VIDEO: Two West Seattle Emergency Communication Hubs part of tonight’s citywide quake-scenario drill

They’re not quite burning the midnight oil, but close. Local emergency-preparedness volunteers will be in view at Ercolini Park west of The Junction and Hiawatha Playfield (above) in Admiral until about 10 pm tonight as part of a citywide drill. We stopped at both before sunset. The drill scenario: A BIG quake, with the Neighborhood Emergency Communication Hubs on Day 3, working to communicate information and procure help. Listen in to a snippet from Hiawatha:

We listened in for a bit at Ercolini too:

Ham-radio operators are on site at each participating hub this time for the first time, according to West Seattle Be Prepared.

Volunteers of all ages were welcome, and were assigned roles including “greeter” and “message taker” all to be ready just in case the unthinkable happens and the hubs have to be set up because other ways of communication aren’t working:

That was the whiteboard at Hiawatha, which we visited a while after our stop at Ercolini:

While these were the only two hubs “activated” for tonight’s drill, West Seattle has ten others – check this map to find the one closest to you:

And learn more about the hubs at

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  • patt May 11, 2015 (7:39 am)

    I always note Ercolini park as a hub when we walk by and have a map in our disaster bag, thanks

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