West Seattle Crime Watch: Man hit while trying to stop suspected car prowler

(WSB photo)

Police are looking for the driver suspected in a hit-and-run that allegedly started with a suspected car prowl. They tell us the victim saw what appeared to be a car prowl in progress in the area (39th SW and SW Oregon), tried to stop it, and then was hit by the suspect making a getaway in his own car. The victim’s injuries are not life-threatening – he’s on the way to the hospital in a private ambulance. We heard only a fragment of a description of the suspect’s car – silver – but will be following up. (Added: Silver or gold older Camaro.)

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  • smokeycretin9 July 5, 2016 (4:31 pm)

    Well, that explains why a SPD suv whipped around and followed me, very closely,  from 35th, down Barton and onto Fauntleroy .  (driving my Silver Subaru 4dr)

  • SARAH TATTERSON July 5, 2016 (4:41 pm)

    I happened to be there right after it happened. Victim stated it was a silver/gold Chevy Camaro, older model. 

    • WSB July 5, 2016 (5:05 pm)

      Thank you, Sarah. I *thought* I heard Camaro on the scanner, after hearing “silver” clearly, but hadn’t been able to verify. – TR

      • Brian July 5, 2016 (6:21 pm)

        I called this in from LA Fitness. I heard shouting when I arrived in the gym underground lot. A man was shouting “don’t leave” and stepped in front of the car. The car continued and the man got up on the hood. They passed me on the way out and up the exit ramp. The guy on the hood yelled “call 911…call 911” as they passed. I didn’t have a phone but called from the gym reception desk about 3:15. It was not a Camaro, but a very low to the ground car with fancy wheels, pointy front end. (Sorry, I’m not into cars.) Very bizarre. 

  • George T July 5, 2016 (5:29 pm)

    Is the number   of  officers at the local precinct growing at the same rate as WSea?  These and other criminal activites no doubt will increase. 

  • Brian July 5, 2016 (6:24 pm)

    BTW, I gave them a good plate number too!

  • Lola July 5, 2016 (7:51 pm)

    So if this happened in the LA Fitness Parking garage wouldn’t that be Alaska St?  I hope they can catch the person with a good plate #.

    • WSB July 5, 2016 (8:24 pm)

      The garage entrance/exit is on 39th, south of Oregon.

  • C July 5, 2016 (9:07 pm)

    Cameras in the parking lot ? 

  • LStephens July 5, 2016 (9:45 pm)

    Way to go Brian!  Hopefully your assistance with the 911 call and getting the license plate will help to catch this criminal.

  • newnative July 6, 2016 (8:53 am)

    The witness version does not describe a hit and run at all.  It describes an altercation in which a man tried to prevent a car from going and then got on the hood of said car and eventually fell or jumped off.  This wouldn’t be the first time a witness has responded to a situation in which he doesn’t know what was happening prior to his arrival.  

    I was stalked once by an ex and as I got into my car and locked doors, he prevented me from closing my windows and put his foot under the tire.  I took off anyways as he shouted that I ran over him.  

    How about the poor lady dropping her kid off at school who had her car jumped on by the nutjob and no one intervened?  

    Maybe this was a car prowler, maybe it was someone fleeing a scary situation.  We just don’t know, unless there are more witnesses.  

    • WSB July 6, 2016 (9:22 am)

      The original scanner call – the reason we went to it in the first place (along with the fact it was a Med 6 dispatch for SFD, which almost always means driver vs. pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist) – included the report of it starting as a car prowl, with someone trying to stop one and then getting hit/thrown off the car of the making-getaway suspect. And that’s what police told us at the scene. Meantime, the final incident categorization in Tweets by Beats is “car prowl.” We’ve written before about that category of crime being a problem in that lot. Anyway, I’m requesting the report to see what’s in the narrative. – TR

  • dracula July 8, 2016 (1:03 am)

    West seattle blog should publish a list of all the stories posted on here that do not end up in convictions. i have known a few people that have been involved in incidents reported on here that ended up blowing over.  I guess you just have to report the best information available at the time if you are going to report on something but some people sure do get worked up over this stuff and maybe they would be relieved to know that a portion of these events never actually happened or did not happen the way initial reports suggest. Of course on second thought said parties would probably just take that as evidence of judges and prosecutors being soft on crime anyways just an observation

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