West Seattle Athletic Club owner Sam Adams files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

On the day he was due to answer the most-recent “unlawful detainer” complaint from the owner of the North Delridge property that holds West Seattle Athletic Club, its owner Sam Adams advised King County Superior Court that he filed for bankruptcy over the weekend.

We have confirmed the Chapter 11 case via documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court‘s Western District of Washington.

The “unlawful detainer” complaint was first reported here two weeks ago, with court filings including a document in which club landlord John Pietromonaco alleged that he was owed more than $594,000 including back rent and late fees.

It was the second time this year that Pietromonaco’s firm H-P Properties filed an “unlawful detainer” case – seeking payment or eviction – was filed against Adams and the West Seattle club; the previous one, initiated in January, was closed in April after Adams made payments, according to the landlord’s lawyer, and the same document showed those payments totaled $286,000, more than half of what he owed at the time.

The response filed today says that by law, the unlawful-detainer proceedings against Adams regarding WSAC must be put on hold while the bankruptcy case proceeds: “… Any and all proceedings concerning the Defendants Adams’ individual tenancy at the subject leasehold are now stayed …” In an e-mail exchange, H-P Properties’ lawyer David Tall tells WSB that they will seek “… relief from [the] stay or the payment of adequate protection.”

Adams, a former Seattle Seahawks player who lives in Kirkland, bought the club in March of last year with approval of the judge in the bankruptcy proceedings – also Chapter 11 – of its previous ownership, which they had initiated in late summer 2012.

According to the documents filed in federal bankruptcy court as of this afternoon, the bankruptcy declaration was made on Saturday (June 28th). They include a list of “top unsecured claims” totaling $3.4 million dollars, the fourth largest of which is listed as $570,000 to H-P Properties. It and three larger claims, to Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles firms, are all described as “disputed.”

Another document, involving the hiring of a Bellevue-based bankruptcy attorney, includes this line: “Client acknowledges Sam Adams contacted Attorney late in the week before a scheduled commercial eviction. As such, Client acknowledges that Attorney has not had a complete and full opportunity to engage in extensive pre-filing advice.” Lawyer Lawrence Engel‘s declaration also says that while he has not had contact with Adams last year or this year – until now – he was consulted by Adams “in the spring of 2011 about various debtor/creditor issues he was experiencing in commercial and business matters.”

We are continuing to research the case and will add any additional information we find. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is explained here, including that “A chapter 11 debtor usually proposes a plan of reorganization to keep its business alive and pay creditors over time.”

71 Replies to "West Seattle Athletic Club owner Sam Adams files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy"

  • Ronnie June 30, 2014 (2:07 pm)

    The sales people there just sold me a year long membership…
    Guess I am a sucker and they just essentially stole my money…

  • westcoastdeb June 30, 2014 (2:21 pm)


  • scout15 June 30, 2014 (2:40 pm)

    This particular West Seattle blog offering over the last 1-2 years on this guy is like watching a bad reality tv show.
    You know the ending but ya gotta watch it anyway!

  • Walter June 30, 2014 (2:41 pm)

    The reviews on Yelp have been so bad. I hope these people get their money back. I had a similar thing happen to me, but it was an apartment. It was really bad.

  • Jane June 30, 2014 (2:55 pm)

    Didn’t see that one coming at all..
    Health club gyms are such a scam.

  • again? June 30, 2014 (2:56 pm)

    Ronnie, I suppose they’ve already taken your $$. I’m guessing you were not aware of the longstanding financial woes…

    I wondered when one of the class instructors recently quit; they tend to do that when they’re not being paid.

  • wakeflood June 30, 2014 (2:57 pm)

    Wow, sorry Ronnie. This site and its forums have had multiple postings for quite some time about the financial struggles of this place. I’d contact your bank and see if there’s any recourse to stop payments AND get your contract nullified. You’ll want to make sure they don’t mess with your credit – which it sounds like they’re fully capable of based on other’s postings. I’d be willing to threaten them with fraud if they don’t get your contract nullified in writing that you can send to the credit agencies, should it be necessary.

