where are their parents?  I challenge their parents to responsibly parent their children.

      • PM July 26, 2016 (11:18 am)

        @Seattlite – unfortunately, a majority of disadvantaged youth grow up in single-parent homes. And that single parent generally has to work multiple jobs just to put food on the table for their kids, which means they don’t have significant time to spend “parenting” their kids. Imagine has lost you would have been if you grew up without a father, had a mother who was working two jobs, and didn’t have anyone else to turn to for advice. There’s a reason kids join gangs at a young age. They need guidance. That’s were the community can get involved. Sign up to be a mentor. Even if it’s 1-2 hours every week, it can be life-changing for a child. Be a remodel for these kids. Help organize community events for them. Find opportunities to help out in anyway possible. I can’t stress this enough. 

        • Seattlite July 26, 2016 (1:24 pm)

          PM… I understand the huge social problem USA has with at risk kids.  The answer is in public school education, starting at a young age,  on the merits of family life with two responsible parents.  Perhaps family education classes would teach kids about the tremendous responsibility that goes with being a parent:  money for a home, food ,education, sports, clothing, medical care, music lessons, transportation and the list goes on.  Too many at risk teens having at risk babies have no idea what’s going on outside of their insular, dysfunctional world.  Family education classes could very well open their eyes broaden their horizons. 

          • PM July 26, 2016 (1:50 pm)

            Seattlite – I completely agree with you. Unfortunately public schools face an array of issues, including lack of funding and resources. Until the public school system improves and addresses these issues, I personally believe it is our duty to teach kids these lessons through volunteering and mentorship programs. 

  • Salt Spray July 26, 2016 (10:23 am)

    I don’t think that PM is excusing the actions of these guys.  What s/he is addressing is the many strikes against “at risk” kids growing up: physical, sexual, psychological abuse, drugs in the home, low income, direct or indirect gang involvement, incarcerated family member, mother abused,  to name but a few.  Without support/intervention to learn alternate ways of negotiating Life, these kids get lost in the school-to-prison pipeline. 

        These guys may have been lost, but YOU can make a difference in keeping others from following the same path.  Check out Southwest Youth and Family Services, http://www.swyfs.org     You may not have the time or the skillset, but you CAN financially support the work that SWYFS does to “Challenge the Past.  Change the Future” in partnership with youth and families.  Don’t just complain when you can be part of the solution!!

    • Seattlite July 26, 2016 (10:46 am)

      Salt Spray…One solution is to start teaching kids in public schools about family.  That it takes two responsible parents to raise confident, productive kids.  I applaud all of the responsible parents who make sure their kids have what they need: love, security.  At risk kids need to be taken out of their at risk homes early and hopefully adopted by responsible parents.

      • Seattlite July 26, 2016 (2:47 pm)

        PM…Your intent is good but not at all possible considering the plethora of at risk children in the USA.  Politics is driving the inattention to this tremendous problem.  The public school system is too political and is detrimental to children at risk by not including family life education.  In order to reach as many at risk children at a young age family life education must happen in public schools.  Ben Carson, Allen West, Sheriff David Clarke speak about children at risk and the break down of the family unit.

    • PM July 26, 2016 (10:51 am)

      @Salt Spray – Yes, very well said. I’ve lived all over the world and can attest that West Seattle is a uniquely diverse community with an incredible sense of spirit and pride. If everyone just does a little bit to help guide these “at risk” youth, the community will grow stronger and stronger and violence will drop dramatically. 

  • ClayJustSayin July 26, 2016 (11:34 am)

    PM.  You are the wordy one.  

    How do you know these people are disadvantaged?  If they are (or were), how does that make it ok for them to get all gangland on anybody?  Ever?  That is NEVER ok.

    • PM July 26, 2016 (12:23 pm)

      In fewer words: 1) I don’t, but there is a high probability they are; 2) I never said assault was okay. I’m simply pointing out that at risk youth need support and guidance from outside sources. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. 

      • Alex July 26, 2016 (2:06 pm)

        “They’ve likely dealt with things in their young lives that many of us could never imagine. Unfortunately, some kids deal with these hardships in ways that are detrimental to their future”

        Yes, PM, but the vast majority of kids who grow up with hardships turn out just fine.  When you constantly make excuses for the criminal element, you simply create more criminals.

        Talk to any youth or gang counselor and ask what it was that finally turned their life around so they could start helping others, and they will give you a lot of reasons.  Understanding, enabling, excusing and explaining – along with less punishment – is NOT on the list.  

        What gets at-risk kids to see their way out of violence and crime is firm guidance. The things they didn’t get from home.

        What they don’t need is adults like you making more excuses for them. That’s what probably got them into a downward spiral in the first place.

        You’re not being compassionate if your approach keeps producing the same negative results.

  • Chris July 26, 2016 (12:41 pm)

     There are a number of high quality resources in High Point for disadvantaged youth –  staffed with adults who went through similar things and are willing to help.

     Perhaps fundraisers for organizations like safe futures and the high point community center could be better promoted within the community .

  • wsn00b July 26, 2016 (1:02 pm)

    Those kids might or might not have had a good upbringing.  However, their “punishment” is most likely going to backfire on our society. These kids are going to be part of our for-profit commercial prison “justice” system where they will be mistreated to be even worse citizens when they come out. So its aggravated road rage/assault now. Unless you are naive, you should totally expect them to come out of prison even worse and expect them to do worse crimes. Locking up/weeding out trash sounds good but they are human beings that we are going to make worse – guaranteed.

  • ws commuter July 26, 2016 (6:01 pm)

    To those questioning the charges filed … Especially the discussion about “attempted murder” and “assault first degree”, as well as WSB’s comment about plea bargaining … To gently correct some misimpressions …

    Assault 1 requires proof of “grievous bodily harm” – here that didn’t occur.  Assault 2, however, merely requires proof of threatening someone with serious injury (pointing the gun got them there), with accomplice liability for the cohorts.  

    Attempted murder 1 or 2 are both hypothetically possible charges and may indeed be added later.  I don’t know enough about the facts to know whether they would be warranted (and notwithstanding the howling here on this blog, neither does anyone else reading this news story).  

    The King County Prosecutor’s Office actually does charge crimes up … all due respect to WSB, but actually, in some cases the prosecutor chooses to charge conservatively up front and then increase the charge later if there isn’t a plea (and I have no idea about whether this will happen in this case).  

    Last, clearly a firearm enhancement can (and likely will) be added to the charging (per the “Hard Time for Armed Crime” initiative).  

    I’m all for charging these knuckleheads and punishing them appropriately.  This sounds like a very serious event that could have been even worse … So I’m glad they are charged and hope they are convicted to do some time.

    But … but I am unimpressed by the ignorant rants here labeling these knuckleheads as “scum”, etc.  Not defending them.  Just find that Donald Trump-like name-calling is so typically stupid and hateful.  

    • Andy July 27, 2016 (5:41 am)

      “Knucklehead” is OK but “scum” isn’t? I’m sorry, but to me, road ragers, driving around with a shotgun in the trunk of their car, rates more condemnation than just being referred to as “knuckleheads.” I think people who soft soap incidents like this one do not help. There is no good excuse for behavior like these three have exhibited and to make excuses for it only encourages more bad behavior. Something tells me that you, ws commuter, would feel diffrently had you been on the receiving end.

  • 4th Gen WS-ite July 27, 2016 (12:47 am)

    @PM and @SaltSpray, thank you for your compassion and empathy. There is far too little of both in the world and nothing – absolutely nothing – is braver.

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