FOLLOWUP: Police circulate surveillance photos in connection with this morning’s arsons, but don’t think they’re linked to recent string

Following up on the two dumpster fires covered here early this morning – police have released the two surveillance images above and below:

They want to hear from anyone who recognizes the person in the images, which are clearly from the scene of the fire in a dumpster behind/underneath the Senior Center of West Seattle, along SW Oregon east of California SW.

(WSB reader photo, by Aaron)
The update says witnesses describe the suspect as “a 20-year-old male with a slight build, wearing a red and grey sweatshirt.” The other fire was reported in the same time frame – around 2:30 am – in a dumpster on the alley behind the California/Alaska building where businesses including Easy Street Records are located. As we reported in our early-morning coverage, both fires were put out relatively quickly, and police converged on both scenes.

Police also say they do NOT believe the fires are related to the recent High Point/Morgan arsons but they do want to hear from anyone who thinks they know the person in the photos – please call 911.

10 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: Police circulate surveillance photos in connection with this morning's arsons, but don't think they're linked to recent string"

  • thick as a brick October 31, 2015 (5:42 pm)

    It’s probably obvious to others, but how can they be seeking to identify somebody and yet know that he is only 20 years old? How do they know his age and not who he is?

    Was he refused entry to a bar last night?

    • WSB October 31, 2015 (5:52 pm)

      Ages are usually an estimate. Should have the word “around” but doesn’t. The SPD Blotter item also misidentifies where the photos were taken, fwiw … I have pointed that out to them via e-mail.

  • Kravitz October 31, 2015 (6:32 pm)

    Is there any information on the make of the vehicle in that photo, and whether or not that is the person of interest’s car?

  • nachobeaver October 31, 2015 (7:28 pm)

    Kravitz.. its a electra green toyota prius

  • Evergreen October 31, 2015 (10:42 pm)

    Why does surveillance video always look so bad? Do the police have a way to improve their own copies of the images? Just wondering.

  • M November 1, 2015 (4:22 am)

    A twenty year old driving a Prius would have to be his parents cars.

  • AMD November 1, 2015 (7:18 am)

    That technology is for TV, not so much real life. The picture quality depends on the the camera, and really good picture quality isn’t cheap. The clarity can also be affected by things like lighting (or lack thereof) and precipitation.

  • kg November 1, 2015 (9:15 am)

    To add to what AMD wrote:
    Surveillance camera technology is adapting and improving every year. A security system installed 5 years ago would be surpassed with a system purchased today. Now add in the premium cost.

    Popular television dramas don’t help with the perception that modern surveillance systems can give you a clear full face picture from a kilometer away. Doesn’t really work that way.

    Also, saying “enhance” over and over again doesn’t work.

  • Carnac The Magnificent November 6, 2015 (3:05 pm)

    It’s hard to believe—in this age where most of us carry pocket supercomputers capable of shooting HD & even 4K videos—that surveillance cameras haven’t kept up proportionately.

    What’s obvious here is that, with a little better resolution, not only would the guy’s face be recognizable, but his license plate number would be visible as well. Camera technology such as GoPro is becoming ubiquitous & relatively inexpensive, as are the large-capacity flash drives needed to store such voluminous video data. It seems to me that such cameras could be upgraded for a reasonable cost …and the obvious benefit would be to help nail urban terrorists early in their games, b4 they can cause much damage.

  • Kyle M November 12, 2015 (6:57 am)

    Video surveillance manufacturer rep here.

    The technology is there and has been there. The company I work for makes a 30 Megapixel surveillance camera. Twice better than a 4K tv’s resolution. The biggest issue is this: most small retail businesses won’t spend the money on the good stuff or even decent stuff for that matter. They buy the really cheap, analog resolution box systems off of Amazon or from Costco. The reality is that they don’t provide a good image, so you’re buying a hammer that can’t pound nails.

    Friends don’t let friends buy low resolution video surveillance. I sell commercial products, but for what it’s worth, I like the Argo from Netgear from your basic home use. Some of the best resolution I’ve seen out of wireless so far and affordable.

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