West Seattle summer solstice: Sunset watch with Alice draws crowd despite sun’s no-show


Though the sun was a sunset no-show (that’s just a little residual color in the background of our photo), Alice Enevoldsen‘s 29th solstice/equinox watch drew and delighted a crowd just the same – we counted about 80 people. Above, right about the time the sun was setting behind the clouds, Alice and volunteer helper Christian demonstrated the relationship between the Sun and Earth on the solstice. See and hear part of it in our Instagram video (mouse over the image to get the “play” button, and click it again to stop):

Alice also talked a bit about newly discovered asteroid HO3. And she promised to be back for equinox sunset watch in September – “with a tiny baby” (she and husband Jason are expecting their second child later this summer). She cheerily wished all, “Happy Solstice!” as some departed, while others hung out to ask skygazing questions.

ADDED TUESDAY MORNING: You can hear Alice’s entire 17-minute presentation via this clip published to YouTube by Scott Scowcroft. The fish-eye video is an experiment but the audio’s clear and it’s fun to hear Alice’s discussion of solstices, the asteroid, and more.

2 Replies to "West Seattle summer solstice: Sunset watch with Alice draws crowd despite sun's no-show"

  • Charmaine Porter June 21, 2016 (10:59 am)

    Where does this solstice event occur? I want to attend the next one!!! :)

    • WSB June 21, 2016 (11:06 am)

      Hi, we’ve been publicizing and covering these quarterly for seven years :) Always at Solstice Park. Follow Alice’s site at http://alicesastroinfo.com where you’ll also find info about the park. – Tracy

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