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West Seattle scenes: PARKing Day 2015, official and unofficial

September 18, 2015 11:56 pm
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On Thursday night, we pointed out that West Seattle had just one pop-up mini-park planned for PARKing Day this year:

… and that was it, the third consecutive year for a mini-park outside Wyatt’s Jewelers (WSB sponsor) at Westwood Village. That’s co-proprietor Kirk Keppler. They offered visitors a chance to play “ladder ball,” among other things.

Though no one else was registered for the SDOT map, we found out tonight that there was at least one unofficial pop-up park:

Thanks to Amy for the photo from their unofficial mini-park on Admiral Way near 63rd. PARKing Day is a global celebration of urban open space held every year.

ADVANCE TRAFFIC ALERT: President of China in Seattle for three days next week; mayor warns that traffic ‘will be disrupted’

In case you haven’t heard … the city is warning of a possible traffic-tastrophe when the president of China, Xi Jinping, visits next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Mayor Murray issued this alert late today, including:

Intermittent closures of freeways, regional arterials and downtown streets are expected. The flow of buses and cars in downtown Seattle and around the region will be disrupted. Travelers in Seattle are advised to plan ahead and expect traffic delays on all three days. Those who can postpone trips downtown or work from home are encouraged to do so.

He’s flying in and out of Paine Field in Snohomish County, reports The Times, not Boeing Field, so that likely means less disruption here on the south side of the city; some more-general info about his visit is on Gov. Inslee’s website.

West Seattle projects included in mayor’s first Parks District budget proposal

One year after voters approved creating the Seattle Park District to provide more money for the city’s park system, Mayor Murray has gone public with his first full-year budget proposal for the district. He was in South Park this morning for the announcement; above, you can watch Seattle Channel‘s archived video of the event. The news release is here – and probably of most interest locally is the list of what will be funded if his proposal goes through. See it here; we’ve excerpted specific West Seattle mentions below (but note that some items on the list are very general, so these are not necessarily ALL the ways in which WS facilities/locations would get funding):


Renovate play areas with new play equipment and make any necessary safety and ADA improvements. Complete Lincoln Park (North), Webster Park and Gilman Park play areas in 2016. Begin the following 7 renovations: Prentis Frazier, Georgetown, High Point, Dearborn, Discovery, Hiawatha and South Park play areas.


Condition assessments under way for the following community centers: Green Lake, Hiawatha, Jefferson, Loyal Heights, Magnolia, Queen Anne, South Park, Lake City. This information and the Community Center Strategic Plan will inform priority projects


New Third Shift Crew of journey-level trade positions (electricians, painters, carpenters and plumbers) maintains recreation facilities at night to avoid disruption to the public during operating hours and to work more efficiently. In 2016, the Third Shift Crew will work at 14 sites Camp Long, Rainier Beach CC, Van Asselt CC, International District/Chinatown CC, Alki CC, Miller CC, Yesler CC, Montlake CC, Laurelhurst CC, Ravenna-Eckstein CC, Magnolia CC, Green Lake CC, Loyal Heights CC, South Park CC. These are in addition to 10 sites already funded for preventive maintenance in the department’s base budget: Colman Pool, Mounger Pool, Mount Baker Bathhouse, SW Crew Quarters and the following facilities which will require closures: Evans Pool, Southwest Pool, Amy Yee Tennis Center, Madison Pool, Queen Anne Pool. This means improved maintenance at 24 facilities in 2016, and moving from a 5-7 year cycle of visits to a 2-year cycle. Because much of the work is done at night, there will be fewer 2-3 week closures and fewer interruptions of child care programs, before- and after-school care, sports and many other activities.