    They’ll likely be in Chapter 11 proceedings for a while so they’ll claim that since the club is open for business, they’re keeping their end of the contract. Just sayin…

  • Inquiring Minds... June 30, 2014 (2:58 pm)

    So what will happen to folks who have purchased memberships with them? Are they S.O.L?

  • AG June 30, 2014 (3:03 pm)

    Ronnie, if you used a credit card you may want to ask your bank to reverse the charges. What a mess, and so not a surprise. Sad.

  • Mel June 30, 2014 (3:07 pm)

    It’s brutally clear that Sam Adams should not be running a business. There seem to be a few minor improvements, but membership appears to have cratered.
    The saddest part is that the club isn’t even the asset it was for All Star, with not only a large amount of repairs needed and an outrageous lease, but declining membership as well. Adams bought the club for not much more than the value of the equipment inside, but I’m not sure anyone else would even offer that much anymore.

  • Mel June 30, 2014 (3:22 pm)

    Just a point to clarify for the folks above: the club has not closed.
    The point of Chapter 11, as WSB stated, is to keep the business open, and in this case stave off eviction.
    That said, I don’t see a positive ending for them, because I just don’t think a court will look at their cash flow and allow them to reorganize. Rent’s too damn high, to coin the phrase.

  • Scout15 June 30, 2014 (3:55 pm)

    UMM..Mel that is why I said bad reality tv show………..it just continues!

  • Marty June 30, 2014 (3:57 pm)

    I guess Sam Adams should stick to making beer and stay out of the health club business!

  • 4thGenWestSider June 30, 2014 (4:00 pm)

    The rippling effects of Bob Padgett continue to hurt West Seattlites. Let us not forget he is the conductor of this Crazy Train.

  • Diane June 30, 2014 (4:03 pm)

    not surprising at all, for the 1000’s who are regular readers of wsblog’s excellent coverage of this for a very long time
    what is sad; seems the sales team there is counting on selling to people new to the area who haven’t read on wsblog about the long drawn out saga at this place

  • Kate June 30, 2014 (4:07 pm)

    It’s only a matter of time now until the gym closes its doors. I quit my membership 7 months ago when instructors weren’t getting paid and members reported getting notices from creditors, even though they’d left the gym.

    This guy came in to it at a bad time, and it has only gone downhill since then. I don’t see this situation getting any better.

    I really liked AllStar for its teachers – wasn’t worth staying for me after they started leaving. It’s a shame, there aren’t many gyms with good classes in W.Seattle… at least not until LA Fitness opens.

  • sgg June 30, 2014 (4:48 pm)

    Some useful backstory for those interested.

    The “Ask Jessie” piece may be the best one.

    Some other useful links are here.

    His clubs in Oregon.

    His club in Tacoma.


    This is a long saga unfortunately.

    • WSB June 30, 2014 (5:18 pm)

      Thanks, SGG, I didn’t have time for background but – there are lots of one-offs with people parachuting into the story but no one else has been on the local saga for the entirety of the past year and a half. We have had backstory along the way, if anyone is just plugging in – stories through this past January are archived here – https://westseattleblog.com/category/allstar-fitness-bankruptcy – I need to come up with a new tag/category to carry it forward.
      Mel’s point above is also important. Chapter 11 is “bankruptcy reorganization” as per the info in our story. Throughout the Allstar bankruptcy proceedings and then the sale to Sam Adams, the club stayed open. If you have concerns, please ask them directly. We have not yet received any statement from the club. – TR
      (Addendum – I was still typing this when the comment attributed to the club, above this comment, came in.)

  • West Seattle Club June 30, 2014 (5:12 pm)

