West Seattle birds: Eagles vs. ospreys

Two Alki photographers have noticed the local raptors clashing, and shared photos. First, from David Hutchinson:

20160520 164201 Bald Eagle - Jack Block Park - 1024x768 (1)
David writes:

On arriving at Jack Block Park … Eilene & I noticed a few crows dive-bombing the area above the elevated viewing platform. We thought that this behavior might indicate the presence of an eagle, so decided to walk out on the dock to check things out. About half way there, a bald eagle flew out from behind the trees and headed toward Salty’s. We thought we’d missed our chance, but when we got out on the dock, there was still one eagle sitting up at the top of the structure. He/she didn’t seem that much bothered by the crows and engaged in grooming periodically.

When an osprey arrived overhead the eagle became much more agitated and soon flew off to the top of one of the more distant, tall light standards in Terminal 5, followed by the osprey. There they engaged in a brief battle before the osprey moved on toward the nesting area south of the high bridge.

20160520 164305 Eagle vs Osprey - Terminal 5 - 1024x1365 (1)

During their confrontation the osprey would dive bomb from above while the eagle would throw itself upward and turn upside down so its extended talons were pointed toward the oncoming osprey.

Second, from Gary Jones, frequent observer of these big birds’ Alki Point hangout:


If you can’t tell on your screen – the osprey in Gary’s photo has a fish in its beak. Find out more about them, and hear them, via this BirdWeb link; here’s the corresponding link for bald eagles.

5 Replies to "West Seattle birds: Eagles vs. ospreys"

  • Chris W May 29, 2016 (7:02 pm)

    Great photos, David. Thank you for sharing! 

  • jake May 29, 2016 (10:14 pm)

    Very cool! I did not know that eagles and ospreys will battle each other. Thank you for sharing.

  • Paul May 30, 2016 (10:05 am)

    Great shots David

  • Alki Betty May 30, 2016 (12:53 pm)

    FANTASTIC photos & interesting to learn about their epic battles. Wow. Such drama overhead! Good reminder to “keep looking up!” ;-) 

  • Bestbets May 30, 2016 (1:00 pm)

    Thanks David and Gary, bird drama is the best, and so beautiful!

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