Improve parks grounds maintenance, landscaping, and tree work by adding a third tree crew to protect the long-term health of park trees (decreasing tree maintenance cycle from once every 50 years to once every 14 years); increasing support for the Seattle Conservation Corps; and increasing park maintenance including doubling weekly cleanings of comfort stations during peak season at 41 locations: Cal Anderson, Powell Barnett, Volunteer, Madison Beach, Madrona Beach, Washington, Pratt, Garfield, Seward, Atlantic City, Genesee, Othello, Jefferson, Judkins, Alki, Rainier, Van Asselt, EC Hughes, Seacrest, Highland Park, Lincoln Beach, Riverview, Roxhill, Lincoln Wading Pool, John C. Little, Gas Works, Upper Woodland, Lower Woodland, Central Woodland, Green Lake, North Acres Spray Park, Carkeek, Golden Gardens Upper, Golden Gardens Beach, Soundview, Maple Leaf, Matthews Beach, Magnuson, Viewridge, Dahl, Meadowbrook.


Working with the Office of Arts and Culture, recruit and select artists to “activate” parks through approximately 40 performances and temporary installations. While not limited to these sites, the following parks have high priority for activation: Cal Anderson, Dr. Blanche Lavizzo, First Hill, Judkins, Flo Ware, Powell Barnett, Denny, Ballard Commons, Lake City Mini Park, Mineral Springs, Salmon Bay, University Playfield, Hutchinson, John C. Little, Othello, Pritchard Beach, Delridge, Duwamish Waterway, Roxhill.


Start planning and design from 2016 to 2018 for 14 new parks all over the city on land acquired with 2008 Parks and Greenspaces Levy including: Lake City Hub Urban Village, Baker Park Addition, Greenwood Park Addition, Greenwood/ Phinney Residential Urban Village, Wedgwood, U District UCV, Fremont HUV, Denny Triangle, International District UCV, 48th and Charlestown, North Rainier HUV, West Seattle Junction, Morgan Junction RUV, South Park Plaza (bold indicates the sites planned to start in 2016).

The local “land-banked sites” mentioned for West Seattle are, in the Junction, the one on 40th SW south of SW Alaska, current interim home to Fire Station 32, and in Morgan Junction, just north of MJ Park, the site currently housing a commercial building. Those two and 48th/Charlestown are all now city-owned but there’s no money to develop them as parks, pending this proposal (or something else in the future). Again, LOTS more in the full list linked above, but these are the items that include specific, called-out-by-name West Seattle locations. Next year is the first year that property taxes will be collected to fund the Park District and its projects.

West Seattle Bridge bus lane to get red paint tomorrow

Just in from SDOT:

Starting on Saturday, September 19, 2015, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will mark the existing eastbound bus-only lanes on the West Seattle Bridge with high visibility red markings. Similar to those installed in locations such as Battery Street and NE Pacific Street, these markings raise the profile of the transit-only lane and improve driver compliance with the restriction.

Read More

UPDATE: Recognize this man? Police circulate photo after bank robbery in Admiral District

(Tweeted photo, added 3:24 pm)

2:56 PM: Police are rushing right now to a reported bank robbery in The Admiral District. The address that’s been broadcast is the Bank of America branch (4323 SW Admiral Way). The only description police have at this point is (updated) “black male in his 20s, 5’8″, wearing a baggy white shirt with red/blue lettering.”

3:05 PM: No weapon seen, officers are telling dispatchers (per scanner). If you’re seeing or have seen the Guardian One helicopter in the area, this is what they are/were helping with.

3:24 PM: We asked Seattle Public Schools if any of the nearby schools had gone into lockdown/shelter in place. Spokesperson Stacy Howard says Lafayette Elementary and West Seattle High School did, briefly, but that should be over now. Just added, meantime, photo of the robber, tweeted by SPD. Call 911 if you have seen him and/or know who he is.

(WSB photo, taken around 3:30 pm)

4:24 PM: No word of an arrest yet. Side note – this is the second bank robbery in West Seattle in a month and a half, after one at the Umpqua Bank in Admiral in early August. Before that, there hadn’t been one here since Washington Federal north of The Junction was held up in May 2014.

