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‘Arts Day’ @ Sanislo Elementary, thanks to visiting Kellogg Fellows

April 8, 2015 2:26 am
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(WSB photos: District visual/performing-arts manager Gail Sehlhorst leading students in an exercise)
A break from routine on Tuesday at West Seattle’s Sanislo Elementary … and it all traced back to the founder of the world’s most famous breakfast-cereal company. In honor of the birthday of Will Keith Kellogg, people who had gained leadership training via the Kellogg Foundation fanned out for a Day of Service – and Sanislo was among the stops. Among the Kellogg Fellows visiting Sanislo to provide a day of arts education was Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland, reading “Stone Soup” to students via his iPad:

Another Kellogg Fellow who worked with the Sanislo students, Dr. Lora-Ellen McKinney, who is working with the district to facilitate enrichment experiences:

The day’s theme was “Compassionate Leadership,” and the visiting fellows were joined by Seattle Art Museum teaching artists in using the arts to help students work on those skills. Among them, Regan Pro, SAM’s manager of school and educator programs, who showed kindergarteners Malcah Zeldis‘s triptych of the life of President Abraham Lincoln:

The day’s theme was also meant to underscore the district’s Creative Advantage program to bring more arts into the schools; a new South-Southwest Pathway for arts is expected to include Sanislo. The school’s visual-arts teacher Andrew Wakefield was part of today’s programming, as was librarian/teacher Craig Seasholes.

High-school soccer: Chief Sealth-West Seattle rematch

April 8, 2015 12:30 am
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Three weeks ago, Chief Sealth International High School and West Seattle High School opened the boys-soccer season with a 1-1 tie. Tuesday, they met again, and this time the final was a 1-0 victory for Sealth. #3 in the top photo is the Seahawks’ Abel Kidane (featured in our earlier story about 3 Sealth & WSHS players who helped make history last weekend), who had the assist for Yael Pina‘s goal.

Next on the schedule – Sealth plays Seattle Prep at Magnuson, 3:30 pm Friday; West Seattle plays Roosevelt at Walt Hundley, 3:30 pm Thursday.

Ballots go out tomorrow for April 28 special election. Here’s what you’ll be voting on

April 7, 2015 9:53 pm
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King County is mailing ballots tomorrow for this month’s special election. In our area, you’ll just see one thing on the ballot – a levy to raise money to replace the area’s emergency-radio system. In the first of its nine years, the rate will be 7 cents for every thousand dollars of property valuation, so if you have a house valued at $400,000, this will cost you $28. Several areas outside Seattle have various other measures, and you’ll see them in the voters’ pamphlet, but the radio levy is the only thing that’ll be on your ballot, which will be due by 8 pm April 28th. If you mail it back, use a stamp; if you want to vote without paying postage, the West Seattle and White Center dropoff vans will be in place for the last few days of voting – see days, times, locations here. (And if you’re not registered to vote in this state, you have time – register in person by 4:30 pm April 20th.)

AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: SDOT unveils SW Roxbury plan at Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council meeting

That’s the plan for SW Roxbury, which SDOT is about to unveil at the Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council‘s April meeting, under way until about 7:30 pm at the Southwest Branch Library (35th/Henderson). An open house is also planned April 16th. First, WWRHAH is hearing briefly from City Council District 1 candidate Lisa Herbold (we’ll add details later on what she says, and other parts of the meeting that aren’t related to the Roxbury presentation).

6:27 PM: SDOT’s Jim Curtin begins his presentation, saying the details (which you can see in the slide deck above) aren’t much different from the previous discussion, and that implementation will start in mid-August. The package, he recaps, has short- and long-term “engineering solutions” for SW Roxbury from Olson on the east to 35th SW on the west. He also recaps the road’s conditions, which are at the start of the slide deck – 52 percent of what’s along Roxbury in that stretch is single-family residential housing. The traffic flow goes from an average of 13,000 vehicles a weekday at 35th to 25,000 vehicles each weekday at Olson. The roots of the project lie in the fact so many people speed – more than 5 mph over the speed limit, on much of the stretch – the average at 30th SW is 41 mph, “a big problem” in SDOT’s view. The stretch has seen 223 crashes with 112 injuries over just the past three years.

The changes are at 60 percent design, close to “ready to go,” Curtin said, and they are coordinating with partner agencies including Metro and King County Roads (though SDOT is accountable for the road from curb to curb). 100 percent design is expected in June, and that’s when they’ll mobilize their crews, in hopes of getting the work done by the first day of the 2015-2016 school year.

