West Seattle brown-water battle: The Big Flush resumes Sunday

Flushing Map_Area Completed_FINAL
After an unannounced three-week break, Seattle Public Utilities crews will resume flushing work this weekend, continuing to clear local water mains of sediment (mostly rust buildup). SPU’s Ingrid Goodwin sent this progress report with word of what’s next, including the map you see above:

SPU will resume water main flushing in West Seattle Sunday night, June 19, starting on SW Donald Street between California Avenue SW and 44th Avenue SW.

We took a three-week break from flushing to allow our staff to assess our progress, make adjustments and plan for the next sequence of flushes.

To date, the SPU flushing crew has flushed about 10 miles of pipe in West Seattle to minimize discolored water.

Flushing results have been very positive: water is flushed until clear and the crew is measuring chlorine and turbidity (cloudiness) throughout the process to make sure water quality standards are met at the end of each flush.

The attached map [above] shows the area that has been completed. We anticipate finishing the remaining sections of Area 1 (shaded in purple) this summer.

In the fall, SPU anticipates starting to flush Area 2, which will be in the 498 pressure zone, from approximately Myrtle Reservoir north to SW Spokane Street.

SPU reiterates that if you have any water-quality issues – even if it’s brown water that the flushing might have stirred up on its way to clearing things out – please call them, 24/7, at 206-386-1800.

P.S. For more backstory on The Big Flush, here’s our previous report.

3 Replies to "West Seattle brown-water battle: The Big Flush resumes Sunday"

  • dsa June 16, 2016 (8:10 pm)

    Area one is an odd shape.  I wonder if they will work in both east and west directions or concentrate forces in one direction after 44th and Donald.

  • dsa June 16, 2016 (9:34 pm)

    Your linked article is what picked my curiosity.  Part of it was that I wondered how the area was developed since at 44th and Donald there is considerable difference in elevation between the two sides of California.  But maybe they are flushing from the middle of the distribution system branches and working towards the circumferences.  It’s just a science thing that got my interest.

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