West Seattle development: 5 notes from Pigeon Point to Morgan Junction

Five development/construction updates:

COMMENT TIME FOR 3856 21ST SW: Another West Seattle project going through “streamlined design review” has just opened for comment. According to the notice in today’s city Land Use Information Bulletin, you can comment through June 15th on a three-story, 2-unit townhouse building proposed for 3856 21st SW on Pigeon Point. The notice explains how to comment.

COMMENT TIME FOR 4505 23RD SW: This is another three-story, 2-unit townhouse building. This one, however, is not going through design review; it’s being built behind 4506 Delridge Way SW, where the existing structure will NOT be torn down, the city website says, but it’s open for comments on potential environmental effects, as the notice explains.

FORMAL APPLICATION FOR 5908 FAUNTLEROY WAY SW: We first reported last September that a six-townhouse “rowhouse” building is planned for this once-commercial site northeast of Morgan Junction:

trianglelot (1)

The formal application has just been filed, so watch for an official notice soon.

BLOCKS AWAY, AT 6311 FAUNTLEROY WAY SW: Another “rowhouse” project, four units this time, is in the early stages for this site that currently holds a 72-year-old single-family house (but is zoned Lowrise 1).

4505 42ND SW UPDATE: NLB, who sent the original tip yesterday about site-clearing work for this Junction project, tweeted this video of the house coming down this morning:

As noted again in our update last night, this is a mixed-use project with residential units, commercial space, and lodging.

11 Replies to "West Seattle development: 5 notes from Pigeon Point to Morgan Junction"

  • Susan June 2, 2016 (12:52 pm)

    I thought that 21st Ave SW in Pigeon Point was a single family dwelling neighborhood.

  • MrsL June 2, 2016 (4:07 pm)

    Noticed that trees were cut on property on Delridge north o f Youngstown with a sign saying, “Free Wood”. Is a development  finally in works there?

  • Mamasuze June 2, 2016 (5:55 pm)

    It is the “Eve of Destruction” here on Pigeon Point.  About 2/3 of the way down 22nd, just north of Andover, on the east side of the street, developers are coming in and tearing down 2 derelict houses and putting up 4 buildings on each of the three pieces of property.  Yes, 12 units where two old houses were.  On a dead end street. With little parking. The only thing “the city” had to say about the fact that they are planning to build in a known slide area…… on a 40 degree slope …. in a green belt.is that we are zoned for high density.  Thanks Seattle.  It feels as though it is time to start looking for a place on Whidbey Island. 

    • Little June 2, 2016 (10:32 pm)

      I hadn’t heard about that one. Craziness. There’s also the similar ‘knock down two, put up ten’ that’s happening at the corner of 21st and Charlestown. That seems like it will be a similarly nightmarish, given that corner is already an accident waiting to happen when anyone parks close to it. 

  • Jo June 3, 2016 (6:26 am)

    I live very close to the Pigeon Point site on 21st. The land use action sign that was placed up here a few days ago mentions 2-three story structures with 4 units each (potentially 8 units?) with demo of an existing building (which isn’t there). The one posted in the link says two town homes, which was the most recent design I was aware of, which I’m mostly fine with. 

    We have until the 15th to make comments on the design (whatever it is): comment here:

    Comments should be submitted to PRC@seattle.gov or

    City of Seattle, Seattle DCI, PRC
    700 5th Avenue, Suite 2000
    PO Box 34019
    Seattle, WA  98124-4019

  • John June 3, 2016 (8:06 am)

    A few facts;

    That sign has been there for a month.

    The development is not in a green belt, it is on private property.

    The zoning is not SFR 5000 like most of Pigeon Point.

    Development on Steep Slopes is more  highly scrutinized under current codes  than other building and much safer than the derelict houses (also on steep slope before it was categorized as such).

     “Steep Slope” is not “40 degree” but 40%.  That is defined as 10 feet vertical over 25 feet horizontal.

    Pigeon Point is walking distance to mass transit, offers excellent bike commuting and access to downtown and the growing Dakota/Delridge community services. 

    Pigeon Point’s housing stock is mostly old and the new life and new community brought into it by new construction is a positive.

    Those that bemoan the loss of big leaf maples, blackberries, holly, and hedera are welcome to turn their own property into tree and wildlife sanctuaries.

    Our city needs housing, if only to protect our forests and true greenways surrounding our city.

  • Mamasuze June 3, 2016 (9:30 am)

    Yes Tracy, that is the one. And as far as John’s comments go….. 40 degrees, 40 percent…all I know is it is a frickin’ steep hill. I don’t believe the folks on our street disagree with building  SOMETHING on those lots, but 12 is overkill.  They do have thise ridiculous “parking pads” on their plans, but how often do people actually use them?  Most homes on the street do not have a garage or carport or any parking other than the street. Which is always packed often times with people who park there in the morning and unload thier bikes and head off to work on the bike trail at the end of the street.  As far as the greenbelt goes……all I know is that the hill is green and full of birds.   Writing to the city in the comment oeriod is pretty useless unfortunately.

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