FOLLOWUP: Two bidders for West Seattle’s years-delayed Fire Station 32 rebuild

(From Fire Station 32 “schematic design” packet dated August 2013, by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson)

When the Fire Facilities and Emergency Response Levy went to Seattle voters in 2003, it included a full rebuild of West Seattle’s Fire Station 32 – projected at the time to be complete by the end of 2007. As we first reported back in October, after numerous schedule revisions and then a decision to rebid the project, construction hasn’t even started yet, though the units and crews were moved out of the original station more than 10 months ago. But there;s new hope the work will get going in a few months, now that it’s received two bids as of this past Tuesday’s deadline. Howard S. Wright bid $11.6 million and MJ Takisaki bid $12.7 million. City documents say the project is budgeted at $18.6 million, with $3 million of that spent so far. Now that bids are in, we asked Julie Moore from the city’s Finance and Administrative Services Department what happens next:

The next step is for City Purchasing and Contracting Services (CPCS) to ask the apparent low bidder to submit a Supplemental Bidder Responsibility Criteria (SBRC) form. Capital Development and Construction Management (CDCM) will review the completed form. If CDCM finds the contractor meets all required criteria, it will then ask CPCS to award the contract to the bidder, starting the contract-execution process in which insurance and bonding information and all other requirements will be reviewed by CPCS before the contract can be executed. If there are no surprises during this process, we anticipate final execution of the contract could take place before the end of February.

The city already has a building permit for the new station, which will be built on the same footprint as the current one at 37th/Alaska, with work expected to take about a year. Until it’s ready, temporary FS 32 remains on the future city park site on 40th SW between SW Alaska and SW Edmunds.

P.S. Looking at the two bidders – Howard S. Wright built the Space Needle, and more recently, for SFD, Fire Station 39 in Lake City. MJ Takisaki worked on the recent upgrade of Fire Station 26 in South Park.

2 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: Two bidders for West Seattle's years-delayed Fire Station 32 rebuild"

  • Vincent Dakotah Langley December 24, 2015 (11:51 pm)

    Although I do not live in West Seattle any longer (I now live in the north Seattle area), I hope and pray that West Seattle’s fire station #32 will be rebuilt as soon as is humanely possible. I have quite a few good friends who work at Seattle Fire Department Station #32 out there in West Seattle and, of course, this means that they currently work at the temporary Seattle Fire Department Station #32 on 40th Avenue, S.W. there in West Seattle. These good people deserve to be working out of a really very nice, brand new fire station after all of this time! It’s a very long time, really, from the year, 2003, to the present time and I don’t think for a moment that anybody could argue with that!!! The very best of luck and good fortune to all of you, in all of this, my friends, out there in West Seattle, who currently work out of West Seattle’s temporary fire station #32!!! I, for just one, shall keep up my prayers for you!!! Happy holidays to you all — and also to all of yours, as well!!!

  • miws December 25, 2015 (6:54 am)

    Vincent, sorry to hear that you are no longer in West Seattle. (I remember you mentioning that you would be leaving your longtime residence here).


    Best of luck to your new home, and I hope it is a safe and stable one.



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