Just a few tweaks from the draft plan. From 17th to 35th SW, rechannelization is proposed, “which means we will eliminate a lane of traffic and bring Roxbury down to its surroundings, including parks and schools … while still maintaining travel times that are essentially unchanged for people who are driving. There will be short sections of bus lanes for the 120 and RapidRide; we are going to repave Roxbury from 17th to ’18th and a half’ … a really, really rough section of road.” The curb will be fixed and ADA-complaint curb ramps will be put in, 8 each at 17th and 18th SW.

300 new linear feet of sidewalk will go in, on the south (county) side of the street across from Roxhill Elementary (photo added above), past the auto-parts store and casino – “the last section of Roxbury without sidewalks,” Curtin said, adding that the city and county have secured a grant to pay for this.

No rechannelization is planned east of 17th. At the White Center intersection – 15th/16th “funky five-way split,” as he described it – curb painting and audio pedestrian signals are part of the plan. Then from Olson to 15th SW, the speed limit will be reduced to 30 mph; two new radar speed signs will go in to support that; and other “spot signage” improvements are planned. That will include changes targeting the “persistent collision patterns” at 4th SW and 8th SW. For the latter, Curtin said, the patterns are rear-end crashes. The county has put in a “warning” beacon that isn’t making a difference. Engineers concluded, Curtin said, “we need people to slow down” – as is the case with the “spinout” crashes at 4th SW – and they believe that will make a difference. (Later, he said, they hope to take that “all the way down the hill” toward 509.)

Back to the west – A “shared bus lane” will go in near Roxhill because of operational requirements for Metro and school buses; a potential bus-layover zone is being considered by Roxhill. The Metro transit stop that’s currently right in front of Roxhill Elementary will be moved to the west of 30th (where it had once been). WWRHAH’s transportation chair Chris Stripinis asked if that would create a situation like the notorious C-Line stop at Fauntleroy/California – Curtin cited reasons why it won’t, including a “partial lane” that vehicles will be able to use to get around.

No bicycle lanes right now; bicycle facilities will be considered “later” – likely 2016 – said Curtin; right now, the curb and pavement are not in good-enough shape, and so the area that later will become bicycle lanes will for now be “buffers” between vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

For rechannelization doubters, Curtin hauled out a slide he acknowledged has been shown at many meetings lately – other rechannelized streets including Fauntleroy and (outside West Seattle) NE 75th have seen decreases in crashes even as traffic volume edged up a bit.

Beyond all this, he said, in the long term: If the Transportation Levy to Move Seattle passes, SDOT hopes to “completely rebuild” SW Roxbury, with repaving and even in some places “taking it down to the dirt” and redoing it. Also, a pedestrian signal at or near 12th SW would be a long-term priority, according to Curtin (it came up often at previous meetings). Anything else missing? he asked. WWRHAH co-chair Amanda Kay Helmick suggested a crosswalk at 24th and Roxbury. Between 35th and 30th, Stripinis suggested, some visual cue for crossers would be helpful, since because streets don’t connect from both sides, and drivers don’t tend to stop even for the implied crosswalks at corners.

WWRHAH secretary Joe Szilagyi asked about the parking spots along Roxbury by Taqueria Guaymas at 17th. They’re staying, said Curtin, adding, “Despite what you read … we actually like parking at SDOT,” for reasons including, “it slows people down.” Speaking of slowing down, though they’re not proposing rechannelization of the entire length of Roxbury now – even though it was frequently suggested, Curtin said, during the comment period – it might be looked at again in the future. Also for the wish list, Helmick added, a roundabout for the Olson end, and more mowing and vegetation clearing so people who are walking and biking can get through.

Though it’s technically beyond Roxbury, several people brought up the walking/biking dangers of going down the hill from Olson toward SW Cloverdale and South Park, as something that should eventually be examined.

Curtin then put up the engineering plans for Roxbury, starting with the 35th/Roxbury intersection, which he said “works remarkably well.” (A side discussion erupted regarding sidewalks on 35th, and Curtin reiterated that the city has some in the works all the way to 106th. Not part of the project in the spotlight tonight, but still of interest.) One stretch is still undecided – the eastbound side near Roxbury Safeway, where they had been looking at a bus lane but decided they don’t need it. Maybe a right turn lane? Right now, by the way, Curtin said, the 28th/Roxbury intersection “functions really well,” too. At 26th, there’ll be a right-turn-only lane heading southbound, and then it’ll be a bus-only lane on the outside, east of 28th, with a bus-and-turn lane on the westbound side, turning onto 26th and heading toward Westwood Village. This intersection’s design isn’t completely finalized, though, acknowledged Curtin – “we’re still kind of wrestling with (it).”

