West Seattle Crime Watch: Thieves and scammers

Thieves and scammers to tell you about tonight in West Seattle Crime Watch:

GROCERY THIEF ON VIDEO: John in High Point, near Lanham and Graham, sent this video:

He says that person took two items off his porch including a bag of groceries that had been delivered, and appeared to join an accomplice on the sidewalk, pushing a shopping cart away. If you have any leads on the thief’s identity, HP’s Community Police Team Officer Kevin McDaniel is on the case; his contact info is here.

SIGN THIEVES/VANDALS: Jane in Delridge shares the photo and report:

Well, this is pretty sad. One would think that in a racially diverse neighborhood like Delridge, this wouldn’t occur. But, I put up a “Black Lives Matter” sign in my front yard, and after about a week, my neighbor found it in his trash. It made him mad, so I put up another one and we got him one too. Every couple of days, one or the other would get knocked over or stolen and we’d just replace it. A third neighbor also got into the act so the signs were on three houses in a row. Finally, after having about six or seven signs stolen, I put up the signs you see in the photo. Two days up and so far, so good. I haven’t been home today — the sign may have gotten blown away in the wind. But I have a bunch more. It’s hard to think of who might have done this, but I hope at some point he or she finds some peace in their own life.

WALLET THIEF: Lindsey wants to remind you to “watch your pockets.” She says a pickpocket stole her man’s wallet and keys while they were at a Junction bar recently, and he apparently wasn’t the only one targeted.

PHONE SCAM: David at Moondrop Coffee e-mailed today to say they’d been targeted by the relentless “City Light” scammers – and wanted to remind their fellow businesspeople, in particular, to be vigilant. We’ve reported many times on these scammers – who call and insist a bill is overdue and that shutoff is imminent unless money is provided. As the utility reiterates here, they don’t work that way.

10 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Thieves and scammers"

  • Pile-o-Rox March 1, 2016 (10:54 pm)

    Come on folks – even if you don’t embrace Black Lives Matter, there’s simply no excuse for silencing someone’s free speech. One of the cornerstones upon which our country was founded is the concept of the marketplace of ideas. We need to hear others and consider their views so that we can all, eventually, progress and move toward a more just and ideal world. Sorry Jane – so glad to see you and your neighbors have such strong resolve. 

  • Jeannie March 2, 2016 (12:18 am)

    Good going, Jane! Don’t let the jerks get you down. 

  • faceless March 2, 2016 (12:18 am)

    Pretty creative:)

  • Trickycoolj March 2, 2016 (6:40 am)

    This is why I also installed a Ring just under 2 weeks ago. Same neighborhood. Would love some tips on how to get it to not notify me when the school bus drives by!

    • John March 6, 2016 (3:38 pm)

      I’m so glad to be a trend setter…maybe Ring should pay me a commission!

  • d March 2, 2016 (7:32 am)

    Guaranteed that sign didn’t go far one of your neighbors took that sign and it’s probably right in their front yard next time you get one put in identifying mark on the back when it turns up missing go find it

  • HelperMonkey March 2, 2016 (9:42 am)

    I would be interested to know which junction bar is unknowingly hosting pickpockets. 

  • CAP March 2, 2016 (10:23 am)

     Where can I get a Black Lives Matter sign?

    • Nancy F. March 3, 2016 (2:35 pm)

      If you would like a Black Lives Matter sign, let me know! Jane and I bought ’em bulk this time. ;-)

  • Kravitz March 2, 2016 (4:06 pm)

    @CAP – apparently you can get one from Jane’s yard in Delridge. (yes, that was only meant to elicit a laugh)

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