    We would like to address a few items that are being discussed in these comments.
    The owner filed chapter 11 personally- this is something that is between the landlord and the owner.
    All memberships will be honored and continue to be honored. The club will remain open and fully functioning just as it always has.
    The filing was to help restructure and reorganize.
    The Membership is growing and continues to grow – cancellations are at an all-time low. There are a lot of good things happening in the club and things are showing much improvement, given the fact that the landlord has refused to fix items in the club even though they were broken or in need of repair long before Sam Adams took over, the club is definitely on an upswing. Let’s face it items such as the hot tub, the HVAC quarterly maintenance and leaks in the windows, to the missing ceiling tiles in the bathrooms are all items that should have been repaired if not partially paid for by the landlord within the first few months of taking over. The swimming pool has had rust falling into for years.
    The previous billing company Allstate Financial has been the root of most of the paycheck/financial issues in the past and they have been the cause for the owner to file chapter 11. Allstate was the billing processing company and they withheld money collected for long periods of time, wrote checks for that money and stopped payment on them to buy more time to come up with the funds, then they would charge fees that they could not account for refusing to give monthly statements breaking it down. The billing company was also in charge of cancellations. They would double charge, triple charge, and even refuse to cancel some memberships. The owner has filed a suit along with numerous other clubs across the US that were put in the same situation as this club only they lost their clubs. It is unfortunate but we are lucky that we will keep the club up and running and we got away from Allstate before it ending like the others.

    Once again this reorganization is for the owner- not the club itself- rest assured it will not have an impact on you or your membership or the club.

  • Christine June 30, 2014 (5:31 pm)

    The saga continues. Like many others, I quit the club when the instructors weren’t getting paid.

    Since I left, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the quality of the classes I’ve attended elsewhere.

    I wish someone would start a really fantastic health club in West Seattle – with group classes and lots of great teachers. We have so many dedicated exercisers here. I believe a good business person could create a successful, profitable health club that would attract many people.

    Does anyone know what L.A. Fitness will be like? It’s looks like 24 hour fitness to me. You just go in alone, do your exercises and leave. I really need the camaraderie and challenge associated with group exercise.

  • Shannon June 30, 2014 (7:02 pm)

    If the comment is truly from the business or its owner, they aren’t helping the cause. Pretty sure Allstate has nothing to do with this debacle.

  • yvonne June 30, 2014 (7:10 pm)

    My membership just expired and I will not be renewing! I feel sorry for the sales people because they are only doing their job and I’m guessing they “drank the cool aide” that the ownership has fed them. They give a reassuring sales pitch that everything is just fine but this club is in such serious trouble that I wouldn’t put my money in a losing venture. I guess it’s back to the Y for me until LA Fitness opens. Too bad. How can they possibly reorganize when the membership is tanking like crazy and anybody with an ounce of common sense would not throw their money into a losing venture? Reality check!

  • supernova72 June 30, 2014 (7:19 pm)

    Here we go again!! Hang on for the ride because it will be a fun one.

    I”m told the lease is $100K a month which seems pretty steep IMHO.

    it felt like things were getting better so hopefully this won’t mean chains around the front door handles like in Tacoma and Portland.

    Lets keep the faith!!

  • batgurrl June 30, 2014 (7:52 pm)

    Learned my lesson with Family Fitness. Bought a charter membership in Burien that gave me life membership in the 80s. They went under and I drive by every week and look at Highline Fitness from the outside. Still got my contract but it is worthless. So be careful folks don’t be bamboozeled like I.

  • jissy June 30, 2014 (8:40 pm)

    That reads like THE biggest hot steaming mess of BS EVER, “West Seattle Club”

  • Bradley June 30, 2014 (8:57 pm)

    I feel really bad for anyone who has sunk money into memberships at this money pit, but so many of us warned and warned and warned of this place. We were heckled for our comments here and told we were “negative” and such. There are also endless bad reviews of this place all over the internet and Sam Adam’s antics in the gym business are well-known outside of the gym industry. Checking out reviews of businesses on the many internet sites before dumping money into some of them just has to be done these days to protect oneself. So many customers and employees have been screwed-over and ripped-off by Sam Adams that it’s sad that more people didn’t listen to them.

  • Again? June 30, 2014 (9:00 pm)

    Have to agree with the club rep and others that things have definitely improved in the last six months. It’s cleaner, the staff are more helpful and a few new classes were added. My experience has definitely improved. Except for the whole “quitting instructor” issue.

  • Que Burns June 30, 2014 (9:41 pm)

    Christine and others interested in personal of group training:
    Several of the long time Personal Trainers from the old Allstar have started new studios of our own and remain training in West Seattle. Please call me at 206-919-8076 if you are interested in more info. I’m sure we can build an affordable program that will benefit your fitness needs.
    Quentin Burns
    Certified Personal Trainer

  • WS mom June 30, 2014 (10:15 pm)

    I’ve been a member at All Star/Oregon Fitness for more than 10 years. Yes, it’s had ups and downs, but it’s still the best WS option/value IMO, and I think it’s only getting better and better. Plus, it’s a local business that we should be supporting. It feels like people are in a hurry to bash it, when it’s really just our friends and neighbors working there and trying to make a go of it. I wish there were more support for the club in the comments I’m reading here! Thanks, A WS mom.

