Motorcycle rider hurt in crash on Fauntleroy Way

Avoid Fauntleroy Way north of Lincoln Park right now – a crash left a motorcycle rider hurt at Fauntleroy Way and SW Othello, and he’s being taken to the hospital by private ambulance. Police are trying to sort out the circumstances – whether the rider lost control and hit a parked car, or whether it might have been a hit-run situation, as one witness mentioned a white pickup truck leaving the scene. His injuries are not life-threatening.

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  • M September 9, 2015 (9:13 am)

    I hope the rider is ok. However, moments before I heard the bike screaming down the street. It was loud enough that it made me pause and think “wow.. that person has to be going sooo fast.” I wasn’t surprised at all to hear the ambulances a few minutes later.

  • Gatewood mom September 9, 2015 (9:36 am)

    Any update on rider or cause of accident?

    • WSB September 9, 2015 (9:44 am)

      This is all the info we have and I’m not expecting any additional – without the rider’s name, we can’t get condition info from the hospital – TR

  • d September 9, 2015 (2:50 pm)

    Because the custom exaust they sound like there going faster than they actually are for the simple reason so other cars can hear u coming in this case it didn’t work and the very bad man that hit him in the white truck and left that young man for dead in the street know this that young life changed last night because u pulled out before u looked that young man has had many surgeries since last night including his thumb and pinky was amputated many broken bones and will never be the same you who hit and ran him in that white truck with the white canopy I hope God punishes u for leaving him for dead in the street

  • pissed September 9, 2015 (2:54 pm)

    The rider is not ok and never will be the same many broken bones leg arms left hand destroyed pinky and thumb ripped off many many surgeries in the last 12 hours he was 20 years old and the truck pulled out right in front of him without enough time to stop and after the accident the white truck left him in the street

  • Neighbor September 9, 2015 (3:16 pm)

    I live in the apartment building next to the one in the picture and came to my balcony last night when I heard the wreck and the rider then yelling for help. Unfortunately I did not witness the accident, and unsure if I remember a truck leaving the scene, but I do know of a white canopy truck that lives in the neighborhood. I do not want to start a witch hunt, but it was not there last night, and I can’t help but wonder if it was involved.

    Whoever hit & ran is a coward, and that young man deserves better. It was an enormously scary situation and I had lots of trouble sleeping last night thinking of him and his wellness, and hoping that he just lost control and that it wasn’t a hit & run because it makes me too sick to think of that.

  • Brenda September 9, 2015 (4:55 pm)

    Go look at that white truck. That seems easy.

  • Doug September 9, 2015 (5:20 pm)

    I was driving southbound on Fauntleroy. The motorcyclist passed me in the passing lane well over the speed limit. I would guess at least 70 mph. Shortly thereafter (about 45 seconds or so), I saw him laying on the cement with the bike in the middle of the road. He was being tended to by the neighbors.

    I tried to contact the Southwest Precinct on the non-emergency line to relay this information, but was placed on hold for a very long time so I hung up.

  • Family member September 9, 2015 (6:26 pm)

    Thank you to all of you who stopped to help our loved one last night. Especially all of the first responders both volunteer and professional. all the EMT’s and especially to the Seattle Police. We don’t know what would have happened if all of you were not there. He is beginning what will be a long road to recovery, but had it not been for you the outcome could have been worse. Thanks again from a truly grateful family.

  • Mike Myers September 9, 2015 (6:59 pm)

    May be possible for the rider to recover substantial benefits under the crime victims compensation program. Also highlights the importance of carrying uninsured motorist insurance (it covers hit and run collisions).

  • RickE September 9, 2015 (8:41 pm)

    Doug, Do you really mean the left turn only lane? If you are pretty sure that the bike that passed you is the one that crashed, did you make a police report? The driver that purportedly left the scene was certainly wrong for leaving the scene, but may not have been at fault. do your duty.

  • k September 9, 2015 (10:42 pm)

    The young man that got injured was very responsible and his life has been forever changed from the low life piece of garbage that pulled out in front of him and stopped for no reason. Then had the nerve to stop look back at him laying in the road and drive off. If anyone has any info on the truck please feel free to post cause this young man deserves justice. The amount of pain, surgeries and injury he is going through just isn’t fair. It’s not fair that people jump to conclusions just cause a bikes loud. The loudness is for safety not speed. Please pray for the young man and his family as they need it so much right now.

  • Seriously! September 9, 2015 (10:44 pm)

    ^^^^ must be the owner of the white truck!!!!!^^^^
    NOTHING justifies leaving the scene of an accident if you are involved.

  • k September 9, 2015 (11:02 pm)

    I’m actually a very close family friend and just want justice for him.

  • mk September 9, 2015 (11:21 pm)

    It is very hard to see turning on and off Fauntleroy with cars parked on both sides of the street many times I personally have almost been in accidents right there on Othello and Fauntleroy my heart goes out to the young man and his family I hope they catch the driver of the white truck when he left the scene of the accident it became a felony hit and run

  • Dave September 9, 2015 (11:28 pm)

    Horrible tragedy when a rider gets injured by an inattentive driver. Leaving the scene? wth? step up and face the reality that in a instant you changed a young mans life forever. What can be learned by the young motorcyclist that it sounds like will survive this?
    Learn to assume you are not visible to most all drivers.
    Learn to anticipate and develop a “what if” scenario you play over and over in your head while riding
    Learn to identify an “exit” as you approach dangerous situations, where will you go if you need to make that quick maneuver or an exit.
    Learn to not scrimp on top notch safety gear, from helmet to gloves, to boots and everything in between and proper training. ATGATT (all the gear all the time)

    Hope they catch the driver of the white truck and glad to hear rider is still with us.

  • Dr. Bob September 10, 2015 (12:01 am)

    More questions than answers.

    Few, if any, corroborated facts other then a motorcycle went down and the rider incurred a litany of injuries.

    Best to get the facts before jumping to conclusions or pointing fingers.

  • Justin - Friend September 10, 2015 (1:06 am)

    Doug, if you TRULY seen that, then why didn’t you stop to make your statement on what you witnessed? Regardless of the circumstances, Alex DOES NOT deserve this. He was the safest rider out of our group. He is young and such a good hearted kid. I’m in close contact with him right now. I do not know when he’s getting out of the hospital but I hope hope hope a speedy recovery.

    Alex’s bike is VERY loud for the simple factor of safety. Whoever the driver of this truck is, I will and all our friends and family, will seek to the fullest punishment.

  • Seriously! September 10, 2015 (7:00 am)

    Sorry K I was referring to RickE’s comment earlier. Your comment is spot on and I, too, pray that the young man makes a full recovery and am grateful he is alive. The driver of the white truck needs to be found and justice served.

  • Nana September 10, 2015 (8:55 am)

    Thank you for the thoughts and prayer. Alex will recover but his life is forever changed. Whether he was speeding or not doesn’t matter. He has a loud bike, so do I….a truck pulled out in front of him and then left the scene of the accident. If they were truly innocent or if they had one drop of concern for him they would have stayed. But they didn’t and that makes them criminals and low lifes. He could have died there and they would not have known and it seems that they didn’t care. The police is looking into it and I hope they are caught. He has a long road ahead of him and months of rehab…. so to the truck driver, buck up and be responsible! Turn yourself in. It will be easier on you that way than if the police find you and arrest you.

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