VIDEO: Celebrating West Seattle’s new King County Water Taxi vessel, M/V Doc Maynard

And with that, the M/V Doc Maynard was officially welcomed to the King County Water Taxi fleet – though it’s not expected to join the West Seattle-Downtown Seattle run until December – after filling in for its twin M/V Sally Fox on the Vashon run for a while, and after some work is done at Seacrest to accommodate its size and configuration. The celebration at Pier 50 downtown included speeches and even stories – King County Councilmember Joe McDermott, drawing on a past gig as an Underground Tour guide, told the tale of the boat’s namesake:

After the speeches and bottle-smashing, it was out onto the bay for a test run. Here’s a quick look around the top deck at the stern (there’s room for more than 30 to stand at the bow, too) – mouse over the Instagram image to bring up the “play” button:

We have lots of photos, video, and info to add once we’re back at HQ.

ADDED FRIDAY NIGHT: More from the event – first, the group shot of West Seattleites who took the short “maiden voyage” after the ceremony, out into the bay and back:

(Photo courtesy KCDOT)

The county points out that the space on the bow is one thing differentiating Doc Maynard from Sally Fox – since the DM will travel mostly in calmer Elliott Bay waters, rather than across the heart of the sound as SF does to get to Vashon Island. Here’s what it looks like on the inside upper passenger deck, which has a view directly into the wheelhouse:

On the outer lower deck, at the stern, some of the bicycle storage:

The event wasn’t just a celebration of the new boat – funded mostly with a grant from the federal government (which had a rep on hand too) – but also of the Water Taxi’s history. It was pointed out that it now goes back 17 years, into the late 1990s, at which time then-King County Councilmember Greg Nickels championed it as a “demonstration project.” Introduced as “the father of the Water Taxi,” he spoke today too:

Nickels noted that the fellow West Seattleites with whom he stood, County Executive Dow Constantine and Councilmember McDermott, also worked with him back in the Water Taxi’s early days. If you’ve been around a while, you’ll recall other boats that have handled the Water Taxi’s run; while the way-back boats weren’t present for the ceremony, the other three current boats were out on the water as the Doc Maynard pulled away:

Besides the Sally Fox, you saw in that clip the current West Seattle boat, the Spirit of Kingston, and the current backup, the Melissa Ann, which is leased. SofK will be the backup boat once Doc Maynard goes into service.

What’s happening behind closed doors at Colman Pool post-season: Cleaning and restoration of its 75-year-old mural

(WSB photos)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

When the doors open at Colman Pool for its 75th-anniversary season next summer, be sure to look up as you walk in.

The 6′ x 13′ mural over the reception window in the lobby is getting some TLC right now, following the end of the 2015 season for the city-owned outdoor, saltwater pool on the shore of Point Williams at Lincoln Park.

We stopped in earlier this week to talk with Peter Malarkey, the conservator who is cleaning and repairing the mural for what might be the first time in its three-quarters of a century:

The mural was painted by Ernest Norling for the pool’s completion and dedication on July 4th, 1941.

Malarkey, who cleans and restores privately owned paintings as well as public artwork like this, says he’s seen worse – but still, here’s proof of what he’d removed in the first few days:

Since the pool is only open to the public a few months a year, and there are no other sources of “emissions” to contribute to the grime, that’s likely why it’s in what Malarkey terms “surprisingly good shape.” You have to look hard to see the spots he’s repairing – a few nicks and scratches, one long line of “graphite” that he suspects might have been caused by someone with a pencil. A few spatters, too.

And then, a protective coat of varnish will go over the entire mural – not too glossy, so it doesn’t detract from the art itself, “as invisible as possible,” says Malarkey. “It’s meant to be panels of color, not a lush oil painting.”

Talking about the mural restoration led to a discussion of the mural itself, which reflects many aspects of the time, and the interests of Laurence Colman, for whom the pool is named. You can read about the mural, titled “American Youth and Freedom,” on interpretive signage in the lobby (which has other items of interest, even an old-fashioned phone booth):

We discussed the mural’s style – which Malarkey sees as a reflection of American Regionalism, and the so-called “American Scene” painters. He has another term for it – “late ‘Public Deco’.” The mural, he observes, “clearly responds to the building,” including its curves

Back to Peter Malarkey’s work as a conservator. “All the materials I will use are reversible,” he said. His work is “to influence the painting as little as possible” – everything is soluble in case at some point it needs to be removed. “Reversibility” is important in the kind of work he does. When you see the mural again next year, “the fresher colors will give you a chance to look at (Norling’s) work again, the way he intended it to look.”