  • bolo June 30, 2014 (11:21 pm)

    “…the lawsuit filed by Sam Adams’ company Hollystone Holdings and six athletic clubs including WSAC against Allstate and another company had ended – a “stipulated order of dismissal with prejudice” was filed in late March.”


    Somebody help me out here, but I think this means he lost the case and cannot appeal or otherwise try again? His suit against Allstate, the billing processing company?

  • JIll Pagano July 1, 2014 (12:21 am)

    For those of you looking for group conditioning classes, may I respectfully recommend looking into your locally-owned neighborhood conditioning studios.

    A number of boutique studios have opened in the last 2 years and offer great classes. Many of them have West Seattle resident owners and teacher–like myself (resident since 1998!)let’s keep it local!

    I taught at “Allstar Fitness” for many years and recently opened (18 months ago) The Center for Movement & Healing (above Swedish Automotive. We have 13 conditioning classes a week (yoga, Tai chi, Nia, pilates, belly dance etc)–no loud TVs and our floor is spotless!

    Then there is EQ Fitness in the admiral area and also Bend&Move, which is right by EQ fitness. If you like to run, there is West Seattle Runner and their running clubs and of course, Cycle U for cycling fitness.

    Personally all our instructors are professionals with years of experience. Love to have you check out the local movers and shakers! Clubs are good but studios have a unique, community vibe too!

  • Guy Olson July 1, 2014 (7:50 am)

    Buy a bicycle.

  • Kim July 1, 2014 (7:52 am)

    I’m a former member of Allstar and WS Athletic, and I’ve found a happy home at the Anytime Fitness (where the Blockbuster used to be in Admiral). They run a tight ship – the equipment is in good order, and everything is clean and friendly. High quality personal trainers. Local owners. I would recommend giving it a try, particularly if you are looking for an individual cardio/weight workout.

  • Alki July 1, 2014 (8:11 am)

    I want to repeat what WS mom said up above. I have been with the club for nearly 10 years. Since last summer, I have watched as the club stabilized after a downward spiral that occurred in the Spring and early summer months. Since January, we have started to see a lot of new members. I think Marcus, the manager, is responsible for the positive changes. Clearly, there are still problems with cash flow. However, IMO those who left the gym last summer are not qualified to comment on the condition of the gym today. The changes have been that significant.

  • WSB July 1, 2014 (9:34 am)

    Two notes about comments we’re not approving for publication:
    *No astroturfing. You comment on a thread with a handle, you keep that handle for the entire thread.
    *No attempts to disclose personal information about a third party.
    Those types of disallowed rulebreaking attempts at ugliness so far have come from both club supporters and critics. – Tracy

  • yacman July 1, 2014 (10:41 am)

    I’ve been a member for many years, even through the very difficult times last year. I just wanted to say that there has been substantial improvement club operations in the last few months and many of the old instructors that we love so much have returned. The hot tub is working fine and the classes are great. Most of the Yelp reviews are likely out-of-date. It would be a real loss to the West Seattle community if this club closed. I can understand why some potential patrons would be reluctant to invest in a long term membership, but they do have monthly memberships available which entail minimal risk, I believe they also have three day passes available if you just want to try it out. I do predict a few bumps in the road before all the problems are solved, but I am optimistic that the club will continue.

  • KMC July 1, 2014 (10:46 am)

    It’s great that there are other fitness facilities being suggested however, there are only a couple places where you get classes that cover everything: cardio (step, zumba, kickboxing, bootcamp,etc) strength and mind/body with a schedule that works for most people at a decent cost. I have seen an improvement since I started there a few months ago and hope it lasts. Thanks for mentioning that WSmom and Alki

  • ogre July 1, 2014 (11:41 am)

    I too would like to understand what “stipulated order of dismissal with prejudice” means. Could anyone help out on this?

