Biznote: Zippy’s Giant Burgers opens Georgetown location during unplanned White Center closure

Three months ago, we brought you the news that Zippy’s Giant Burgers planned to open a second location in Georgetown. Today, it’s open, weeks earlier than expected, a good thing for Zippy’s fans because the unplanned closure of their White Center location continues – they’re still working on repairs for a key piece of equipment that broke down last week. The Georgetown location is at 5633 Airport Way South (map).

ADDED: Zippy’s expects to reopen White Center on Thursday (December 4) morning.

3 Replies to "Biznote: Zippy's Giant Burgers opens Georgetown location during unplanned White Center closure"

  • 2 Much Whine December 2, 2014 (3:02 pm)

    I have to think this is just a cruel trick but it’s not Halloween or April 1st. I drove by that location 3 times last night looking for any sign of Zippy’s. Of course I didn’t bring the exact address because I figured they’d have a big sign and there would be lots of people in the area. I was wrong. I am ashamed to admit that I settled for a lesser burger and ate elsewhere. Hoping they get something that can be seen from the street at dusk. . . . .

    • WSB December 2, 2014 (3:26 pm)

      They swore via FB they were open again today. Are open, I should say. White Center is supposedly reopening first thing Thursday.

  • LyndaB December 3, 2014 (9:41 am)

    2MuchWhine, we had the same problem last night! You’re right there was no big lighted sign. It was just a sign in the window. I told them we had a hard time finding them and they needed someone out there yelling “Come to Zippy’s!” I’m sure they thought I was loony. Anywho, they’re on the same stretch of building as Two Tartes Bakery. The cross street is S Carstens Place. I think I’ll go suggest they post a picture of their storefront on their website. Anywho, I was a first timer there and very much enjoyed No. 11 with tots and rootbeer. I’ll be back! They don’t have their full their menu like onion rings yet. Burger and shakes are a go. :-)

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