Malarkey expects to be done by the middle of next week. Of the project (publicly and privately funded, for an estimated total of $15,000), he says, “It’s good of Parks and the city to be taking care of this – it shows a lot of dedication to the building (and its history). It’s an example of a wise investment in the city’s culture.”

UPDATE: Fire call in 5600 block California SW

September 18, 2015 10:26 am
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(Photo courtesy of Rachael)

10:26 AM: Seattle Fire has sent a full “fire in building” response to 5630 California SW. First crews on scene are not seeing anything. Avoid the area – traffic is blocked right now.

10:29 AM UPDATE: One crew has just found the source of the smoke – apparently a lamp. Most of the crews are being dismissed. Northbound California remains blocked, south of SW Findlay – this is on the east side of the street.

West Seattle Friday: WestFest; Doc Maynard dedication; HPIC movie; Sinatra @ Senior Center; more…

September 18, 2015 9:00 am
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(Photo by Paul Walchenbach, at sunset last Saturday over Alki)

We’re heading into the last weekend of summer, whether the weather reinforces that or not – highlights from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

PARKing DAY: One pop-up mini-park in West Seattle this year, outside Wyatt’s Jewelers (WSB sponsor) at Westwood Village. Check it out starting at 10 am. If you’re elsewhere in Seattle today, here’s the citywide map – note that the small green icons are the pop-up parks. (2800 SW Barton)

M/V DOC MAYNARD DEDICATION: The new West Seattle Water Taxi‘s dedication is at 11:30 am at Pier 50 downtown, but you can ride there and back from Seacrest for free if you start with the 10:45 am outbound run. Or, just show up at Pier 50 (south of the WSF terminal at Colman Dock).

WS BIG BAND PLAYS SINATRA: Check to see if there’s still room at this benefit for and at the Senior Center of West Seattle – no-host bar opens 6 pm, Italian dinner at 6:30, the West Seattle Big Band plays the music of Frank Sinatra at 7. (SW Oregon & California SW)

WESTFEST: Holy Rosary School‘s annual fall festival starts 6-10 pm tonight (and continues tomorrow). Info and entertainment schedule here. (42nd SW & SW Genesee)

FREE MOVIE AT HPIC: Doors open at 6 at Highland Park Improvement Club, kids’ short at 6:15, main feature at 7 – details here. Free (bring $ for concessions, sold by volunteers) – HPIC has chairs, or bring your own. (12th SW & SW Holden)

HIGH-SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Playing on the peninsula tonight – West Seattle High School hosts Garfield HS, 7 pm at Southwest Athletic Complex. (2801 SW Thistle)

BOB’S BOWL-A-RAMA: Benefit bowl-a-thon at West Seattle Bowl, 7 pm tonight, to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charitiesdetails here. (39th SW & SW Oregon)

LIVE MUSIC! and more, in the additional listings you’ll find on our complete calendar.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates & alerts; bus cancellations

(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
No incidents reported so far in, or outbound from, West Seattle.

NEW WATER TAXI TO BE DEDICATED TODAY: The M/V Doc Maynard, which will take over the West Seattle Water Taxi run this fall, will be dedicated today at Pier 50 at 11:30 am (as first announced in August). You can catch a free ride there from Seacrest at 10:45 on the Spirit of Kingston.

REMINDER: FERRIES START FALL SCHEDULE SUNDAY: Washington State Ferries starts its fall schedule this Sunday (September 20th); for Fauntleroy/Vashon/Southworth, that means fewer weekend sailings.

UPDATED 7:35 AM – METRO CANCELLATIONS TODAY: 3 announced for West Seattle so far this morning:

Colleen adds in comments that a RapidRide run was cancelled, unannounced, in the 6 am hour.