  • maplesyrup July 1, 2014 (11:54 am)

    Not the first time I’ve said this, but I find the club to have the best mix of equipment I use/price/location in West Seattle and do not want to see it close.

    I don’t think people from other gyms around the area really want it to close either because if it does, it’s just going to mean more crowds at your gyms.

    If you’ve had a bad experience with their billing or whatever, you certainly have the right to criticize them, but otherwise I don’t understand why some out there feel the need to pile on.

  • Why? July 1, 2014 (1:05 pm)

    I became a member of this club right after it became the West Seattle Athletic Club and that was because I was new to the area and i was told that it was the club to belong to. When I joined I learned that it was All-star Fitness before and there were all types of bad issues.

    I heard about paint falling into the pool, the spa being closed for months, steam rooms being closed, thousands of dollars being taken from members at a time in some investment scheme and the new owner honored it anyway, that sounded cool.

    When I got to this club, I heard about the problems, I saw how it looked and I was not impressed but I joined anyway because all I kept hearing was what a great community. I believe that this is a great community, the people are great, I even love the fact that the people here are able to respectfully speak their minds good or bad.

    My current understanding since I have been here is that the new owner of the club has come into a difficult situation with an outrageously high rent as one comment pointed out before, a task to pay off everything the previous owner couldn’t, fix everything the previous owner couldn’t, all while being disliked in the media by the community around him decreasing the reputation of the very gym the community wishes to save.

    Despite everything positive I have seen the new owner achieve at the club against so many odds, for example, because of him i have been able to workout there for another couple years at a good rate and good class offerings, he brought in that cool new ballet barre class, he fixed the elevator, the hot tub, the steam rooms, the pool, the showers, a lot has been done and I have heard nothing but negativity and spite for the man and for the business in all the media. If people love the club like they sometimes say they do then the club needs to be supported. The business owner can only do so much with such a powerful community bearing its weight down on him rather than getting behind him and lifting him up. The more of the community that supports the club and its employees the better the club can do and the better the chance we have at getting the club the community deserves. I have seen the club doing better in the past few months and i for one am on board to help it along, West Seattle Club has my Help!!!

  • waterworld July 1, 2014 (1:20 pm)

    ogre and bolo: To expand on what WSB has said about the stipulated order of dismissal: it’s an order that has been agreed to by all of the parties involved in the lawsuit. (That’s what makes it “stipulated,” as in “agreed.”) A dismissal with prejudice ends the case and prevents the plaintiffs from re-filing the same claims a second time. (It would not prevent the plaintiffs from filing entirely new claims against the defendants.)

    A dismissal with prejudice would not necessarily mean a party could not file an appeal. The reason no one can appeal this dismissal is because they all agreed to it.

    If what you want to know is why the case was dismissed, you won’t find it in the order of dismissal. The usual reason for filing a stipulated order of dismissal is that the parties have settled the lawsuit. I don’t know the statistics on this, but my guess is that the vast majority of civil lawsuits between businesses resolve with settlement agreements. Going to trial is very expensive, and it usually is not all that hard to figure out what a case is worth.

    It’s also reasonably likely that the terms of the settlement are confidential and were not disclosed to the court. Either side of the case may have wanted the terms of the settlement agreement to remain confidential, in which case the agreement would include a clause prohibiting the parties from disclosing the details of the settlement. The upshot is that it could be difficult to determine who “won” or “lost,” or how much money one side paid to the other.

  • West Seattle Club July 1, 2014 (1:39 pm)

    Just to clear up any concerns you may have, “The West Seattle Club LLC” has not declared chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy proceedings you may have heard about are in relation to a personal bankruptcy filed by the owner Sam Adams. Sam Adams was left with outstanding financial liability as a result of a partnership with AllState Financial Group.
    As the company “West Seattle club LLC” is a separate entity, this club and your membership standing will continue as normal. Thank you for your support and continued patronage.
    In Fitness
    West Seattle Club

  • Bradley July 1, 2014 (2:17 pm)

    Guy, Jill, Kim, and Que have the best solutions. There are too many fitness options out there to feel like one is “stuck” at one particular facility. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a building.