7:20 PM: Overall, he summarized, “this project is universally loved by everyone at SDOT,” where he says some wondered how the road ever had “so many lanes.” If you have comments, go to the Open House, and/or e-mail Curtin – – ASAP.

Rest of the meeting:
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Election 2015: Leslie Harris is first to announce a challenge to West Seattle/South Park School Board director Marty McLaren

Though the local political discussion has been dominated by the City Council District 1 race for months, you’ll be voting in many other races this summer/fall – among them, Seattle Public Schools Board of Directors Position 6, representing West Seattle and South Park. Marty McLaren, the Puget Ridge resident first elected four years ago, confirms to WSB that she plans to run for re-election. And her first challenger has come forward today: Leslie Harris, a native West Seattleite and longtime local political activist, who announced via her personal Facebook page, from which we quote with her permission:

My reasons are that we can do so much better for our kids and families and communities.

We need to put more dollars in the classrooms. We need to address the cycles of high stakes testing. We need to address the current and looming capacity crisis. We need to address the decades of maintenance backlogs. We need more transparency and more follow-up to unanswered questions. We need to replicate what is working and move away from failures. We need accountability and leadership. I have attended board and committee meetings at the central office for over 10 years, worked on other Directors’ campaigns and do understand the commitment for what is essentially a volunteer position.

With 30 years active in the Democratic Party, as a District Chair and several years service on the State Democratic Central Committee, State President of my professional association and two terms on its national board, and 13 years of PTSA, several years on a school building leadership team, recent lengthy service on a local contemporary dance company board, over 20 years on community college advisory boards — I understand board policy making functions and fiduciary duty. I know how to read budgets and ask questions and drill down to the critical facts.

Harris, who is a veteran litigation paralegal, says her website will be live by week’s end at

FOLLOWUP: M/V Sally Fox takes over Vashon Water Taxi run starting Wednesday afternoon

(WSB photo, taken from Vashon Island on March 29th)
You’ll be seeing a lot more of the M/V Sally Fox off West Seattle shores starting tomorrow afternoon: Vashon Island’s new Water Taxi officially goes into service with the 4:30 pm run on Wednesday, as just announced by the county. Here’s our coverage of the Sally Fox dedication ceremony on Vashon a week and a half ago. It’s a twin to the M/V Doc Maynard, under construction now and due to take over the West Seattle Water Taxi run in October.

HAPPENING NOW: Rent-A-Ruminant goats on duty alongside Delridge/Holden stairway

The first goats ever booked for West Seattle work by SDOT are now on the job – Rent-A-Ruminant‘s goats are at work along the Delridge/Holden stairway:

We first told you back on Friday about the plan for them to spend a few days tidying up the overgrowth that has created safety issues along this stairway, which was the site of one of the student-targeting robberies earlier this year.

We will of course be checking in to see how it’s going. Note that this is not a particularly spectator-friendly site – on either end – busy roads bookend the stairway (Delridge and 20th SW). Rent-A-Ruminant proprietor Tammy is on scene to keep watch over her herd. We’ll be adding more photos later.

ADDED 3:45 PM: Went back over to check in – here’s a bit of Instagram video, from through their protective fence:

Tammy tells us about 40 goats are on the job here – her first job of the season; she generally works with them April through October. In all, she has more than 100 goats; they’re based on Vashon Island.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police search in Westwood after home-invasion robbery

(WSB photo: SPD vehicles around the corner from reported crime scene)
11:48 PM: Seattle Police just tweeted that they are investigating an armed robbery reported at a home in the 8100 block of 22nd SW. We are arriving in the area and see police along Thistle west of 22nd. More to come.

12:03 PM: Yes, that’s a TV helicopter. Meantime, police at the scene tell us they’re still sorting out the circumstances – whether robbery or burglary.

12:24 PM: The police search spans several blocks in all directions from the house where an intruder was spotted, so if you’re seeing police anywhere from Sunrise Heights to Westwood, it’s likely related. Seattle Public Schools spokesperson Stacy Howard tells us that Sealth/Denny are NOT on lockdown or shelter-in-place, in case you are wondering.