WEEKEND CITYWIDE ALERTS: Here’s the SDOT list of what’s up around the city this weekend (though there’s one omission not far from here – the Fiestas Patrias parade in South Park on Saturday morning at 11).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Helicopter search; car prowl

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes before the night is through:

HELICOPTER SEARCH: We’re hoping to get more details on this from police in the morning, but for those who asked about the helicopter over southeastern West Seattle early this evening, it was related to a car crash in the Olson/Myers vicinity, reported as a hit-run; police were looking for someone who wound up in the greenbelt, and eventually, became the subject of a Guardian One search and SFD rescue.

CAR PROWL: From Robert:

My car was broken into last night. No damage and nothing stolen, just rummaged thru my glove box but nothing was of value. Woke up with all my stuff on my seat. I live at 34th and Alaska. Just wanted to give a heads up.

OKTOBERFEST! Authentic celebration in West Seattle

This is one of those events that tends to sell out way ahead of time – so here’s your advance alert. If you want to celebrate Oktoberfest authentically, without leaving the peninsula, it’s reservation time – Martin Král sends the info (and the photo of his son Logan):

The Austria Club of Washington has the most authentic Oktoberfest – and it’s held in West Seattle!

Date and Time: Saturday, October 10 6 – 11 pm
Location: Alki Masonic Hall, 4736 40th Avenue SW
Featuring the Bert Carlson Band
Folk costume (Tracht) encouraged
German beer and wine at modest prices

Cost: $35 (includes dinner)
Advance purchase only!

Tickets must be paid by October 3
Mail check (made out to ‘Austria Club of WA’) to Rosie Mulholland, 11737 5th Avenue NE “C”, Seattle, WA 98125
For info call Rosie at 367-1988 or visit

TOMORROW: One PARKing Day pop-up park in West Seattle

If you go to Westwood Village tomorrow, stop by the PARKing Day park outside Wyatt’s Jewelers (WSB sponsor), any time after 10 am. Once again this year, they’re participating in the worldwide festival of creating temporary mini-parks … and this year, according to the SDOT map, theirs is the ONLY pop-up park in West Seattle.

City Council District 1 candidates Lisa Herbold & Shannon Braddock face off in first local post-primary forum

(Photo substituted for video window post-event, until archived video is available; thanks to County Councilmember Joe McDermott for permission to republish)

7:35 PM: Click the play button and you should get the live feed of tonight’s Youngstown Cultural Arts Center faceoff between the City Council District 1 candidates who made it to the general election, Shannon Braddock and Lisa Herbold. This is one of a citywide series of forums/debates presented by Town Hall and the Seattle Channel; lead moderator tonight is your editor here, with community moderators Cecile Hansen, chair of the Duwamish Tribe, and Fernando Mejia-Ledesma of OneAmerica, and Q&A moderator Edward Wolcher from Town Hall. You can e-mail a question to or ask one via Twitter with the hashtag #seacouncil.

7:40 PM NOTE: This program is intended to run an hour, by the way, so it will go until about 8:35 pm. After that – we’ll be watching for the archived video.

8:38 PM UPDATE: The forum’s over, so the live feed is too; Edward from Town Hall says it will be on Seattle Channel (cable) Monday night. Archived video will also be available via the SC website, and we’ll add it here when it is. Thanks to everyone who came to Youngstown to be in the “live” audience – the lights were bright and we didn’t get a count, but in a quick early glance, seemed like most of the seats are filled. Town Hall is doing these in all the districts – this was the first one. Also, if you missed it but want to be sure to see the candidates in person before you vote, you’ll have at least four more chances – we know of four forums in West Seattle next month – stand by for those dates.

West Seattle development notes: South Delridge, Admiral, Morgan

Three notes, two of which are updates on projects we’ve mentioned before:

(Rendering: S + H Works Architecture & Design)

DESIGN REVIEW FOR APARTMENT BUILDING AT 9021 17TH SW: Back in June, we reported on a plan for a 31-unit, 31-parking-space apartment building at 9021 17th SW in South Delridge. The project is now on the Southwest Design Review Board‘s schedule, as the second review of the night on Thursday, October 15th, 8 pm at the Sisson Building (home of the Senior Center) in The Junction.

