Election 2015: 34th Democrats’ City Council District 1 forum followed by straw vote won by Shannon Braddock

The 34th District Democrats‘ meeting is wrapping up, with more than half the time devoted to a candidates’ forum in the City Council District 1 race. Six of the 10 current candidates participated. We recorded it all on video and will add it along with notes later. But first: It was followed by a secret-ballot straw poll, won by Shannon Braddock with 31 cards, followed by Lisa Herbold with 17, Chas Redmond with 10, Tom Koch with 9, Brianna Thomas with 8, Phillip Tavel with 3. That is just an unofficial temperature-taking, though – the 34th DDs’ official endorsement meeting is May 20th, after filing closes.

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  • Ben April 8, 2015 (9:21 pm)

    Brianna Thomas killed it tonight. She was the only one to mention health and quality of life issues in South Park.

  • Mickymse April 8, 2015 (11:52 pm)

    I thought Chas Redmond continued to show his depth of knowledge and experience with the key issues facing West Seattle, and what our neighborhood needs.

    I was surprised by how unprepared Shannon seemed to be for the forum, particularly letting a few obvious opportunities to seize answers slip by. She only won the poll because she’s being backed by major endorsers in the membership.

  • Mrs. Shaw April 9, 2015 (9:07 am)

    Am I the only one bothered by the fact that several of the candidates continually tout only their bosses achievements without identifying what they themselves have done (or can do) for West Seattle??? While they may work for someone and are part of a team, to take the credit for pulling off something unless you are actually in charge of it seems terribly disingenuous.

  • LightHouse April 9, 2015 (9:10 am)

    Wow, three out of six big D Democrats prefer the spawn of other bland Democratic party automatons. I’m not sure which of these candidates would make a decent councilmember, but I’m skeptical of the qualifications I’ve seen so far.

  • Dis April 9, 2015 (9:14 am)

    Some of the talk at my table:
    Tom Koch was quite impressive… personally, I need to follow up on this guy because his responses were probably the best last night. Several people wondered what his background is, really? (I KNOW we can look it up!)
    Lisa Herbold likely would be the best and most effective council member but she needs to be confident in her public speaking – it comes with repeated exposure
    Brianna Thomas was very good and frankly a breath of fresh air with her honesty and personality. She will be ready for public office in a few years. The elephant comment hurt her and is a reflection of her political naiivete.
    Shannon Braddock, reminded us of politics as usual
    Mr. Tavel had one very excellent comment, but I can’t remember what it was. It was impressive that he focused largely on “getting out into the community.” a noble goal.
    There is so much more to city council service than presenting well. These people have to work cooperatively and share credit, give credit, and try to transcend their egos. Some of the candidates up there last night don’t appear to have that ability.

  • Nicholas April 9, 2015 (9:31 am)

    Chas was great! I’m a supporter, but was still impressed by how well he understands all the various issues in West Seattle and South Park. It seemed like some of the “insiders” weren’t as well prepared.
    Hope everyone will watch the video once it’s posted!

    • WSB April 9, 2015 (9:36 am)

      Sorry for the delay, moving a bit slowly today. I will have a separate story with the video and (for those who don’t want to or can’t watch it) notes for most of the questions (not the “paddle” questions, those are impossible to capture with this many candidates, so you’ll have to watch for that) by noon, barring mega-breaking news, and will link it here. – Tracy

  • Michael Taylor-Judd April 9, 2015 (1:05 pm)

    Tracy, VieWS captured three of the paddle questions if you want to check out our photos: https://www.facebook.com/WSgathering

  • wsg April 9, 2015 (2:47 pm)

    Pass. Anyone else announcing their candidacy by 5/15, anyone….someone, hello?!

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