  • DonnaSW July 1, 2014 (2:51 pm)

    Sorry to hear about this club experiencing woes. No one likes to see a business failing. But I want to comment on one of the posts that said there aren’t many (or any) gyms in West Seattle with good classes.

    Last Friday, I joined the YMCA of greater Seattle and took a Zumba class at the West Seattle branch. It was fantastic and the instructor (KAM) was incredible. I took a class downtown today and it was also excellent. So right now, I’m very happy with joining the Y and it’s extremely affordable.

  • NM July 1, 2014 (4:16 pm)

    I am sure the club is fine and dandy now and they have their records all straightened out. All I have to add to this is that make sure you keep all of your receipts and paperwork if you cancel for whatever reason. We did and many months later were pulled into the good ole collections fun many others experienced. It only took 3 weeks of constant follow up to get them to acknowledge in writing that we in fact had paid in full and cancelled when we did. It was a lot of fun calling and when they wouldn’t take our calls showing up and making them update us on whether they were going to send us to collections for something we had initialed receipts proving it was paid. Loved the collections company response, guilty until proven innocent. Oh yeah, no apologies. That was my last experience with the gym in question. Ahhh memories…

  • D July 1, 2014 (6:44 pm)

    If the Bankruptcy proceeding is against Sam Adams personally, then there should be no reason the unlawful detainer can’t proceed against West Seattle Athletic Club LLC.

    • WSB July 1, 2014 (7:18 pm)

      Apparently, according to at least one e-mail I’ve received, the text of the comment above is, or is similar to, something the club has sent to members. What we reported in this story is direct from the court documents: We reported that Sam Adams, West Seattle (Athletic) Club owner, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It is a voluntary filing and his wife Ericka Adams also is part of the filing. (Pardon me if that’s a misspelling, I have seen her name spelled Ericka most of the time but also Erika in some references.) The unlawful detainer regarding the property on which the club does business, to be very specific, is against “Sam and Ericka Adams, and the marital community composed thereof: Hollystone Holdings Inc. and West Seattle Athletic Club LLC.” Give me a minute and I’ll upload the document (the unlawful-detainer complaint was originally filed May 2nd and the proceedings have lasted two months because of the two postponements we previously reported).
      Added: Here is one of the court documents from the unlawful detainer, just shown in response to the question of what was filed by whom:

  • Scout 15 July 1, 2014 (9:35 pm)

    Please stop attempting to white wash this club! It is in the toilet and has been for the last 2.0 yrs. It has gone from very bad to abysmal with the current ownership.
    Do not waste another dime on this place. It will end up padlocked and/or it will be sold.
    Check the Oregon clubs, Tacoma club,etc on Sam Adams to get a clue.

  • Again? July 2, 2014 (8:38 am)

    In response to Guy’s “Buy a bicycle” statement…

    I have a bicycle. I also walk for exercise and go to the gym for swimming and group exercise classes. But thanks for the great solution!

  • West Seattle Club July 2, 2014 (12:18 pm)

    Two days after “D day” and everything is as normal at the club.

    Still see a number of people joining!!!

  • maplesyrup July 2, 2014 (12:29 pm)

    It was never “very bad” nor is it “abysmal.”

    I’d encourage anyone who is looking to join a gym to visit the facility and make your own judgment. Check out all of the other options in the area and pick what’s best for you.

    If that choice is WSAC, be careful with automatic payments/withdrawals and/or long term contracts.

  • C R July 2, 2014 (12:43 pm)

    I have been a member of this gym for about 8 years and it has definitely improved within the past 6 months. There is no good comparable option (yet) in West Seattle, so I hope this gym survives. The YMCA is the only other facility of similar size in the area and its weight and strength-training equipment and pool are inferior to West Seattle Athletic Club. I have never had any issues with billing at this club.

  • Christine Juarez July 2, 2014 (6:02 pm)

    I have been a member of Allstar and WSAC for years. It has improved the quality of my family’s life and provided an affordable family facility that we all enjoy and will for years to come.

    Now that I teach there after teaching for 35 years in Seattle I have seen great new instructors being hired. My granddaughter is in aqua babies with Mary on Fridays at 10:00 and the care and experience Mary gives to her teaching has her almost swimming independently at 18 months.