12:34 PM: Update – now Howard says these schools are sheltering in place: Sealth, Denny, WS Elementary, Highland Park, Sanislo.

12:50 PM: Police tell us they have confirmed this was a home invasion. More just posted to SPD Blotter:

Police are searching for a man who entered a West Seattle home Tuesday morning and pointed a gun at the resident before fleeing with several stolen purses.

A woman called 911 around 11:30 AM saying a man armed with a shotgun had entered her home in the 8100 block of 22nd Ave SW and locked her and her four-year-old son in a bathroom. The woman and her son climbed through a bathroom window and ran to a neighbors house where she called 911.

According to the victim the suspect left the home after stealing two purses and some prescription medications. The suspect is described as a white male, about 5’4″, thin build, with “scruffy” facial hair, wearing a black Kangol hat, black jacket, dark pants and sunglasses.

Officer searched the home and neighborhood and are still working to locate the suspect. Robbery detectives will be handling the investigation.

1:01 PM UPDATE: SPS says shelter in place lifted at all 7 schools that had one because of this.

5:27 PM UPDATE: As pointed out in comments, the address turned out to be on 24th, not 22nd as per both of SPD’s initial reports above.

Inspection report finds central Alaskan Way Viaduct still settling

WSDOT has gone public this morning with a summary of what was found during the twice-yearly inspection that closed the Alaskan Way Viaduct a week ago Saturday. Toplines:

Survey crews measure 1/8 to 1/4 inch of additional settlement near Seneca Street. Some widening of existing cracks noted. Additionally, crews note two new cracks on columns near Yesler Way. New crack gauges and focused monitoring in these areas. Other crack measurements are stable.

Despite the new cracks and added settling, WSDOT says, “The viaduct remains safe for everyday use.”

SIDE NOTE: The West Seattleite who has delivered so many briefings on the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project – going back years pre-tunnel, too – is leaving WSDOT after 23 years. Deputy program administrator Matt Preedy announced last Friday that he’s moving to Sound Transit later this spring. In his announcement, forwarded to us by a recipient, Preedy wrote to his colleagues, in part, “Together, we have overcome a number of obstacles and challenges on this very complex construction project. No one ever said building a tunnel under downtown Seattle would be easy but I am confident we have the right team to see it through. … The Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program will always remain the highlight of my career at WSDOT and I plan to celebrate with you at the ribbon-cutting.”

SPEAKING OF THE TUNNEL: The latest “expert review panel” report on the project is out – read it here.

West Seattle Tuesday: See SW Roxbury plan; cheer ‘Wizard of Oz’ at Gatewood; talk about ‘neighborhood conservation’; more…

April 7, 2015 10:30 am
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(Merlin, photographed at Alki Point last Thursday by Gary Jones. Click photo for larger image)

Lots happening in West Seattle tonight:

NEIGHBORHOOD CONSERVATION DISTRICTS? City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen‘s been working on a plan to make them possible – but wants to know what you think about the idea. Come talk about it at 6 pm at High Point Community Center; more info here. (6920 34th SW)

‘DRINKING LIBERALLY’: New political meetup group gathers again, 6 pm at Pizzeria 22 in Admiral. (4213 SW College)

SW ROXBURY PLAN: 6:15 pm at Southwest Branch Library, join the Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council for its monthly meeting, including SDOT’s presentation of the final plan for making SW Roxbury safer. Agenda also includes hearing from City Council District 1 candidate Lisa Herbold, plus updates on ongoing WWRHAH projects/concerns. All welcome. (35th/Henderson)

‘WIZARD OF OZ’ AT GATEWOOD: Remember those adorable photos of Gatewood Elementary first-graders’ “Wizard of Oz” production? Tonight at 6:30 pm is their encore performance, open to the entire community, at the Gatewood cafeteria. (4320 SW Myrtle)

WEST SEATTLE BIKE CONNECTIONS: 6:30 pm meeting at HomeStreet Bank, with agenda detailed on the WSBC website. All welcome. (41st/Alaska)

INTERESTED IN SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS ‘HIGHLY CAPABLE’ PROGRAMS? The districtwide advisory committee meets at 6:30 pm tonight, Fairmount Park Elementary, which happens to be one of the schools on the new K-12 HC “pathway” planned in this area. (38th/Findlay)

LOTS MORE for today/tonight – find it all on our calendar!