THREE TOWNHOUSES BEHIND 2336 44TH SW: New project just popped up in the system – a plan to demolish a building described as a “garage/carriage unit” (see the bottom photo here) behind this address, on the alley between 44th and California SW, and replace it with three townhouses.

THREE HOUSES REPLACING 1 AT 6715 CALIFORNIA SW: Back in January, we mentioned this south Morgan Junction plan. This week, work has begun, with the 97-year=old house on the site torn down, and the rest of the site-clearing work under way.

BACK TO SCHOOL: Seattle Public Schools are back in session, and Day 1 is wrapping up

Back-to-school scenes from around the peninsula:

As previewed here Wednesday, SPS Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland started Day 1 with visits to CSIHS and Concord International in South Park.

On the north end of the peninsula, West Seattle’s most populous elementary school enjoyed its annual first-day tradition for the last time at its original campus:

Here’s video, courtesy of Southwest Seattle Historical Society executive director Clay Eals (who reports on today’s ceremony here):

Providing construction continues to be on schedule, Schmitz Park Elementary will start next school year in its new Genesee Hill location.

Last but not least – a reader photo – the Bear boys, ready for Day 1:

The brothers were off to Sealth and Denny.

Got a first-day photo to add? – thanks!

ADDED 5:01 PM: Thanks to Mel for sharing the photo – sophomore at Sealth!

Also just in – Mateo, 4th grader at Concord International:

West Seattle coffee news, from Harry’s and Freshy’s

Two West Seattle coffee notes percolating today:

FIRST CHICKEN, THEN COFFEE: Welcome the new spinoff from Harry’s Chicken Joint in north Morgan Junction – call it Harry’s Coffee Joint, though it’s really Catherine and Jared’s coffee joint – there they are above, Catherine Cougan, daughter of Chicken Joint founder Bruce Cougan, and Jared Harkness. They’re in soft-open mode right now on the south side of Harry’s, with free samples, and then officially opening 7 am-2 pm weekdays starting next Monday. They’re roasting their own coffee except for the espresso blend (Vashon); they’re also baking their own goodies, including the bursting-with-blueberries scones we saw while visiting a little while ago. It’s a cozy spot, as is the chicken side, but stools are on order, Catherine tells us, and you can sit over in the chicken space says the Coffee Joint – his daughter’s enterprise – officially opens next week, with espresso and treats, and will be open 7 am-2 pm, while the chicken hours continue at 4 pm-8 pm. This is all going on at 6032 California SW.

FRESHY’S EXPANDS DOWNTOWN: If you work downtown and need coffee .. you’ll soon have a new West Seattle-rooted shop to patronize: Freshy’s Coffee, which has been in The Admiral District for 10 years now, is opening a second location at 1099 Stewart St., Suite 102. “Hoping for a soft opening in October,” they say via Instagram.

SUNDAY: Celebrate completion of Barton CSO roadside-raingarden project in Sunrise Heights, Westwood

September 17, 2015 11:56 am
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The rain falling right now reminds us of what’s coming up Sunday afternoon in the Sunrise Heights and Westwood neighborhoods – the King County Wastewater Treatment Division‘s celebration of the completion of the Barton Combined Sewer Overflow Control project. 15 blocks now have roadside raingardens after two seasons of construction; a ceremonial ribbon-cutting is planned at 1 pm Sunday at 32nd SW and SW Kenyon, and then from 1:30-4 pm, tours will be offered of “three recently planted blocks.” It’s also a chance to get updated information about the project, including the ongoing RainWise program, offering incentives for people in the target area to install rain gardens and/or cisterns. This project has been much-discussed, going all the way back to early meetings six years ago, so now that it’s done – whether you’re coming to the celebration or not – the county’s offering a survey for feedback – find it here.

