STORM UPDATES: Tree trouble around West Seattle; wind advisory extended into Sunday

(UPDATED SATURDAY EVENING with extension of wind advisory into Sunday)

10:19 AM: Rain plus wind often equals fallen trees, and that’s happened in several West Seattle spots so far this morning. One that’s potentially affecting traffic is reported to be down on the Admiral Way hill north of the West Seattle Bridge – southbound lanes close to the top, we’re told. More to come.

10:42 AM: The tree – reported by multiple texters/callers – was apparently dealt with quickly; all lanes are open, no downed tree in sight. On 44th SW over Lincoln Park, south of SW Southern, we confirmed one down on the greenbelt-bordered cut-through section east of Lincoln Park:

And in the park itself, Nate photographed this one:

The National Weather Service’s wind-advisory alert is now in effect until 3 pm. Thanks again for letting us know if you spot a storm problem (or any other kind of breaking news) – text or voice, 206-293-6302, any time, 24/7.

5:20 PM: Thanks to GB for updates in comments on a power outage that didn’t show on SCL’s map – caused by a tree over Fairmount Playfield, just resolved, GB reports, after 9+ hours.

5:53 PM: The wind advisory is now extended into tomorrow.

6:34 PM: Corrected the street on which the tree is down east of Lincoln Park to 44th, not 45th, after a note from Catherine, who mentions it’s still partly blocking the road – that stretch (also known as the switchbacks) is precarious even in the best of times so be extra careful if you’re traveling that way.

3 Replies to "STORM UPDATES: Tree trouble around West Seattle; wind advisory extended into Sunday"

  • RB October 31, 2015 (1:58 pm)

    Tree down on the Brandon staircase above Fairmont Park. Knocked out power to 20 homes. Not showing on City Light map even though multiple people have called it in.

    • WSB October 31, 2015 (2:25 pm)

      RB – that must be what someone mentioned to Clay at the Log House Museum, who in turn mentioned it to me … he said someone had said there was an outage; I said I had been checking the map repeatedly and hadn’t seen one (and nobody had texted us) – let us know when you’re back on!

  • RB October 31, 2015 (5:14 pm)

    Power is back on above Fairmont Park. Out at 7:20am, back on at 4:40.

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