    WSAC does not charge currently for any specialty classes like aqua babies. Our new “power barre” class on Fridays at 8:30 a.m. is packed and you will leave with your legs feeling like rubber. IT is one of the only barre classes you do not have to pay $18 for in Seattle.

    From swimming laps with multiple lanes open to steaming in the hot tub or steam room. My family enjoys every minute.

    WSAC has upgraded the hot tub to meet state standards, replaced a boiler, stabilized the steam room so it always is on and works. Thanks Sam.

    If you have left consider visiting again. Nowhere in West Seattle will you get all these amenities in one package.It may not be flashy yet but there are a lot of us there everyday.

    Shanna and Goreal are new hands on managers and their doors are always open. Pricilla has been hired to manage the instructors. Denise is back teaching aqua fitness. Fit and Fab is still there Mon/Wed at 8:00 a.m. for our mature population that wants a hard work out.

    The doors have never been closed- It is only getting better. Be patient.

  • L. Johnson July 2, 2014 (6:17 pm)

    Odd…out of conditioner in women’s last two weeks as it’s on “backorder” (gee!! – run down to COSTCO & buy a big jug). Same thing happened (among other “signs) last Feb. Guess by now I should know “financial” trouble coming when we are out of conditioner

  • Mel July 2, 2014 (9:54 pm)

    This is all still just a bit fishy. First, how does a personal bankruptcy stay a business’ eviction…unless the owner didn’t follow the basic business practice of creating a corporation?
    Second, as to the improvements, after over a year the spa finally works. For that year, the staff had new “reasons” it was out of service every time we asked – none of which were “the owner is responsible for fixing it.” No, it was “parts are on order,” “the repairman will be out next week,” “the City is taking its time with the permits.”
    The showers still have moldy ceilings, basic supplies are often missing, exercise equipment has been out of service without repair or replacement (the back extension station has sat unusable by the back wall since last summer), many benches are torn, lockers can’t be opened/closed (at least one is missing its door entirely)…
    And that’s not counting the mandatory teen dance music/video channel playing in perpetuity and the paper-towel system for wiping down equipment that no one uses (and sometimes using it would require a hunt for a disinfectant bottle).
    Here’s a question for “West Seattle Club”: When you bought this gym, knowing it was in disrepair and would only get worse, how did you not get written assurance from the building owners that they would repair the issues they were responsible for? Considering the prior dispute they had with the previous ownership, it seems like this would be a no-brainer.

  • allen July 3, 2014 (2:12 am)

    La fitness is not going up in west Seattle unless you count burien as west Seattle. Fyi la fitness is the wal mart of gyms and not much better. I come from.California and most people try to avoid that gym if they can and join smaller health clubs due to the horrific customer service la fitness provides. I like how Sam Adams is getting a pass, he has a track record of doing this. The building is a lemon, it sits on wetlands and they cannot drain the pool as a result, so yeah that pool is beyond disgusting. The building shakes due to old rebar, and not too mention that even though they were unable to pay their staff not too long ago they were still taking money from naive new customers which is wrong on way too many levels. Ive lived here a few years now and I’m amazed that people are still going there knowing all of this. There are other gyms out there and I refuse to give that place any of my hard earned money, especially if they screw their own staff over by not paying them in time. Flat out shameful

    • WSB July 3, 2014 (7:29 am)

      Allen, yes, LA Fitness is “going up” in West Seattle – it is the lone commercial tenant at 3922 SW Alaska, aka Spruce, formerly known as “The Hole,” with apartments over and alongside it. The building won’t be done for some months, though. Meantime, have not heard the wetland claim before, but Longfellow Creek is of course steps away and has overflowed in past storms … way back in the Allstar days, the parking lot notably flooded in December 2007 (which was an extraordinary storm): https://westseattleblog.com/2007/12/drying-out-the-icon-of-the-delridge-deluge/

  • Scout15 July 3, 2014 (7:57 am)

    Abysmal is accurate. I consider it abysmal not to pay employees, have mold in the pool area, have the health department find deficiencies on a regular basis, broken equipment,locker rooms with broken items and the list goes on!
    It is also very poor form to have a well documented history of this at other clubs that Sam Adams has his name on and still attempt to white wash the events occuring at this gym.