Congratulations! 3 local soccer players are part of historic victory at international tournament

This afternoon, when Chief Sealth International High School and West Seattle High School face off in a boys-varsity soccer match at Southwest Athletic Complex (4 pm), keep an extra eye on three players who just scored big at a prestigious international tournament.

Amanda e-mailed us to let us know about what those three – WSHS goalkeeper Akili Kasim and Sealth players Abel Kidane and Miguel Macias Garibay – accomplished with their premier soccer team Seattle United 98 Copa at the country’s biggest youth-soccer tournament last week:

The team won its division (U-16) at the Dr Pepper Dallas Cup, going undefeated all week – the first team from Washington state to win any division at the invitation-only tournament.

We connected with Akili’s mom Nikki to find out more. She shared photos and explained that the Dallas Cup draws “the best teams from across the world, most of them being Academy teams, which Copa isn’t. … When they left, Akili made a promise to his West Seattle soccer team and his classmates, ‘I’m bringing the boot home to Seattle.’ With that, Akili, Miguel, and Abel played outstandingly. I received texts all week about players and here are what some said about these 3:

… Miguel with a beautiful goal, Miguel gets another, Miguel is on fire
… Abel’s footwork is like a pro today, Abel with the best assist yet,
… Akili with a Spider-Man like save, Akili with another amazing save

A short summary of the final division-title game is on the tournament’s website (scroll down to U-16). It was a 2-0 victory over another team from this state – Eastside-based Crossfire

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday tracking & updates

(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
No incidents reported so far on the routes through/from West Seattle. A few notes:

STAIRWAY GOATS: We reported last Friday on SDOT’s plan to bring in Rent-A-Ruminant goats this week to clear overgrowth along the stairway that goes up Holden from Delridge. At the time, SDOT expected them to be at work by 8 am today, but they now tell us the start is likely to be between 11 am and 2 pm. We’ll update when there’s a sighting.

‘ROXBURY REVEAL’ TONIGHT AT WWRHAH: Tonight’s Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council meeting (6:15 pm, Southwest Branch Library) will include first word of SDOT’s final plan for making SW Roxbury safer.

Also, a reminder –

ROAD CLOSURE: The SW Waite closure on the north/northwest side of the 47th/Admiral signal/crosswalks project continues – thanks to Jed for tweeting this photo:

The closure is expected to last all week.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Mail thieves strike again & again

We don’t have stats, but we have to say we’re hearing more about mail theft these days – so please take steps to protect yours. Tonight, police were dispatched to a mail-theft report in southeast West Seattle, in the 9400 block of 5th SW (map), with someone reported to have gone through mailboxes and then left southbound in a white SUV – no other description. We heard earlier from Barney in Arbor Heights, who saw eight mailboxes open early this morning on SW 98th near 37th SW (map).

Interested in detailed prevention info? The West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network brought in police and Postal Service inspectors to talk about mail theft/fraud at a meeting two years ago – here’s our coverage, including video. And here’s the Postal Inspection Service’s advice on preventing (and reporting) mail theft.

More baseball today! West Seattle Wildcats win on the road

April 6, 2015 9:28 pm
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As the Mariners were wrapping up their Opening Day win downtown, the West Seattle High School Wildcats were taking the field on the road for what turned out to be a big win. Thanks to Caryn Johnson for the report and photo:

West Seattle Wildcats took on the Franklin Quakers Monday afternoon. Freshman Cameron Paskett (#28) started on the mound for West Seattle. Cameron pitched 5 good innings, striking out four, giving up 6 hits and only allowing 3 runs. Senior Daniel Kemp came in to finish up the game, pitching the last two innings and not giving up a hit.

On the offensive side of the ball, West Seattle dominated Franklin’s pitchers. 5 players had multiple hits in the game, with freshman Alex Pastrana leading the way with three. In the end, West Seattle walked away with the victory 18-3. Next game is Wednesday against Garfield, 3:30 at Hiawatha.

You can help! ‘Catsino’ benefits animal-advocacy groups Sunday

Next Sunday (April 12th) afternoon, 2-6 pm, you can help out local animal-advocacy groups via the annual “Catsino” silent auction (and more) at Beveridge Place Pub:

What do Pig Craps, BlackCat 21, Hotwire Snip ‘em, and Studless Draw all have in common? They are the entertainment portion of our annual Catsino Silent Auction! Come on out to meet four local rescue groups and bid on unusual, unique silent auction items! All proceeds benefit Furry Faces Foundation, A.A.R.F., Community Cat Coalition, and Regional Animal Services of King County.

