YOU CAN HELP: West Seattle Booster Club trying to assist with the costs of competition

Two notes this afternoon from the West Seattle Booster Club, which raises money to help WS High School sports programs, which have many costs not covered by the district. First:

The West Seattle Booster Club would like to congratulate all of the student athletes and wish all of the students competing in state this week the best of luck. It is an exciting week at the high school, with almost 40 athletes competing in the State Championships, including the Girls Softball Team, ten Boys and Girls Track athletes, the Unified Soccer Team, and two Golfers.

While this is great, it is also comes with a large price tag for the school – almost $4,000 for hotels, food, and transportation. The Seattle School District does not provide enough money to the schools to cover even the basic needs for the athletic programs (uniforms, equipment, etc), so there is definitely not enough to cover post season costs.

Our parents and families have been very generous in helping in so many ways, but there is still a large deficit. If you would like to help West Seattle High School Athletics cover the costs, you can make a tax-deductible donation via the West Seattle Booster Club. Every little bit will help these student athletes.

We want to thank the West Seattle community for their continued support of the students and staff at West Seattle High School. Go Wildcats!

And the club has an event coming up one week from tomorrow:

The West Seattle Booster Club invites you to participate in its Spirits for Sports 2016, a fundraising event in the Alaska Junction on Thursday, June 2 from 6-9 pm. All proceeds support the West Seattle High School athletic programs. For more information and to register, go here.

3 Replies to "YOU CAN HELP: West Seattle Booster Club trying to assist with the costs of competition"

  • NW May 25, 2016 (5:01 pm)

     I would be willing to donate $50 ,and I make minimum wage, if I saw advertised thru this blog an organized effort to seasonally clean up trash along some of West Seattle streets. If your reading this do a google search it is not a new concept for school programs needing money. Seattle nor West Seattle now has no shortage of micro litter on the ground and people with a little extra money in their pocket. I imagine my donation would be marginal in comparison to those other Seattlites who would be happy to donate.  Could start a city wide trend, and it’s bad the amount present in this ever growing dense city. 

  • Westside45 May 25, 2016 (6:16 pm)


    So you’re trying to hijack this story to promote your agenda? Pretty tacky. Why not just make a donation and go on with your life? Yes, litter is bad and litter bugs are jerks, but support the schools and move on.

  • NW May 26, 2016 (7:45 am)

    I don’t see it that way, I do how ever see a need of litter control that eventually ends up in puget sound could serve both educational and financial in its gains. Suggest westside you take a walk down SW Avalon Way see the curb line on either side, the city and county is doing nothing about it year after year. How about a local school? 

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