West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Two robbers sentenced in Arbor Heights, Fauntleroy, Beacon Hill spree

(WSB photo of getaway car stopped in Arbor Heights, August 21, 2013)
We’re back at the King County Courthouse, where Superior Court Judge Dean Lum has just sentenced two of the three men arrested for last August’s night of armed street robberies in Arbor Heights (where they were caught thanks in part to alert witnesses), Fauntleroy, and Beacon Hill. (As reported here last month, all three pleaded guilty.)

First, 22-year-old Najib A. Aden, who had not been in jail since , as he had posted bail.

Judge Lum sentenced him to the 68 months – high end of the range – that were recommended as part of the plea agreement, with a not-yet-determined amount of restitution, and 18 months of community custody (probation) when he gets out of prison.

No victims spoke; his lawyer and the aunt who raised him spoke on Aden’s behalf, saying she had taught him not to harm anyone, and that this was a sudden turn in his life. The defendant himself spoke in a barely audible voice, saying that he wanted “to apologize to all the victims.”

The judge said, “I’m puzzled about how you got involved in this very serious situation. … At a minimum, you shouldn’t have been hanging around these guys at all … this is what happens when you involve yourself with the wrong people. … Quite a lesson for you to learn.”

As deputies led Aden away, several friends/relatives wept loudly.

About an hour and a half later came the sentencing of 19-year-old Abdulkamir A. Ahmed, who has remained in jail since the August robberies. He too was recommended for a 68-month sentence, followed by 18 months of community custody. A full courtroom of supporters witnessed the sentencing; no victims spoke, though the judge and defense lawyer made brief mention of a letter from one of the victims. Ahmed’s lawyer said, “He is more than these crimes he has (committed),” noting that the defendant had no record and was “working, going to school, and doing volunteer work” before that night of robberies. The lawyer said all three co-defendants were “good kids who would never have done anything like this on their own” but somehow combined to “do something they’ll regret for the rest of their life.” A cousin, Mohamed Mohamed, spoke on behalf of the supporters, saying that he had gotten in trouble years ago but had changed his life, and told the judge he would be there to serve as a mentor when Ahmed got out.

Judge Lum said the community turnout is important, but also said he didn’t want to downplay the severity of the offenses. “This is your wake-up call,” he said, before announcing that he would follow the sentencing recommendation of 68 months.

Sentencing of the third defendant, 22-year-old Hassan I. Abdirizak, was postponed; that happened before we got to the courtroom, so we don’t yet know why, nor do we know the rescheduled date yet. None of the three are West Seattle residents.

7 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Two robbers sentenced in Arbor Heights, Fauntleroy, Beacon Hill spree"

  • Excellent April 18, 2014 (3:56 pm)

    I wish the range were higher, but glad the judge took this apparent lapse of character seriously. Frankly, they are all lucky their families are crying over them in court and not at their funerals. Committing crimes with a gun is an activity with no good ending for anyone.

  • steve April 18, 2014 (9:37 pm)

    I don’t know who the cops are in the picture, but they’re my heroes. Great work SPD!

  • joel April 19, 2014 (7:50 am)

    wow….finally a judge who did not bake an apple pie and offer a ride home to these gun toting criminals. funny how everyone is such a great person according to family/defense lawyers but I don’t believe anyone forced them to commit these crimes. I would place a good wager this was not their first robbery….this was just the first time they got caught.

  • ttt April 19, 2014 (9:00 am)

    Nice work Judge Lum!!! I agree with Joel…

  • drahcir61 April 19, 2014 (9:10 am)

    The lawyer says, these were “good kids who would never have done anything like this on their own”.

    Really? REALLY???

    So the “good kids” are sitting around one night … “hey what should we do for fun tonight?” … “I know, let’s get some guns & rob people” … “yeah great idea bro!”.

    These are thug-wannabes & they didn’t just come up with this idea on the spur of the moment. “Good kids” don’t carry guns … enjoy the slammer!

  • WTF April 20, 2014 (9:54 pm)

    I am so sick of hearing parents and pseudo-parents say, “but he’s a good kid”—“I taught him not to hurt anyone”. Blah blah freaking blah.
    Spend ALL of those 5 years in big boy prison. YOU do the crime. YOU do the time. And, maybe the next time you’re being good or taught not to hurt, someone will also slap you hard and flat fisted upside your head.

  • Joseph April 24, 2014 (2:08 pm)

    I live very near to where the Arbor Heights robbery took place and I’m very pleased that these monsters won’t be able to prey on our neighborhood for at least 5 years.

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