You’ll also get to visit and play games with our local business friends! Check out our Facebook page each day to see who is playing and what silent action items have been added.

Pre-Sale Ticket Outlets – Save $5 By Purchasing Your Ticket Early!

Beveridge Place Pub: 6413 California Ave SW, 932-9906 (Morgan Junction)
Hotwire Coffeehouse: 4410 California Ave SW, 935-1510 (Alaska Junction)
Pet Elements: 6511 California Ave SW, 206-932-0457 (Morgan Junction)
The Beer Junction: 4511 California Ave SW, (206) 938-2337 (Alaska Junction)

The fine print: Catsino’s entertainment is recreational only; Catsino Bucks have no monetary value, and all prizes are non-monetary; BP Pub is 21+.

Diverse Harmony, ‘first queer/straight alliance youth chorus,’ performing free concert Saturday in West Seattle

That’s a recent performance by the small ensemble that’s part of Diverse Harmony, a youth chorus that has a place in history. The singers are coming to West Seattle this Saturday night for a free concert:

Diverse Harmony comes to West Seattle!
Saturday, April 11, 7:00 pm, at the Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist

Diverse Harmony is the Nation’s First Queer/Straight Alliance Youth Chorus. Based in Seattle and now in its 13th season, the chorus is comprised of young people, both queer and straight, and “…presents music that opens the hearts and minds of communities and provides a safe environment for youth of diverse backgrounds to share their love of music and be accepted for who they are.” This year Diverse Harmony added a young adult small ensemble, called DH Spectrum, to the family.

The concert will start at 7:00 PM and will include the large chorus and small ensemble. Please come out to enjoy the music and support these talented young people. The performance is FREE and is open to the entire community. Learn more about the chorus at

St. John’s is at 3050 California SW, next to West Seattle High School.

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day update: 70+ are in!

The biggest person-to-person-recycling day of the year is approaching – the 11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day – and in the fifth day of registration, more than **70 sales** of all sizes are in! Whether you plan to shop or sell, we hope your calendar has 9 am-3 pm blocked out on Saturday, May 9th, for WSCGSD. Registration will run for about 2 more weeks (we haven’t set the closing time just yet) and then we get going on The Map, which will be available one week ahead of time, in both clickable online format and the printable downloadable PDF format. Just browsing the addresses, we can tell you sales are already planned all over the peninsula, from North Delridge to Arbor Heights, Highland Park to High Point, Gatewood to Genesee Hill … and beyond. Categories and fees are the same as always, and you’ll find them on the form, here.

P.S. If you don’t have space for your own sale, or just a few things to sell, check in ASAP at WSB’s coffee sponsors – Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW) and C & P Coffee Company (5612 California SW) – both on the map as multi-seller sites again this year.

Arguelles Therapeutic Massage: Welcome, new WSB sponsor

April 6, 2015 3:15 pm
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Today we’re welcoming Arguelles Therapeutic Massage as a new WSB sponsor. New local sponsors get the opportunity to share information about their business:

Jon Arguelles, LMP, says, “I take time and care to find out what each clients’ needs and wants are; where their trouble spots are, if they have any injuries, if they need more time spent on their neck and shoulders, lower back or feet. It’s so important to listen to what my clients are looking for, to really understand, and to deliver that to them. It makes the difference between a good massage and an OMG-what-a-good massage!”

What does he hear from Arguelles Therapeutic Massage clients most often? “Clients tell me, ‘Oh, I fell asleep there for awhile,’ that they feel, ‘so much looser,’ and, ‘You figured out my spots and got right to them’.”

Arguelles Therapeutic Massage (a member of the American Massage Therapy Association) is at 4843 California SW, on the south edge of The Junction. You can book your appointment online – just go here. Or, call 425-785-9192.

We thank Arguelles Therapeutic Massage for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

Want to be one of the first to see the SW Roxbury plan?

Instead of a standalone meeting, SDOT is coming to tomorrow night’s Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council to announce the plan for making SW Roxbury safer, after 223 crashes left 112 people hurt just in the past three years.

At two meetings last year – which we covered, on July 31st and on August 4th – SDOT rolled out a proposal including rechannelization between 17th and 35th and a mix of changes east of there. One more round of community consultation, focused on Roxbury businesses, was due to follow that.

