And the winning Water Taxi names are …

(Rendering of new vessels – reflecting size/shape/configuration, not final color/paint/trim)
Instead of the Spirit of Kingston, when the new West Seattle Water Taxi arrives next year, you’ll be riding the Doc Maynard. Just announced by King County Councilmember Joe McDermott, who chairs the county Ferry District Board:

After this summer’s public process, the King County Ferry District’s new boats have been named. Doc Maynard will serve the West Seattle run, and Sally Fox will bring riders from Vashon Island to Downtown Seattle.

“I want to thank everyone who got involved whether it was nominating names or voting for their favorites. The names reflect our community’s awesome history,” said Ferry District Chair Joe McDermott.

Doc Maynard was a Seattle pioneer and doctor.

(Added: Public-domain image of Doc Maynard, via Wikimedia)
As one of the primary founders of Seattle, Maynard’s friendship with Chief Sealth inspired him to propose the name of the city be named after his Duwamish friend.

Sally Fox fought tirelessly as a passionate advocate for passenger-only ferry service to Vashon. She organized the community and fought at the forefront of the movement to protect and expand this valuable service. Fox passed away in 2007 from esophageal cancer, but her spirit lives on through the results of her activism.

While Cobain Watertrain was a popular vote for the West Seattle run, it was determined there was too much licensing risk involved.

Mostly funded by federal grants, the new boats will start operating in 2015.

We’re asking about the actual numbers and will add whatever we find out.

P.S. Here’s Doc Maynard’s biography, via

: Thanks to Councilmember McDermott’s office for the top three voting results for each vessel – first, West Seattle, then, Vashon:

Cobain Watertrain-32.75%
Doc Maynard- 22.75%
Princess Angeline- 18.74%

Sally Fox- 38.46%
Betty MacDonald – 29.29%
Lisabeula- 21.52%

15 Replies to "And the winning Water Taxi names are ..."

  • DarkHawke September 4, 2014 (2:12 pm)

    I don’t know from Sally Fox, but I couldn’t be more pleased to have the Doc Maynard sailing Elliot Bay! I seem to see more and more of the Seattle I knew and loved as a young’un slip away as each day goes by. This is one great step BACK to Seattle being Seattle. Shoulda named the other one the Denny or the Mercer!

  • Gotb September 4, 2014 (2:44 pm)

    I can’t wait to meet the Doc at the dock! (Sorry, someone had to say it.)

  • dsa September 4, 2014 (3:02 pm)

    Totally agree with DarkHawke

  • West Seattle Hipster September 4, 2014 (3:36 pm)

    I can live with both of those choices, they both were obviously very community minded.

    Although I love Nirvana and really dug Kurt Cobain, I thought Cobain Watertrain was a dud. If we are going to immortalize a Seattle musician, please let it be James Marshall Hendrix.

  • West Seattle since 1979 September 4, 2014 (3:50 pm)

    Great choice!

    DarkHawke, what kinds things do you miss?

  • Alki Resident September 4, 2014 (4:05 pm)

    Great name choices! Loved that the tie in to local history.

  • Cap'n Scully September 4, 2014 (5:09 pm)

    I agree WS Hipster! “The Purple Haze” or “Foxy Lady” could have been cool. “Doc Maynard” is safe and memorable tho.

  • patt September 4, 2014 (6:40 pm)

    Doc Maynard sailing Elliot Bay! Great! He did a lot in the founding of Seattle.
    Up until now his name it only connected to what seems like an alley. The word on the streets is that the Denny and the Mercers liked it that way:)

  • Mike September 4, 2014 (7:36 pm)

    Isn’t that also a club/bar here?

  • JayDee September 4, 2014 (8:43 pm)

    Wow, something I voted for that was a dark horse actually won! Doc got short shrift in the founder’s version of history and if this helps his legacy, great. Especially since the interim boats had little to do with Seattle.

  • Former Local Band member September 5, 2014 (9:15 am)

    @Mike – Doc Maynards is the starting point for the Underground Tour in Pioneer Square by day and a bar (used to have live music or still does), by night.

  • patt September 5, 2014 (2:13 pm)

    Maynard Street is about 7 blocks long. It runs between 6th and 7th and Jackson and Seattle Blvd S., the only official city street named after him.

    BTW Boats have everything to do with Seattle, back to the mosquito fleet and before. Half my family brought their produce to the PPMarket on a boat that ran around Vashon. Seattle is a Port City.
    Without boats and ships and the port, Seattle would just be view property.

  • Margaret Evans September 6, 2014 (1:28 pm)

    Doc Maynard…dang! who is he but a carpetbagger. was hoping for Princess Angeline. once again the people who lived here get nothing.

  • Roger wood September 8, 2014 (4:05 pm)

    Anyone that assumes Doc Maynar is a carpetbagger should really dig up some history on the man and how without him there really wouldn’t be a Seattle. This guy was a major player in getting this fledgling timber mill area into a thriving city and eventually a what it’s become now. Read your history before you just assume the name had anything nothing to do with Seattle when it had everything to do with it.

  • A-ron September 8, 2014 (9:33 pm)

    I was hoping the Vashon run boat would be named the Cap’n Dan after Dan Kreihbel — the best captain in the world.

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