BIZNOTES: Thunder Road Guitars owner on new city committee; name change for Admiral salon

Two biznotes this afternoon:

LOCAL REP ON MAYOR’S COMMERCIAL-AFFORDABILITY COMMITTEE: A West Seattle entrepreneur is one of the members of a new committee just announced by Mayor Murray to tackle a topic that resonates here as well as in other neighborhoods: How to ensure that small independent local businesses can afford to keep operating in our city.

The local member is Frank Gross, proprietor of Thunder Road Guitars (WSB sponsor) in The Junction. He was there (city photo above, third from left) as the mayor announced the new Commercial Affordability Advisory Committee in the International District. The committee, says the city, “will consider a broad range of solutions to commercial affordability, including incentivizing the construction of smaller commercial spaces, further activation of public spaces to the benefit of food trucks and other small businesses, and inclusion of affordable commercial storefronts in more affordable housing projects.” Read the full announcement – and see the full list of committee members – here.


ADDED 7:47 PM: We stopped by Thunder Road this afternoon to ask Gross about the committee (and to take the photo we’ve added above). He says he participated in a discussion with the city and the West Seattle Junction Association and was contacted about the committee as a springboard from that. He says he hopes the committee’s work will make a difference; he knows the search for affordable space is tough, as you might recall, his shop was previously in a smaller space between Admiral and The Junction, and he feels lucky to have found its current spot toward the south end of the heart of The Junction. He says the committee will have its first meeting before the month is out.

NAME CHANGE FOR ADMIRAL SALON: A new sign atop what was Shanti Salon and Spa at 2138 California SW announces its new name: Ella & Oz Salon. Its staff tells us that Ella & Oz “remains an Aveda salon offering a full menu of hair services along with enhanced Aveda rituals. Additionally, their team is joined by an Aveda-trained, professional esthetician offering skin treatments including facials, body wraps, as well as full waxing services.”

4 Replies to "BIZNOTES: Thunder Road Guitars owner on new city committee; name change for Admiral salon"

  • TheKing April 14, 2016 (5:03 pm)

    These mom and pop businesses are being taxed too their ears, told how much time off they will give employees, health insurance, minimum wage hikes, the cherry on top is the B&O tax. Oh yea, ask any business owner on that one. Or the payroll tax. There are so many it’s ….making me…..dizzy 

    • lookingforlogic April 14, 2016 (9:14 pm)

      First of all, many businesses are small and do not need to fulfill healthcare insurance and minimum wage requirements and B&O taxes haves a sliding scale depending on revenue.

      Rent hikes and redevelopment is the death rattle. as I just spent a few days helping a friend relocate because the retail space they’ve been leasing for 15 years, the adjoining dental office has been sold and the owner of the property(which is the dentist that has sold his practice), is converting the property to dental and leasing to the new business owner. 

      It is called capitalism and we worship the profits.  So, if you are a property owner you want top dollar, if you lost your job at Boeing and start a small business, on your mark, get set go, how far does your credit rating carry you and turn off the lights when you just can’t shoulder the “American Dream” no more.

      • DarkHawke April 14, 2016 (10:24 pm)

        Small business do not have to follow the same aggressive minimum wage increase schedule that big businesses and franchises do, but the $15 (and probably higher soon) minimum wage law affects ALL employers, big and small.  You’re probably right that the same property value and rent increases that force some folks out of their homes also affect small and even medium-sized businesses.  But “TheKing” is also correct that minimum wage hikes and the employer “contribution” involved in complying with the “Sick and Safe” leave are a big hit on small businesses.  The most expensive part of any business is the cost of labor, and beyond the actual wages paid are the litany of taxes and “contributions” that federal, state and city laws require.  I’m amazed sometimes that small businesses with employees still exist these days. 

  • donut king April 14, 2016 (10:58 pm)

    Rent for commercial space in the West Seattle Junction is INSANE!!!! 5 years it will be all corporate store fronts.The problem with “up and coming” neighborhoods is that eventually the arrive and when they do the people who made them what they are have the door slammed in their face. West Seattle ain’t cool no more. Time to find the next “up and coming” neighborhood. 

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