Tomorrow’s meeting is at 6:15 pm at the Southwest Branch Library (35th/Henderson); the Roxbury presentation is set for 6:30; all are welcome.

West Seattle development: Ex-Charlestown Café; 23rd/Findlay houses

Two West Seattle development-related notes today:

CALIFORNIA/CHARLESTOWN: Thanks to those who messaged us to say crews are on site at the former Charlestown Café site again today, continuing deconstruction work that started last week. No heavy equipment on site at last check – this part of the work is being done by hand – but we’re checking with developer Intracorp to see about the timetable for full demolition of the four-years-vacant building, which has been ravaged by tagging/graffiti vandalism at an increasing pace. A 27-unit complex, split between townhouses and live-work units, is planned; we noted its land-use-approval decision four weeks ago. ADDED 1:03 PM: Dan Swallow from Intracorp replied to our question: “Current activity is abatement. Actual demo and heavy equipment will be end of April/early May.”

HOUSES ON SLOPES: Today’s Land Use Information Bulletin has two notices for single-family houses proposed in the 5400 block of 23rd SW (map). The notices are out because, the city says, building on these sites would require a variance of the city’s Environmentally Critical Area rules regarding “steep slope buffers,” and each one says, “This comment period may be the only opportunity to comment on the environmental impacts of this proposal.” The notice for 5462 23rd SW is here; for 5456 23rd SW, here. The comment period is open for two weeks, until April 19th.

Looking ahead: What’s up for your West Seattle Monday

(Dark-eyed junco – photographed by Trileigh Tucker)
From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

WEST SEATTLE HI-YU: 7 pm monthly meeting tonight – come find out about helping Hi-Yu as a volunteer, as last year’s float has its last hurrah at a parade next weekend and construction of the new float gets ready to begin. The nonprofit, all-volunteer organization is “celebrating 81 years as a community festival by providing free, fun, family-friendly activities, events, community float traveling to parades in Western Washington and scholarships,” as the meeting announcement points out, and can’t do that without your support. Hi-Yu meets at Admiral Congregational Church. (California/Hill)

(added) DENNY MS PTA: 7 pm, school library, with the agenda highlights listed as: “Update on the Common Core State Standards and the SBAC test and how the school will use the results.” (2601 SW Kenyon)

TRIVIA/QUIZ NIGHT As usual, Monday night brings options for fun brain-exercising: Listings include trivia at Christo’s on Alki (7:15 pm, 2508 Alki SW), trivia at OutWest Bar (7:30 pm, California/Brandon), Quiz Night at Skylark (7:30 pm, 3803 Delridge Way SW), plus pub quiz at Shadowland (8 pm, California/Oregon).

EVENING MEDITATION: 7:30 pm Buddhist-meditation class at Sound Yoga (WSB sponsor). See the center’s full weekly schedule here. (5639 California SW)

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TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday updates and alerts

(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
7:07 AM: If you’re heading out through the Admiral District, be aware of a car-fire dispatch for SFD at 42nd/Admiral. We don’t know what side of the intersection. Also of note this morning:

SW WAITE CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC: At the 47th/Admiral signal/crosswalk project, as announced by the city last week, SW Waite is scheduled to be closed to through traffic all week.

WATER TAXI SCHEDULE CHANGE: The West Seattle Water Taxi is now on its spring/summer schedule, which runs all day, 7 days a week.

M’S GAME TODAY: SODO and Pioneer Square will be busier than usual before and after the Opening Day baseball game at Safeco Field, which is an afternoon game, 1:10 pm start.

SPRING BREAK: Parochial schools are out this week (public schools’ spring break isn’t until next week).

7:54 AM: The Admiral car-fire response is closed. Meantime, police are on the Highland Park Way hill at Othello with a stalled vehicle – direction not reported.

8:48 AM: Big truck traffic for the port, we’re hearing via scanner, on East Marginal Way and other spots.

Too few sidewalks? Where’s Fauntleroy Boulevard? And other questions in Transportation Levy Q & A @ SW District Council

Two SDOT spotlights filled most of the Southwest District Council‘s April meeting, including SDOT director Scott Kubly‘s third visit to West Seattle in five weeknights, reviewing toplines of and answering questions – many questions! – about the draft Transportation Levy to Move Seattle. The other SDOT presentation recapped this year’s Arbor Heights microsurfacing plan.

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