West Seattle Crime Watch: Message to a toy thief; mystery purse and shoes; more…

Today’s West Seattle Crime Watch roundup starts with a message to (and picture of) a toy thief:

TOYS TAKEN: The message accompanying that photo:

To the fine gentleman in the tan Kia Sorrento who stole all of my kids’ toys from my front porch on Atlas Place at 11:30 am on Sunday morning: Just a quick suggestion before you play with the red fire truck in particular – give it a good scrubbing. My neighbor’s pomeranian recently mistook it for a fire hydrant.”

ARE THESE YOURS? Sarah‘s car was prowled – and somebody else’s stuff was left behind:

Hi, I came home last night around midnight and found my car door open, with someone else’s black purse and a pair of shoes in the front seat. I assume I interrupted a car prowler who ran off when my uber pulled up. I’d like to try returning the items to their owners, I live on 24th and Cloverdale and assume they came from nearby.

Missing a purse and/or shoes? Let us know.

Also over the weekend:

7-11 ROBBED: Another armed robbery at the South Delridge 7-11. We just talked with SPD to get a few more details, after seeing it on the Tweets by Beat log. It happened around quarter till midnight on Saturday night; the clerk at the store was held up by a man and woman with a gun. They made off with cash and cigarettes. A K-9 team helped officers search but they didn’t find the robbers.

And a followup:

STOLEN CAR FOUND: A comment on our Friday report about a car theft in The Triangle says it was found over the weekend in Federal Way.

We hope you *never* have anything to share for Crime Watch – but if something does happen, once you have reported it to police (911 if it just happened or is happening now), please let us know so we can keep your neighbors all around the peninsula informed – police-report/scanner info is not as readily available as you’d think so you’re the best source – 206-293-6302, text/voice 24/7, or editor@westseattleblog.com – thanks!

7 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Message to a toy thief; mystery purse and shoes; more..."

  • anonyme March 28, 2016 (3:54 pm)

    Is there a lower life form than a guy who would steal a kid’s toys from the porch?  What a scumbag.  Unbelievable.

    It’s unlikely that he’ll ever be punished, even if caught – but karma would dictate that he spend at least a day as a substitute fire hydrant.

  • Toy thief karma March 28, 2016 (3:54 pm)

    You have to be the lowest human life form to steal from a child.   Hope you get yours in the form of jail time you POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wendell March 28, 2016 (4:59 pm)

    I think he’s going to hell for choosing that outfit, stealing from children is just expediting his journey.

  • breeding thieves March 28, 2016 (6:05 pm)

    I certainly hope he is taking the toys to try to sell and not trying to find easter toys for his child.  That would be sad.  Not sad because he doesn’t have money to but toys for his kid(s), sad because this man procreated.  Note to potential child:  when you come of age and realize the D-baggery of your pops, run!  He might have a track suit you could take…  just sayin…

  • AceMotel March 29, 2016 (12:28 am)

    my guess about the toy thief = mental issues

  • Lynn G March 29, 2016 (3:42 am)

    So pathetic to sink so low for whatever reason caused him to steal from a child at his own home. I hope that he will learn how much his behavior has hurt this family.

    It reflects on my bad nature,  but I also hope that he has gets a nasty little stomach virus from that fire truck!!!

  • WSince86 March 29, 2016 (10:52 am)

    Spot on, Wendell!

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