  • Tim July 3, 2014 (8:20 am)

    Is the pool open and decent for lap swim at this place? It would be nice to have a place to swim and workout for a decent price.

  • Bradley July 3, 2014 (1:10 pm)

    L.A. Fitness is not a member-friendly chain. They are a cheap and sleazy outfit and need to be watched carefully should anyone decide to join. If you want a basic gym to work out at and can put up with terrible music, meager facilities, and a poorly-paid staff with incredibly high turnover, then L.A. Fitness is acceptable. If you’re looking for a mid-to-high-end gym experience, you won’t find it there.

  • maplesyrup July 3, 2014 (6:32 pm)

    Today people were using the pool for laps as far as I could tell.

    I don’t shower there but some dudes were.

    Lots of people using the cardio equipment, free weights, and random exercise area.

    Another abysmal day at the WSAC I guess.

  • Petunia July 4, 2014 (2:49 pm)

    I’m VERY happy at the new Anytime Fitness in Admiral (in the old Blockbuster building). The club is clean, the machines are in good shape and there’s a welcoming atmosphere. Plus.the cost is reasonable, and fitness classes are included. The owners are local which is a plus.I recommend checking Anytime or one of the other small gyms out..
    The bankruptcy is sad news..no one likes to see a business struggle..

  • Allstate Financial Group, Inc July 8, 2014 (8:19 am)

    It is a practice of Allstate to not comment on matters similar to this, but we will in this case add the following:

    The content and nature of his comments are untrue, furthermore the statement that we created or caused billing issues has no truth to any part of the statements he has alleged All of the data entry relating to his billings, cancellations, and member services were under the direct control of Sam Adams, not Allstate Financial Group, Inc. All of this customer services and data entry was done at the West Seattle Club and this includes running the members billings.

  • Painter July 8, 2014 (10:20 am)

    Any word yet if members will be getting money back?

    • WSB July 8, 2014 (10:57 am)

      Money back for what?

  • Scout 15 July 8, 2014 (4:56 pm)

    Betting line options for Mr Adams are: A. Will he be evicted, as in Tacoma or B. Will the Financial group force him out, as in Oregon.

  • i'mcoveredinbees July 11, 2014 (10:20 am)

    I really detest the business practices of this place, based on WSA and the previous gyms. Used to be a member too and got out. Thank God!! Gym was in ruins. For those of you touting this gym’s improvements, do your homework!! So what if things are fixed for now. He’s just doing one really bad juggling impersonation after another. There is never any accountability for anything. NOT good.

  • Skye July 13, 2014 (2:07 am)

    West Seattle Athletic Club is lying about the Landlord being responsible for repairs and maintenance. When a tenant leases a freestanding building, its their sole responsibility to repair, maintain and upgrade the HVAC and all retailers/ service businesses share the cost for their prorata share of all maintenance and repairs of the exterior, including the parking lot. Since WAC is the only tenant, they foot the bill.
    All service businesses are responsible to maintain all the functions and improvements in the interiors of their spaces.
    Rent: In the case of this gym, the rent was lower than warehouse building rates in Tacoma to Bellingham. However, this is considered a retail-service building in a major metropolitan city. The clubs rent was more than 50% less than what is typical. In addition, this building was leased in “as is” basis due to the significant low rent and the fact that the building already had many improvements that is custom to the tenant, directly benefits the tenants business. All retailers and service tenants install all their own improvements on their dime, that benefits their profitability. The landlords responsibility is capital improvements, that retain the value of the structure, not improvements custom for a tenants business. This tenant has failed to pay his employees in the past, bounced their checks, upon taking over the club. Customer service was never proven to be important by this business owner. Sam Adams is not able to operate any of his clubs or pay his bills, not just in West Seattle.

  • Mel July 17, 2014 (6:57 pm)

    It sounds like “Skye” might be a representative of the landlord – there seems to be some inside information in her post for sure.
    Or she could be guessing, I guess that’s the other option. As much as I don’t think Sam Adams should be in the fitness club business, problems with the landlord seem to be a constant thread throughout this building’s existence.
    It may be that the landlord sees a lot more money in razing the gym and building apartments. If you asked for my guess, that would be it.

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