West Seattle coyotes: Yes, you might see one in the daytime

Two coyote reports to share tonight – one sent this afternoon by an Arbor Heights resident who says her neighbors don’t believe they come out in the daytime. Check the WSB archive of coyote sightings, some with photos – they do! And/or, click ahead to read today’s report (and another one that had been in queue):

First, today’s report, from Karen:

Sunday, 2 pm – I just saw a young coyote in my backyard trying to lure my curious cat off my back deck. My home butts against the Fauntleroy Park greenbelt. I’m on 98th Ave SW between 37th & 39th in Arbor Heights.

I believe I lost my other cat back in February at around noon to a coyote. I have continuous debates with neighbors that claim coyotes only come out at night & yet I have only seen them during the day.

The coyote didn’t even run away when I came out. I have been in & out all day while she was out there & I felt she was safe since she stays on the elevated deck. She’s not. Obviously I’m at higher risk against the greenbelt but coyotes roam anywhere in this neighborhood.

And sorry to have delayed sharing this one, sent by Amy on April 4th:

I live on 37th & Juneau.

Around 7:45 pm Thursday night, I looked out into our back yard and a very large coyote, one of the largest I’ve seen in my time living in W.S, bounded through our backyard. Nice full coat. We have a lot of pets on our block and when I was heading to the gym shortly after that, saw a neighbor walking his dog and stopped to warn him. We both agreed it had been a couple of years since we’ve seen one in our area.

We share coyote reports in the interest of being educational, as we still hear from and about people who don’t realize coyotes live in the city. It’s in their interests and ours that we keep a wary distance apart, and this info from the state explains how (including why it’s important to try to scare them away if you see one).

4 Replies to "West Seattle coyotes: Yes, you might see one in the daytime"

  • alki warrior April 14, 2014 (2:01 pm)

    I thought we’re past the coyotes by now. Let them be.

  • Cindy Craig April 14, 2014 (10:47 pm)

    I live on Tillicum Road, up the hill from Lincoln Park, and I have seen two coyotes in our driveway in the past six months, both of them around noon, one of them last week.

  • Bonnie Andrews April 20, 2014 (6:37 pm)

    Coyotes are nocturnal as an adaptation to urban/suburban living. They generally want to avoid humans and thus the night time hours. In rural areas I have seen them more in daylight hours. Most likely coyotes are being seen at unexpected hours because there are either unintentional or intentional food sources. You know the saying a ‘fed coyote is a dead coyote.’ That saying holds for most wild animals in urban/suburban areas. It’s up to humans to hold those who feed wild animals in their neighborhoods accountable for emboldening wild life. Also, hazing ought to be part of any community’s strategy for discouraging coyotes at any hour. And, all the other small changes like cleaning barbeques, keeping cats indoors (they kill thousands of song birds a year), keeping dogs on a leash, supervising small children at play, etc. for safety. Our pets & kids are worth it, right?

  • Sharon April 28, 2014 (7:18 pm)

    Just saw large coyote on Othello east of California at 6:50 pm today April 28. Looked like it might be hurt. Was huge and didn’t walk away even wen someone walked by it. Saw my two little dogs but then couldn’t see it.

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