Get an overhaul, and a lesson! DIY Bikes workshop Thursday

Thursday night, bring your bike to the next DIY Bikes workshop -5-8 pm at the West Seattle Tool Library. From Stu Hennessey:

Memo from the hardest-working part on your bike. OVERHAUL ME! Bicycle-wheel hubs are the hardest working part of your bicycle. They support your loads, turn the fastest and are closer to the elements such as street grime, dirt and water. Leaving them unattended results in bearing-surface wear that can make your hubs unusable. Our hub-overhaul workshop will focus on front and rear standard ball bearing hubs. DIY Bikes will provide the tools, cleaning products, replacement bearings, grease, and procedure to get your hubs running smoothly again.

The West Seattle Tool Library is on the east side of Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW.

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