WWRHAH transit-hub-tour followup: Metro terminal/layover changes to start Saturday

(WSB photo from December 2013)
The 25th SW driveway dangers on the east side of Westwood Village were among the problems noted when the Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Neighborhood Council led a December walking tour of challenges in the evolving transit-hub zones around the shopping center (WSB coverage here). Tonight, chair Amanda Kay Helmick shares this update from Metro:

“We’re planning to shift the Route 60 starting this coming Saturday, moving the terminal on 25th Ave SW at SW Henderson by the Bank, up to the north end of the block by Staples. SDOT is updating the curb striping along here this week, so there will be room for the extra bus. SDOT will also extend the layover zone south of Henderson, used by Route 560, so that there will be more clearance and better visibility at the Westwood Driveway when there are two buses parked here. SDOT is able to work around the Metro coaches so there shouldn’t be any need for detours and there also shouldn’t be much impact to riders with this change other than when the 60 arrives at Westwood they would get off at Staples instead of the Bank. We will continue to use the stop by the Bank as a boarding zone for riders but it will no longer have any buses parking there.”

Helmick had early word of some of this in an update at this month’s WWRHAH meeting (WSB coverage here). She adds one more update: “In regards to the 70′ no-parking area west of the crosswalk at the Rapid Ride, Metro was asking SDOT today about the time frame.” So, watch for more updates, and check out WWRHAH’s March meeting next week.

7 Replies to "WWRHAH transit-hub-tour followup: Metro terminal/layover changes to start Saturday"

  • BPD February 25, 2014 (8:30 pm)

    Does anyone have a map showing all of the bus stops in the Westwood area?

  • Josh February 25, 2014 (8:43 pm)

    That would be an interesting map to see! Thank you to Amanda, Joe, and all the neighbors who spend time on these things, including the new council. Many people appreciate you!!!

  • miws February 25, 2014 (9:54 pm)

    I was selfishly dreading any potential changes, in fear that they may significantly alter the locations of the actual bus stops, and/or which stops the different routes service. It’s already a healthy hike from Target, with my usual heavy purchases, to the stop at 25th & Henderson.


    When I first started to read this, my fear was that they were eliminating the southbound stop at 25th & Henderson, meaning an additional walk of nearly one of those double long blocks, to the stop at Staples.


    But, this will work, and actually be very good, and makes more sense over all. A couple of shake-ups or so ago, they moved the Route 125’s layover spot to the Staples one, where previously it was stacking with the Route 60’s, at the BoA stop. Got a little crowded, as during the week, there’s often two 60’s overlapping on layover, as they run 20 minutes apart. Add to that, a couple of 125’s occasionally overlapping on their layovers for a bit.


    This will also mean that the 125 Drivers should be able to pull into the zone correctly, closer and fully parallel to the curb, whereas as it has been, they usually need to cut in at an angle, what with a 60 often sitting at or near the head of the zone, on layover.



  • AmandaKH February 26, 2014 (6:37 am)

    Hi Mike! I’m really glad to hear your support of this minor, but positive change. It was a very eye-opening, and hair raising experience to be a pedestrian at those bus stops. The cars are too busy looking at on-coming cars and around buses to even think about people crossing the streets. We are hoping that SDOT will implement some additional crosswalk changes as well. We will have another walk through in May to see how the changes are affecting the area. Keep us informed if you are having any problems, or really like what you are seeing!

  • sophista-tiki February 26, 2014 (7:59 am)

    I both walk and drive in and out of the mall from this side and the busses make it IMPOSSIBLE to see ANYTHING. Cars go flying down that street and rarely stop at the cross walk. There needs to be a stop sign there. Not to mention I see people flipping u turns there daily from the lisence office parking lot. Shuffling the busses around a tiny bit isnt REALLY solving anything. As long as there is a bus sitting right outside of B of A, exiting the lot means you need to get 1/2 way out into the street to even see if there is a car coming before crossing. However I appreciate that Metro is listening to the neighborhood concerns about the mess they created and making some sort of attempt.

  • S February 26, 2014 (8:30 am)

    This is good news, I hate trying to get out there. I just end up pulling out and hope I don’t get hit.

  • miws February 26, 2014 (8:45 am)

    Thanks, Amanda, will do!



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