West Seattle Crime Watch: Pellet shooting; reader reports; SPD’s new Crime Data Dashboard

In West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon – police are investigating what they believe was a pellet-gun shooting along Alki Avenue SW. The victim was injured around quarter past 1 this afternoon in the 1500 block of Alki SW. Police have no victim or suspect description so far. We’re still checking for more info on this. (Update: We’ve heard from the victim in comments.)

This afternoon we also have reader reports from the WSB inbox, starting with something else in the Alki area:

DIAPER BAG FOUND WITH CAR PROWL LOOT: Althea reports, “A black Marc and Jacobs diaper bag was found this morning in an alley near my house. A bike and wallet were also found. The wallet was taken from my car and returned to me but we are still looking for the owner of the diaper bag. We live near Alki Elementary.”

CARS VANDALIZED: Tuesday night, acid was poured on cars near 47th and Charlestown, according to a neighbor who forwarded the report.

CAR PROWLS: Sara says 48th SW in Seaview was hit on Tuesday:

I saw the burglar at 2:45 am getting into my neighbor’s SUV. He had a silver sedan with curved or slanted back. I’m not a car person, but it looks a bit like either an older Pinto or a mid-’80s Ford Escort. It looked like a man, med build, tall, was wearing knit cap, leather jacket over sweater, and jeans. Couldn’t tell anything else. Had flashlight and was looking around inside my neighbor’s car while he left his own car running. Tapped on glass. He heard something and took off fast, heading south down 48th. Note: I should not have disturbed him. I should have called 911 while he was in car. Called police after and they were quick to respond, but we might have caught him in the act if I hadn’t disturbed him.

CRIME-TREND ‘DASHBOARD’: You might have heard about this in citywide news – announced yesterday, but we didn’t get a chance to mention it. The SPD “Crime Data Dashboard” is a new way to check crime trends and data. It’s explained in this SPD Blotter item; find the dashboard, filterable by neighborhood, here.

9 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Pellet shooting; reader reports; SPD's new Crime Data Dashboard"

  • Elaine October 22, 2015 (3:45 pm)

    That sounds like it could be the same person who was prowling around in cars on our street last week (38th Ave. /Andover area) It was around 12:30am when I saw him driving up the wrong side of our street, along side the cars parked on the curb. He left his car running while getting into the parked cars from the street side/driver side. Once I realized he was not a neighbor and saw him go from one car to the other — I called the police and they arrived really quickly but the man had driven off — he was in dark clothing with a knit cap — I told the police I thought the car was dark gray. Before the thief left, I yelled at him and told him I had taken down his license plate number (which I hadn’t -too dark) he had a smart aleck reply that “It isn’t my car anyway!” – guess he was driving a stolen car :(

  • sc October 22, 2015 (4:15 pm)

    Any more info on the acid poured on cars near 47th and Charlestown?

  • Kathleen October 22, 2015 (6:36 pm)

    Althea if there is any chance you read this did you happen to get a description of the bike that was found? We’re still trying to recover my brother’s that was stolen. Thank you.

  • NW October 22, 2015 (6:54 pm)

    About two years back I was in the same block of alki ave sw riding my bike and was struck in the helmet by what I believe was a pellet from a pellet gun.

  • Alki resident October 22, 2015 (7:09 pm)

    I am the woman who was hit by the pellets or BBs this afternoon on Alki. The police officer and medics arrived quickly. I was very upset because the pellets really hurt and caused bleeding and swelling. I’m a mature woman who walks frequently in the neighborhood and I’m still trying to deal with this.

    • WSB October 22, 2015 (7:13 pm)

      AR (I don’t think you are the same person who usually uses that handle here, in case anyone wonders) – thank you for the update. We sent a crew but everyone was gone, and I couldn’t reach SFD for information on whether you had been hospitalized. If you have any information about description of the suspect or vehicle, please let us know so we can get it out. – Tracy (editor)

  • NW October 22, 2015 (8:32 pm)

    My first thought when I was struck in the helmet while cycling along the path on Alki was that it came from a condo above street level.

  • C October 23, 2015 (9:55 am)

    Is there more info on the 48th Ave. SW incident ? Cross street please ? Thanks

  • Admiral SDV October 26, 2015 (4:38 pm)

    Alki Resident, I am sorry about the pellet incident, I am sure it’s thrown a wrench in your routine at the very least. Don’t let it deter you from enjoying the beautiful neighborhood you live in. Having been the victim of a violent crime, I can tell you that it might help to talk to someone -anyone- about what happened, especially if it’s negatively affecting your ability to get out and about and walk like you used to. Whatever you do, I hope that you’re able to put this past you comfortably real soon.

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