AS IT HAPPENED: West Seattle HS girls’ regional playoff game vs. Lynnwood

(WSB video: Introduction of the starting lineups)

12:04 PM: We’re at the Everett Community College gym, 38 miles from home, where the regional playoff game between the West Seattle High School girls and defending state champ Lynnwood HS has just tipped off. It’s a loser-out game – winner goes to the state tournament. In case you couldn’t make it up here, we’ll be updating live.


WSHS scores first – basket by #30 Lexi Ioane. Lynnwood ties it at 6:40 to go in the first quarter, 2-2.

12:07 PM: Two more baskets, after many trades of possession, and Lynnwood’s up 6-2 with 4:33 to go in the quarter. WSHS is defending tough, two-on-one under the Royals’ basket. They’ve fouled Lynnwood twice, resulting in one foul shot, and it’s now 7-2.

12:11 PM: Another basket by Ioane, quickly answered by two from Lynnwood, and it’s 11-4. Shortly afterward, Grace Sarver nets a basket, and it’s 11-6:

FullSizeRender (5)

Lynnwood followed (they’re the home team, by the way, for this game), bringing it to 13-6. The Wildcats are doing a good job of rebounding but shooting is a bit of a challenge.

12:15 PM, END OF FIRST QUARTER: With a basket almost on the buzzer by Lynnwood, at the end of the first quarter, they lead 15-6.

12:18 PM: The Wildcats’ first basket of the second quarter is by #3 Izzy Turk, and it’s now 15-8.

12:23 PM: Lynnwood’s now up 21-11 after two unanswered baskets, and WSHS calls a time-out. 4:13 to go in the half.

12:27 PM: It’s been a tough few minutes for the Wildcats, now down 28-13, with the most recent two points on two foul shots by Ioane.

12:32 PM: The Lynnwood girls are slowing down to run out the rest of the half – and then a steal by WSHS. The Royals smothered Ioane as she attempted a shot, and she was fouled. Shooting two, she gets both, and it’s 31-15 with a minute left in the half. … Less than half a minute later, WSHS’s Gabby Sarver gets her third foul, and Lynnwood gets another point out of that, 32-15.

HALFTIME, 12:35 PM: That’s the score at halftime – Lynnwood 32, WSHS 15.


SECOND HALF, 12:46 PM: WSHS opened with the ball but couldn’t convert and Lynnwood scored first, now up 34-15. When players moved back under the WSHS basket, a struggle for the ball ensued, and Lynnwood gets possession on the jump ball. The Royals called a timeout first.

12:52 PM: WSHS continues to have trouble shooting and hasn’t scored yet, more than halfway through the second quarter. Lynnwood’s now leading 36-15 and has just been fouled – making both shots, 38-15 now. Grace Sarver then scores a quick basket, the Wildcats’ first of the second half, 38-17.


Shortly afterward, #10 Jenna McPhee is fouled. She gets the second of two shots, score now 38-18. Two foul shots for Lynnwood bring it to 40-18.

12:57 PM: With two minutes to go, the Wildcats pick up two points from Turk, who was fouled. 42-20 now. On a subsequent possession, they lose control of the ball by their basket, so it goes back to Lynnwood, now trying again to slow things down, with a minute to go in the third quarter – and then a three-pointer, so they’re now up 45-20.

Grace Sarver, fouled shortly thereafter, gets the second shot, and it’s Lynnwood 45, WSHS 21.


1:03 PM: Kelsey Lenzie scores first for the Wildcats in the fourth quarter, with a three-pointer, and it’s 48-24. Lynnwood gets two fast baskets after that, 52-24, and draws a foul, missing the shot.

1:07 PM: Just over six minutes to go in the game, and both Sarvers now have four fouls. Lynnwood just got two foul shots, up by 30 now, 54-24. #32 Lydia Giomi, often the Wildcats’ leading scorer, just now got her first 2 points, on a layup. Lynnwood answered again quickly, and it’s 56-26.

1:11 PM: Another ferocious fight for the ball, and WSHS gets possession. Basket by Rilcy Newsome follows, 59-28 Lynnwood with three minutes in the game. The Wildcats are still battling, but time’s running out.


Giomi is fouled and makes the second shot (above), 59-29 with two minutes to go. Shortly afterward, Lynnwood calls a timeout.

1:15 PM: Right after that, Jenna McPhee steals, and Lenzie gets a three-pointer, 59-32. One minute to go, and Ioane gets another basket. 59-34, half a minute to go.

1:19 PM: That’s the final score, and the WSHS girls’ excellent season comes to an end. We’ll add game stats shortly. (added) Here they are:

WSHS scoring leaders – Ioane 10, Turk 7, Lenzie 6
WSHS rebound leaders – Giomi 9, Turk 6, Ioane 5

First-year head coach Darnell Taylor‘s team went to 21-0, undefeated in the regular season plus the first offseason game, before their first loss (see the schedule/results here). Today’s game was their only double-digit loss.

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