Election 2015: As filing week continues, George Capestany leaves District 1 City Council race

Today is the second-to-last-day of filing week for this fall’s candidates, so by the end of tomorrow, we’ll have the official list of who’s in the District 1 (West Seattle/South Park) City Council race. Some have already filed, and one person has just announced he’s out: George Capestany. The statement he sent:

Today, George Capestany, active community volunteer, “goat guy,” and longtime West Seattle neighbor, is withdrawing from the race for Seattle City Council, District 1.

“After much thought, have decided to not pursue the seat for City of Seattle, District 1,” said Capestany. “When I began this quest I truly felt that I could win. Tom Rasmussen was a opponent I could really separate from and define a distinct difference in political and economic views. While I still believe West Seattle residents have been left out of virtually everything that goes on at City Hall, I have been impressed by the many good candidates who have filed. And, once the districts take effect, I believe West Seattle will be well served.”

Campaign Treasurer, Ron Sullivan stated, “While many citizens of this community think George would have made an excellent representative in City politics, we respect his decision to end his campaign.”

“I sincerely want to thank all of my supporters for their help and support,” added Capestany.

Capestany had entered the race last November; Councilmember Rasmussen announced his decision not to run in January. Meantime, if you’re interested in tracking who’s filed so far, the countywide list – updated at least twice a day – is here. The voting begins in mid-summer, with the primary election on August 4th.

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  • $1200 is a lot May 14, 2015 (10:31 am)

    We’re about to see a lot of the also-rans and no-chancers drop out en masse who don’t want to spend the money to buy ballot access. Herbold, Braddock likely advance. ALL of the rest will drop out.
    Except for Amanda Kay Helmick, who actually went and gathered 2,000 signatures herself to get onto the ballot instead of simply buying political access.

    • WSB May 14, 2015 (10:49 am)

      $1200 – those who have already filed per http://www.kingcounty.gov/elections/candidatefiling/who-has-filed.aspx are Redmond, Herbold, Goberman, and new entrant Robles. Just since you mention it.
      (UPDATE) And since I checked – there’s been an update about half an hour ago. Add Braddock and Tavel to the list. My understanding is that Helmick will file her signatures tomorrow – so that would mean a field of at least 7.

  • I. Ponder May 14, 2015 (11:32 am)

    I love George Capestany’s goats. When I went to his website about a month ago to read about his campaign platform there was nothing more than OUR WEBSITE IS COMING SOON. That doesn’t qualify as a campaign IMO. Please bring back the goat feeder!

    • WSB May 14, 2015 (11:59 am)

      IP, I know what you mean … but in the official definition, if you notify the city that you are campaigning, you’re a candidate (I’m not sure exactly what the paperwork entails, but all the people we’ve listed as candidates over the past year and a half or so – Chas Redmond launched it all way back in 2013 – have been on the “official” city list at one point or another). George C. also did participate in our “First Look” forum 2/5/15 (as did Redmond, Helmick, and Tavel) and in the VIEWS forum in March at the Senior Center. Not sure if his decision to cease the campaign will affect the goats’ status but we’ll be on the lookout! – TR

  • westseattledood May 14, 2015 (1:28 pm)


    You gave us the pleasure of your famous goat herd. We will never forget the goat guy! Thanks for your instinct to make things better. You’re a good people.

  • wssz May 19, 2015 (12:42 am)

    I second it — Bring Back the Goat Feeder!!! What a GREAT way to bring our neighborhood together. I suspect that your goats miss the feeder as much as we do!

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