West Seattle coyotes: Charlestown Hill, Admiral sightings

December 19, 2015 8:13 pm
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We publish reader reports about coyote sightings periodically, with educational intent as much as anything. Within the past half-hour, we received a text (on our 24/7 hotline, 206-293-6302) from someone saying there are “coyotes in the yards at 52nd/Charlestown.” Too dark for a photo, the texter says. Meantime, back on Monday, here’s what Rose saw:

First time I have seen a coyote traveling the open streets and sidewalks in broad daylight. This one looks like it has either completely shed all its fur or it has mange. Came up 39th and turned onto Lander Street cruising the neighborhood. I know for sure it was a coyote because my cat Manitou, who happened to be outside at the time, froze until he went by across the street, then ran like greased lightning for the back door and wanted IN with a very bushed tail. Wise cat, and something he never does about dog.

If you haven’t read this information about coexisting with coyotes before – it’s worth a look. Most important advice: If you see one, do what you can to scare it away, for its sake and yours – yell, wave your arms to look “big,” even throw rocks.

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