WEEKEND WORK ON WSB: Where to find the news while we’re overhauling, starting tonight

As we noted briefly last night, WSB has some work coming up this weekend, and a curtain will go up while the overhaul’s under way. **WE’LL STILL BE COVERING THE NEWS!** You’ll just find it someplace different until the work’s done. So once the overhauling begins around 6 pm tonight, you’ll see a page here pointing you to our temporary backup site at westseattleblog.wordpress.com (which we haven’t had to use in a couple years). As we add stories, whether breaking or not, we’ll also publish the links on our main social-media sites, facebook.com/westseattleblog and twitter.com/westseattleblog (so if you aren’t among our 21,000 FB followers and 37,500 Twitter followers – consider joining, at least temporarily!). Our technical team’s not sure how long it’ll take to move our decade of data – which this creaky old shell just can’t handle any more – but once it’s over and we’re back at the regular address, we’ll send messages too.

2 Replies to "WEEKEND WORK ON WSB: Where to find the news while we're overhauling, starting tonight"

  • NW January 8, 2016 (6:26 pm)

    What’s the future of the west seattle blog when the two primary individuals involved pass on or other? Thanks for all you do and provide to this region of seattle.

    • WSB January 11, 2016 (8:27 pm)

      Gosh, NW, we’re not young but we’re not THAT old! (Not rich, either, so we’ll be working for a very long time to come.) This is a small family business like any other. We plan for the future as best we can, mindful that it’s hard to predict. – TR

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