West Seattle Thursday: 1st local post-primary City Council D-1 faceoff; SDOT Admiral Way project open house; 6058 35th SW at Design Review; ‘Perch’ at Alki Community Council…

(Added: Thursday morning photo by Jeremiah Holt)

Looking ahead to the rest of today/tonight – lots going on in West Seattle! From our calendar:

‘SCHOOL’S BACK IN SESSION’ GROUP RUN: New free group run starting at West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor), 10 am each Thursday – details in our calendar listing. (2743 California SW)

DELRIDGE GROCERY FARM STAND FINALE: 4-7 pm, it’s your last chance this summer (yes, it’s technically summer for a few more days!) to buy farm-fresh produce from the Delridge Grocery Cooperative (WSB sponsor) at its weekly farm stand. (5455 Delridge Way SW)

SW ADMIRAL WAY SAFETY PROJECT: 6:15-7:45 pm, SDOT hosts an “open house” at Hiawatha Community Center (with a presentation scheduled around 6:45 pm) about the revised version of its plan for Admiral Way between the business district and the beach. (2700 California SW)

6058 35TH SW @ DESIGN REVIEW BOARD: The mixed-use building proposed for 35th SW & SW Graham in High Point goes back before the Southwest Design Review Board tonight at 6:30 at the Sisson Building (home of the Senior Center). The project, now dubbed “Upton Flats,” is currently described as a “4-story structure containing 89 residential units, 8,500 sq. ft. of office space and 1,500 sq. ft. of retail space located at ground level (with) surface parking for 98 vehicles.” This is a second round of Early Design Guidance; see the city report on the first one, in June, here; see the new design “packet” here; meeting will include a public-comment period. (SW Oregon & California SW)

ALKI COMMUNITY COUNCIL: 7 pm at Alki UCC, the council’s monthly meeting includes a presentation about the SolTerra project Perch planned for 1250 Alki SW (first reported here in May, and scheduled for its first Design Review meeting next month – see the “design packet” here). All welcome. (6115 SW Hinds)

‘UNPLUGGED’: 7 pm open-microphone event at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor) – details in our calendar listing. (5612 California SW)

FIRST CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT 1 LOCAL FACEOFF POST-PRIMARY: 7:30 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in North Delridge, City Council District 1 (West Seattle/South Park) candidates Lisa Herbold and Shannon Braddock will have their first local faceoff since the August primary. It’s presented by Town Hall, which requests RSVP but, we are assured, will not require it for admission (that does guarantee you a seat, though). Details here; your WSB editor is among the moderators. (4408 Delridge Way SW)

BELLY DANCE SHOWCASE: 7:30 pm at The Skylark in North Delridge, the monthly Alauda belly-dance showcase is free and all-ages. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

THAT’S NOT EVEN EVERYTHING … go browse our complete calendar to see it all (and to peek at the days/weeks ahead).

West Seattle (and beyond) development: City changes ahead

In the middle of a building boom, the city is making/considering changes in some of its processes and programs – including the only one that guarantees public meetings about some development projects. Two notes this morning about how you can get involved:

BREAKING UP DPD: As first announced in June, the city plans to separate the current Department of Planning and Development functions into two new divisions. This morning’s Land Use Information Bulletin includes the official notice of an October 20th public hearing at City Hall about the proposed change:

(This would) reorganize the Department of Planning and Development into two separate departments: (1) the Office of Planning and Community Development; (2) and the Department of Construction and Inspections. This Bill clarifies responsibilities for planning, permitting and enforcement activities between the two departments.

Part of the news in that is the name “Department of Construction and Inspections,” which was still TBA when the breakup announcement was made in June. The October 20th hearing is at 5:30 pm, with speaker signups an hour earlier.

DESIGN REVIEW CHANGES: For an even-longer time, the city’s been reviewing the Design Review program, which has for years been the only means by which public community-based meetings have been required for some development projects. The next step before potential changes is a set of open houses, one for the north part of the city and one for the south. The latter is the closest to West Seattle, set for September 29, 6–7:30 pm at Columbia City Library, 4721 Rainier Ave. South. (Thanks to Deb Barker, a former Southwest Design Review Board member, for calling our attention to that so we could make sure you knew.)

