West Seattle development: 1st Whittaker crane next week

Thanks to LB for noticing that tower-crane base installed at the site of The Whittaker (4755 Fauntleroy Way SW), and sharing the photo. Crane arrivals are of interest for a variety of reasons, from traffic effects on installation day(s) to the draw of spectators, so we checked with the project team: The first of its two cranes is set for installation Monday-Tuesday of next week (April 27-28). More details to come; no date yet for the second crane. Meantime, in case you’ve been wondering – Whole Foods Market remains the only retailer confirmed for the project, which also includes 389 apartments and 594 underground parking spaces.

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  • Vincent Langley April 22, 2015 (1:03 am)

    My long-time room-mate, Barbara, and I watched as they cememted this red tower-crane base into place a couple of days ago. We live right across
    S.W. Edmunds Street from it, immediately to the south of it. The deepest hole dug in the bottom of the big hole over there, just a few feet from this red tower-crane base, is not another hole for the second tower crane that is to be installed over there, for the building of The Whittaker. That hole, rather, in the bottom of the big hole is for what will be a rain water retaining pond down there, only to exist during the construction of The Whittaker. The second place for the second tower-crane to soon be installed over there will be to the north of the present Alki Masonic Temple that is over there, facing 40th Avenue, S.W. We love to see all of the construction that is now going on around us here, up in our area of Fauntleroy Way, S.W. and 40th Avenue, S.W. !!! It is ALL the best thing that has EVER happened to this particular neighborhood up here — SURELY in all of the 15-plus years that we have lived up here!!! …For just one thing, two different street gangs that even the Seattle Police Department can tell you about (because they each have existed here for years now), that have literally controlled this whole neighborhood area for years now, seem — so far, anyway — to now be simply GONE, it looks like, “FOR GOOD” !!! …YES!!! THANK YOU REALLY SO VERY MUCH, present construction projects around us, where we live and where we have lived for years now!!!…

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