FOLLOWUP: Signs are up, speed limit’s down

(WSB photos)

That sign along southbound Fauntleroy Way just south of Edmunds is one of the new signs SDOT has put up in the past few hours between SW Alaska and SW Morgan, along with radar-equipped speed-checking trailers like this one:


And with that, the speed limit on Fauntleroy between The Triangle and Morgan Junction is now uniformly 30 mph, down from 35. SDOT had announced yesterday that the signage changes were planned for today; the trailers were in place this morning, the signs followed this afternoon. It’s been almost exactly a year since the city announced speed-limit reductions for arterials including this stretch of Fauntleroy; some are still pending.

2 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: Signs are up, speed limit's down"

  • John February 7, 2016 (8:47 pm)

    Maybe they can get people to slow down in the neighborhoods. I live on Juneau and it seems that 40 mph and not slowing down at intersections is the new norm  

  • TheKing February 7, 2016 (10:10 pm)

    This coddling approach to problems has gone too far. Instead of lowering speed limits, driving tests should be made harder, caught on your phone while driving your license gets automatically suspended for 30 days on the first offense, you get in an accident because of negligent driving….a year. No appeals, no slaps on the hand. Consequences. People don’t understand them anymore. 

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