West Seattle development: Three more teardown plans

No new big development proposals have popped up lately. No new Design Review Board meetings on the schedule. But some smaller projects are of note, including these three which if nothing else will be noticeable with demolition activity on arterials:

3923 CALIFORNIA SW: The first demolition-permit application for the multiplexes on the northwest corner of California/Andover (map) is in. The city’s online files say a four-unit rowhouse is proposed (with the address 3925 California) for this side of the site, while the SW Andover side of the site is proposed for three single-family houses and a two-townhouse unit. (We first reported on this site two months ago, when a lot-boundary adjustment was sought.)

4151 CALIFORNIA SW: The same developer (Block II LLC) has been granted a demolition permit for two houses behind the California-fronting Pica Border Grill restaurant (map) on the north end of The Junction. The restaurant building is NOT involved in the project; the two houses behind it are slated to be replaced by a building with one townhouse and one live-work unit.

3036/3038 ALKI SW: Two “residential structures” here (map) are the subject of another demolition-permit application. As noted here last month, a proposal is on file for four townhouses and one single-family home, with a subdivision application to make it possible.

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  • JoAnne July 26, 2014 (10:25 am)

    Getting nervous about “Spruce.” They keep adding more stories…are they going to stop at 5 like in the pictures we saw?
    Or is everyone at “Spruce” going to have a nice view into my back yard?

    • WSB July 26, 2014 (11:23 am)

      Its official DPD notation says 6-7 stories:
      Most of the process happened before we started doing this fulltime seven years ago, so I don’t know how they originally described it, but there’s likely a sheaf of documents online … can’t go look at them right this moment, am catching up for the day … TR

  • wsn00b July 27, 2014 (1:55 pm)

    1 more that you will see soon on DPD.

    http://www.redfin.com/WA/Seattle/3929-SW-Kenyon-St-98136/home/470116 sold @ a shockingly high price mostly for the land/lot.

    King County will show the sale to a builder.

    The architect/financier/builder’s site has the project pages with no useful details yet but 2 most likely modern homes will come up:



    They’ve already built up quite a bit around WS: http://blueprintcap.com/builderprojects/map.php?area=westseattle

    • WSB July 27, 2014 (2:28 pm)

      Yes, we refer to the Blueprint site all the time for verification of various projects. That is a busy block – we wrote about a lot split in the 3900 block early this year
      Is that the one where the houses are already up? Meantime, for the address you mention, I can’t tell if this was a split or subdivision but one house will go up on the site of the garage and one on the site of the current house, 3925 SW Kenyon and 3929 SW Kenyon
      Site plans are filed with DPD but they only really show the footprint at this point. The sale price shows as $510,000 – that’s because it was a double lot, officially Lots 8-9 in the plat, almost 8,000 square feet in a SF 5000 zone (where lots don’t have to be 5000 sf – ours, not far away, is 4200 sf). And with a view – especially considering almost all these new houses go up at three floors with a rooftop deck …
      Gatewood/Upper Fauntleroy is getting to be popular – just in a relatively short radius from where we are, a three-story modern is almost topped out on the site where a tiny old bungalow was torn down at 8313 California SW, another with a teardown that appears to have two going up at California/Northrup, and on 41st south of Thistle, a one-down/two-up. When a small house on our block also sold recently, I was shocked to find out it was NOT slated for teardown/rebuild. – TR

  • wsn00b July 28, 2014 (2:46 pm)

    Yes, your Jan 2014 article is about 3947 Kenyon (3 houses west) which has 2 new houses that are built and are now getting finishing touches. One is surprisingly a 2 story modern that is a little more creative design than the rest.

    Both the new houses are different shades of gray like the existing side-lot modern (3941) next to them built in 2012.

    Coming back to 3929, that lot sits high up off the street where Kenyon crests. So 3 stories with rooftops will likely have really good permanent views. Once 3929 is replaced by ,what I assume, will be equally gray moderns, the 3900 block of Kenyon will have 5 modern SFRs and will be officially (well, by me) renamed the “10 shades of Gray” block.

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