West Seattle coyotes: Daytime sighting on Charlestown Hill


Thanks to Krista Livingston for the photo and report:

This coyote was jumping around, playing in our yard (edge of Schmitz Park) at Charlestown and 52nd Ave SW. I know you get lots of sightings. Thought the neighbors would like to know the coyotes are out day and night.

If you scroll through our archive of coyote sightings, you will definitely be able to verify that. And if you do see one, please remember that the best thing to do for your sake and theirs is to scare it away – as explained in the state’s one-sheet about coexisting with coyotes.

2 Replies to "West Seattle coyotes: Daytime sighting on Charlestown Hill"

  • waikikigirl April 14, 2016 (9:16 am)

    He/she looks pretty healthy and quite handsome if I do say so myself!

    I can say this because I keep my 2 kitties indoors ALWAYS and I hope other’s keep their pets indoors or near by when outside.    

  • Jeff B. April 14, 2016 (4:51 pm)

    Plus it’s nesting season for birds. Please keep your cats inside. 

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