Driver rear-ends RapidRide bus north of Morgan Junction


1:46 PM: That’s the scene on northbound California SW just north of SW Findlay north of Morgan Junction, where a driver rear-ended a RapidRide bus a short time ago. No injuries reported. Police say the car’s driver, who was also northbound on California, told them she doesn’t know how her car wound up on the sidewalk, hitting the bus. Northbound traffic is getting around via the center turn lane; passengers on the bus have already transferred to another northbound C-Line. A tow truck has been called, as has a Metro supervisor, so the scene might not be clear for a while.

IMG_4966 (1)

1:57 PM: Above, we’ve added another view of the scene. You might recall the hydrant in that photo also had a close call in a 2-car (no bus involved) crash at the same spot last November.

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  • Robert July 25, 2016 (1:48 pm)

    Obligatory “How do you rear end a bright yellow and red bus?”

    • ktrapp July 25, 2016 (2:07 pm)

      The same way you don’t know how you end up on the sidewalk, nearly hitting a yellow fire hydrant, before hitting that bright yellow and red bus.  I’m guessing a hilarious amount of driver inattention.  At least there were no injuries!

      • WSB July 25, 2016 (2:27 pm)

        The driver appeared to be a senior citizen; not to say that seniors are incapable of “inattention” but are also a little more likely to have a possible medical issue contributing to confusion or a momentary blackout (certainly something that could happen to a non-senior as well).

    • Peter July 26, 2016 (10:12 am)

      By not paying a lick of attention (shouldn’t be driving).

  • wsgal July 25, 2016 (2:13 pm)

    Seems like a lot of accidents happen at this corner after they’ve added the crosswalk for pedestrians along with the Rapid Ride stop.    

  • Jort July 25, 2016 (2:47 pm)

    Question? Is it legal to pass a bus in the center dual-turn lane when they are stopped? Also, on Avalon, is it legal to cross the double-yellow lines to pass a bus that is headed uphill on Avalon? 

    • wseattlekid July 25, 2016 (6:23 pm)

      @Jort I sense you’re being sarcastic, but in case you’re not, both scenarios you asked about are illegal.  RCW 46.61.290 section 3c for the first question, and RCW 46.61.150 (and SMC 11.14.385) for the second question.

      • Jort July 26, 2016 (9:32 am)

        OK, so I was being a little sarcastic…

        Passing buses illegally is one of West Seattle’s favorite driving pastimes. I wish people would understand that the bus bulbs are there to keep you behind the bus — by design. 

        I know that is annoying, but think on the bright side: if you’re driving behind the bus, then you might as well just ride the bus instead! See? Optimism!

    • By the book July 25, 2016 (6:47 pm)

      No, and no.


    • chemist July 25, 2016 (6:57 pm)

      No Jort.

      (c) Upon a roadway where a center lane has been provided by distinctive
      pavement markings for the use of vehicles turning left from either
      direction, no vehicles may turn left from any other lane. A vehicle
      shall not be driven in this center lane for the purpose of overtaking or
      passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction.
      No vehicle
      may travel further than three hundred feet within the lane. A signal,
      either electric or manual, for indicating a left turn movement, shall be
      made at least one hundred feet before the actual left turn movement is

    • Joe Dirt July 26, 2016 (9:13 am)

      The city added a curb on Fauntleroy just west of California anout a year ago to prevent going around buses. Grrr not anti car, sure.

      • Peter July 26, 2016 (10:15 am)

        They added the curb on Fauntleroy west of California to stop cars from going into oncoming traffic when they pass busses. How is that anti-car? Would you would prefer to have people passing busses use the lane for oncoming traffic? And how is that pro-car? 

  • newnative July 25, 2016 (3:16 pm)

    Inattention is one thing but how can anyone possibly be driving so fast as to cause that kind of damage?  No way should anyone be driving that fast or following so close, especially when a bus is in front of you.  

  • Chuck and Sally's Van Man July 25, 2016 (3:41 pm)

    @NewNative: You must be (cough) new here. West Seattle has some wonderfully awful drivers. My favorite are the one who like to cross the double-yellow lines on Fauntleroy while turning left into the Triangle during the morning commute (near Trader Joe’s). They are priceless. Also, props to the drivers who (still!) blow through the crosswalk in the Junction near Talaricos, with pedestrians either waiting or already starting to cross. The list goes on.

    • newnative July 25, 2016 (4:23 pm)

      I’ve been here long enough to fear for my safety most of the time.  The roads are too small and there are too many uncontrolled intersections and crosswalks for anyone to drive fast.  Generally speaking, the speed here is about 15 miles slower than anywhere else I’ve lived.  Which makes scenes like this one hard to understand.  

      I just don’t get why y’all are in such a hurry.

  • Joe Dirt July 25, 2016 (3:48 pm)

    I understand why the bus stops are built out like that but there is a consequence. The speed limit is 30 and buses stop in the middle of the road. Young or old, accident waiting to happen.  Buses are supossedly helping traffic, these are impeding traffic. Also, I saw one on Fauntleroy down by Mills last week.  The bus, number 6080 ,drove for blocks in the turn lane (illegal). I got behind it eventually and followed it up California Ave. I watched as the driver didn’t stop for people trying to cross in a marked crosswalk in front of Rite Aid.  Buses do all sorts of illegal manuvers and people just kind of shrug like they are allowed.  #seattlewisdom

    • Question Mark July 26, 2016 (4:27 pm)

      The speed limit is 30 and buses stop in the middle of the road. Young or old, accident waiting to happen.

      Then perhaps it’s not that wise to go the limit or to leave a bit of extra room to stop when someone is driving behind a bus …

  • TheKing July 25, 2016 (4:19 pm)

    The buses now stop in the middle of the road instead of pulling off because there is only one lane, sometimes they use their hazards, sometimes not. The worst is when they stop on the other side of an intersection with a light, you are just guessing if they will stop and then people are just sitting there in the middle of the intersection as it turns red. In all fairness to this driver, the paint scheme on these buses makes them look like a McDonald’s drive thru

    • By the book July 25, 2016 (6:50 pm)

      I’ll have a McBumper and a side of tail-lights! 

  • flimflam July 25, 2016 (6:41 pm)

    I have to say, lots of bus drivers do not use their signals – yeah, I get it; “yield to buses”. however, when no signals are used I have no idea when they plan on moving. this is fairly common unfortunately.

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