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Back-to-school Thursday; bridge, I-5 woes

(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
6:37 AM: Eight days later than originally scheduled, Seattle Public Schools start classes today. West Seattle is home to 16 of them; the times when you’ll see the flashing school-zone beacons are listed here (for all schools in the district). Four school zones now have speed-enforcement cameras – Louisa Boren K-8 STEM/interim Arbor Heights Elementary on Delridge; Roxhill Elementary and Holy Family School, which has been in session for two weeks, on Roxbury; and Gatewood Elementary, on Fauntleroy Way.

ROAD-WORK REMINDERS: With rain last night and more on the way later this morning, you might not encounter crews this morning, but remember for starters that the Roxbury and 35th SW projects are now under way, so if you’re driving Roxbury between 17th and 35th and/or 35th between Holly and Roxbury for the first time in a while because of school (or some other reason), be aware that the lane configurations have changed – primarily one lane each way with a center turn lane.

7:18 AM: If you use northbound I-5 through downtown, there might be some backup through the commute because of a lane closure at Mercer related to repairs from an early-morning crash.

7:20 AM: Crash reported at California/Charlestown and SFD is en route to check out a 17-year-old boy for possible injuries.

(Added above – photo from Bryce – thank you. The crash is in the outside northbound lane just north of Charlestown.)

7:29 AM: **Transit notes** – commenters say the first Route 57 and a Route 21 bus have been no-shows this morning. We haven’t seen any text or tweet alerts from Metro.

8:10 AM: The aforementioned left-lane closure on NB I-5 at Mercer downtown continues, with a miles-long backup reported.

9:11 AM: Texter says a broken-down vehicle is in the left lane near the crest of the high bridge, no emergency vehicles on scene, leading to trouble not just because of the blocked lane but because of vehicles diverting at the last minute.

10:35 AM: Have been in the thick of this for the past hour and a third; headed out after the last update with an hour to make it to the UW for a presentation at a student-journalism conference. Instead, by 10:20, we were still on the bridge; called to say we’d never make it, and now we’re in a parking spot downtown updating before heading back to the bridge and home base. The stall turned out to be a collision; it was cleared by about 9:50 – we only saw the police lights in the distance – but the gridlock had started at Alaska/Fauntleroy and continued eastward. I-5 in the distance was sluggish too. If you have been waiting to leave, things might be a bit better now – once we got onto 99, it was slow until the Viaduct rise, and then finally everybody was up to 30 mph.

10:41 AM: WSDOT has tweeted that the NB I-5 lane is finally open again:

11:14 AM: Just came across the bridge westbound. Eastbound is STILL jammed, from Nucor eastward. And northbound 99 doesn’t look much better than it did when we were on it last hour.

6:24 PM: Crash at Olson/Myers – don’t know about the traffic effects, but be careful in that area.

VOLLEYBALL: Undefeated West Seattle hosts Chief Sealth

September 17, 2015 1:21 am
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 |   West Seattle news | West Seattle schools | WS & Sports

(WSB photos)

“Both teams played their hearts out!” So said West Seattle High School volleyball head coach Staci Stringer after her team hosted their crosstown rivals from Chief Sealth International High School on Wednesday night.

WSHS took the match in three games – 25-21, 25-15, 25-14.

This was the third match of the season for both teams.

Next up for the Wildcats – they’re playing at also-undefeated Ballard, 7 pm Friday night, in a game that could determine division leadership. The Seahawks, coached by Lorna Considine, play at home at 7 on Friday, hosting Franklin.

Left a love lock at Duwamish Head? Go get it before it’s gone

Thanks to Lynda B for texting the photo this evening – first we’ve heard that Seattle Parks is planning to remove the “love locks” that have turned up on the fence at Duwamish Head. They’re a tradition in some spots around the world – even other spots in the city – but we’ve only noticed them here relatively recently. The sign says they’ll be removed on Friday, so if you have one you’d like to retrieve (and you didn’t throw away the key!), better go get it. We’ll check with Parks tomorrow to find out why they’ve decided to remove the love locks.