Scam alert, again: Fake City Light calls @ West Seattle biz, home

Two new reports of the scam phone callers who claim to be from Seattle City Light, alleging you owe money and are at risk of imminent shutoff if you don’t pay them. This came in last night from Dan at Peel and Press in Morgan Junction:

My employees at Peel and Press just got a call from someone claiming to be Seattle City Light stating that they were going to shut off our power in one hour and that they needed to confirm our billing info. My employees took down the name and number and then called me. I called back “Mr. Allan Grey” and he went on about how my last two payments weren’t cleared and they would be shutting off my power in the next few minutes. He wanted me to confirm my card number and exp date. I asked him to reference the last 4 numbers of my SCL account because something didn’t seem right and I had a feeling this was a scam. He assured me I could wait for my power to get shut off so I would know it was real. I again asked for the last 4 digits and he hung up. I called Seattle City Light and just as I expected my power bill was up to date and no issues with my service. Claimed to be Allan Grey – Ph. 1-800-237-3081

At least one local residence also just got this kind of call – see this post in the WSB Forums. And as noted here a month ago, utility-bill scammers are showing up in person, too.

WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: City Light has scam-protection advice for you here.

3 Replies to "Scam alert, again: Fake City Light calls @ West Seattle biz, home"

  • Rick January 21, 2015 (10:14 am)

    Hey Dan, thanks for the number. I’ll be sure to use it. Often. Repeatedly. Ya know, a lot.

  • DBurns January 21, 2015 (10:51 am)

    This has happened to us at Giannonis repeatedly. Both “City Light” and “PSE”. It’s incredible that they leave a name and number but they always do! Bottom line is that utilities do not operate this way, even if you are in line for shut off. It seems like they target small businesses and don’t hesitate to tell whoever answers the phone a lot of phony info, which is another red flag – there authorized names on your accounts – you can’t even pay a bill if you’re not authorized! Hope the info is out there and no one actually falls for this scam so that it will stop soon!!

  • yuji January 26, 2015 (8:46 pm)

    I just got a call from the number after 7 pm. He said, he’s from PG&E and the payment I’ve made didn’t show on their system. They will shut off electric in an hour unless I make a minimum payment. I told him to call you back tomorrow and just hang up.

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