Update: Driver cut from car hit south of The Junction

10:48 AM: Three people are hurt in a two-vehicle crash just south of The Junction, according to Seattle Fire. It’s in the 5000 block of California. More info when we get there.

10:56 AM: Emergency vehicles are blocking California at the crash scene parallel with the south end of the Rite-Aid lot.

11:05 AM: Police at the scene tell us a car coming out of the Rite-Aid lot was hit by another car headed south. The driver of the first car had to be cut out of it and is now in an ambulance. Police estimate it will be about half an hour before the scene is cleared and the road reopened.

12:35 PM: SFD spokesperson Kyle Moore says the driver cut out of the car in our photo, a woman in her 50s, was in stable condition when taken to Harborview Medical Center by private ambulance, and that “two teenage males” were in the car that hit hers; one was taken to Virginia Mason by private ambulance, another by private car, both with minor injuries.

11 Replies to "Update: Driver cut from car hit south of The Junction"

  • hopey May 23, 2014 (11:13 am)

    That is such a horrible intersection. Visibility coming out of the RiteAid lot is often zero, due to all the parked cars. Children cross the street after getting off the school bus at that intersection, too. It’s very dangerous but I’m not sure a traffic light would help — the problem is really visibility.

  • Bree May 23, 2014 (11:20 am)

    A suggestion made to me years ago, which I have always done is to leave via the south part of Rite Aid. Traffic can be seen much better coming both directions. The exit on the north end is just too dangerous, except to turn into RiteAid.

  • west seattle codger May 23, 2014 (11:21 am)

    Not just visibility but speed along there. From the looks of the car in the photo it was struck by something that was going really too fast for the area. I’m really grateful that no one was killed in this incident.

  • drahcir61 May 23, 2014 (11:23 am)

    Speed is usually a major factor with violent collisions that require cutting the car open like this.

    Bottom line, people drive too fast in West Seattle & I’m not just talking about inexperienced drivers or thugs. I’ve seen MANY moms shuttling their kids in the minivan doing 10-20mph over the posted speed.

    You know who you are, SLOW DOWN!!!

  • West Seattle On Foot May 23, 2014 (11:30 am)

    The real problem with both long, traffic signal-less stretches of California Avenue north and south of The Junction is that most drivers selfishly decide to make the road into a straight speedway. If everyone drove the speed limit or a speed safe for the conditions, the crosswalks and business exits wouldn’t be as dangerous. Even the buses speed on California! Please note that I am not jumping to conclusions about the speeds of either parties in this particular incident, I am just generalizing about what I experience regularly when walking the length of California Ave from the Morgan to Admiral Junctions and back as well as occasionally riding the bus and driving on or crossing the arterial in my car.

  • forgotmyname May 23, 2014 (11:39 am)

    Speed, and please, people, come to a FULL stop at red lights, stop signs, etc. – tapping the break and roaring out of a parking lot, etc. is a good way to get hit/hit someone.

  • Bonnie May 23, 2014 (12:09 pm)

    I don’t like that intersection and can’t see pulling out because of cars parked on the side. I hope everybody is okay!

    If I remember correctly didn’t an older woman get hit and killed in that intersection a few years ago?

  • Russell Wilson May 23, 2014 (4:22 pm)

    Look at all of the Monday morning quarterbacks. Accidents happen people. I hope the victims recover.

  • Karen Sykes May 23, 2014 (5:27 pm)

    I’m a runner year-round and often include California Ave as part of my run(s). Even when the light(s) turn green or I’m at a cross-walk I make eye contact with drivers or a cyclist waiting to make a turn. I never assume that people “see” me; I make SURE they see me no matter where I am. So far, so good. We really do need to look out for each other.

  • bill May 23, 2014 (11:31 pm)

    @Russell Wilson: No, accidents do not have to happen. Most accidents are not accidental. They are the result of dangerous decisions. The decision to speed. The decision to pull out with inadequate visibility.

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